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DR II : The Grand Reformation 0.1.1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

(User Path)/Documents/Warcraft III/Campaigns

  1. Download the campaign
  2. Put the file in the directory above
  3. Open Warcraft III > Singleplayer > Custom Campaigns
  4. Choose DR II: The Grand Reformation and play it


Ramosel Xyde
Former leader of a mysterious mercenary squad consisted of deadly assassins. He is an expert in assassination and his weapon is designed to eliminate multiple targets without any delay. He is now serving under Azralor the Supreme, and part of Azralor's personal force.
Blaze Ironflame
One of Grand Coalition's finest generals, and leader of an elite force called Ironflame's Elites. His force consisted of Grand's arsenal as well as specialized units that are all too similar to Phoenix Flames' forces. Ironflame is one of the few generals who are aware of the whole Feralia Incident before its occurrence. Grand Council suspects him of potential treachery due to the existence of his elite army that is not under command of the Council or General Annaira who supervises the Coalition's military, but other generals dismissed such notion and consider Ironflame as one of the most reliable generals, who is more than willing to risk everything to protect what the Coalition fought for.
Azralor the Supreme
Considered the cruelest and heartless general among the Coalition's General, as well as leader of the current Second Division. Azralor is the sole general who survived the great ordeal against part of Hive's elite forces at Feralia. New generals, Grand Council, and others who do not participate at Feralia suspected him of knowing something else regarding the whole Feralia incident. In addition, the existence of his elite force also puts Grand Council on edge and suspected him of treachery. Azralor has been tight-lipped on the details of the Feralia Incident.
  • Custom Lore.
  • Plan, Manipulate, Conquer; Each map plays with your forces at a major disadvantage throughout the game. Only through strong will and manipulative plays, you can send the enemy to the graves.
  • Difficult Battles; No matter what difficulty you choose, the gameplay will give some challenges to you. For those who like to laugh in face of their own demise.
  • Unique Missions; Unlike the prequel of this campaign, The Grand Reformation has some unique and creative missions that are uncommon for campaigns. Take part in the survival where you decide how you want to survive OR try to be the sneaky assassin and bam enemy commanders' head.

Factions :

Grand Coalition :
The major superpower across the continent of Hazam, the biggest of three continents at Hazamus. This coalition composed of humans dwarves and some elves alike with the vision of ruling the entire Hazamus with prosperity and peace that they seek about. They utilize a combination of weaponry and magic in battle. Currently led by Annaira the Amazing.

Revolutionary Coalition :
No men want to remain in the dark when the Grand seems to act upon something. With their limited weaponry and arsenal, with Revolutionaries as their common name (formal: Revolutionary Coalition), they declare war against them. Revolutionaries arise a few years back, forcing the Grand Coalition to make brutal steps of appointing a sadist, brutal and merciless Supreme Commander to silent them up. Since the former commander no longer in charge, Revolutionaries once again start to make their move. Currently led by Commander Ozaras.

New Coalition:
Having been dumped from the central world for decades and a small-scale rebellion they do only turn to the worst, the shore cities of southeast Hazam decided to merge themselves under one banner. Aided by an unknown man, they decided to play part in destroying Grand Coalition and secure the central for themselves. Currently led by Sir Edward.

Fallen's Undead:
Not much known about them, these menace of the past are pretty dangerous foes for any oppositions to deal with. Claimed by Phoenix Flames' Supreme Commander as non-existent anymore, they're actually still existing and continues to grow in the shadow. Currently led by Fallen.

The Phoenix Flames:
The shadowy power that secretly plays in the upcoming war. Phoenix Flames has been a major threat to Darkness' upcoming invasion. With their supreme powers and intellect, these fire-loving soldiers are a force to be reckoned with. Who leads this dangerous army? Nobody knows for certain at this point...

The Demonic Legion:
Darkness always has his personal troops appointed for his will. These are the enigmatic and chaotic beings that serve the devil itself. They take no prisoners and will slay all living existence until there's nothing but ashes remains. So obvious that Darkness would lead his elites by himself.

Elves of Hazam:
These peace-loving creatures won't escape the upcoming war. Threatened by Revolutionaries and hunted down by Darkness' army and Phoenix Flames for their own reasons, they will fight side to side with the armies that will throw away their threats. Their main leader is Nagan the Great and they comprise of Holy, Shadow, and Nature Elves, each with their own leader as well.

Lightning Blades:
An army of legendary soldiers with extreme capability in electricity. Their leader is a very mysterious figure with nothing except a name to know them by. That name is LegendzKing.

The Hive Workshop:
Elite soldiers from the other side of the sea, which consisted of various races. They are a sort of an alliance of multiple factions. They are dangerous forces not to be trifled with, and one of the parties playing major parts in warfare prior to Darkness' Returns. These soldiers are willing to get to great lengths to ensure peace they have fought so hard for every faction that is under their banner.
Based on The Hive Workshop

Media :

Notes :
1. This campaign is discontinued.
2. Any bug report, unless a critical issue, will be ignored. The maps in this release have been tested and they have been proven functional and complete-able without issues.



Models :
Royal Captain By @Tranquil edited by @Misha
Phoenix Mage by @General Frank
Phoenix Archer by @General Frank
High Elf Chronomancer by @Deolrin
Human Lumber Mill by @Ujimasa Hojo
Hero Death Knight by @Alastor
War Mage (Kirin Tor) by @Ujimasa Hojo
Dalaran Blood Mage by @Ujimasa Hojo
Blood Mage by @Stefan.K
BETA Footman by @Blizzard Entertainment
Blood Elven Warrior by @General Frank
Phoenix Crusader by @General Frank
Human Bishop by @Tranquil
White Wizard by @Direfury
King by @Tranquil
High Elf Archer by @Himperion
Rocket Rain by @ILH
Human General by @Direfury
Human Spell Breaker @Hermit
High Elf Spell Thief by @Himperion
Nobby Mansion Townhall by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Blacksmith by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Farm by @Ujimasa Hojo
Power Lich by @HappyTauren
Human Paladin by @Direfury
Nobby Mansion Workshop by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Arcane Academy by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Altar of Kings by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Barrack by @Ujimasa Hojo
Captain Kul'tiras by @Ujimasa Hojo
Azeroth Footman by ???
Argent Knight by @Direfury
Azeroth Soldier by ???
HQ Militia by ???
Hero Argent General by ???
Uter by ???
KArchSorceress by ???
ArgentMageTower BETA by ???
Azeroth Footman by ???
Hero Priest Avatar by ???
Bolvar Fordragon by ???
Commander by ???
Hero Argent Lord Commander by ???
Azeroth Heavy Tank by ???
Dwarven Adventurer by @General Frank
Hero Holy Warrior by ???
Female Footman by @Cavman, @Kuhneghetz
Female Angel by @Tranquil
Rifleman Elite by @TurieL

Skins :
Royal Mage by @~Nightmare
Nobby Mansion by @Pyroproctos
8 Health Bar by @Avatars Lord

Icons :
High Elf Chronomancer by @Deolrin
Phoenix Archer by @General Frank
Phoenix Crusader by @General Frank
Lieutenant by @Tranquil
Chaplain by @Blizzard Entertainment @Pyraeus
Nobby Mansion Townhall by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Keep by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Castle by @Ujimasa Hojo
Power Lich by @HappyTauren
Nobby Mansion Workshop by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Arcane Academy by @Ujimasa Hojo
Nobby Mansion Barrack by @Ujimasa Hojo
Bandit Defend by @bu3ny
Blood Elf Lieutenant by @Zephyrius2412
Prince Kaelthas by @Zephyrius2412

Name Recommendations :
@Leo Akastenix

Model Packs :


Log of Changes

DR II : The Grand Reformation 0.1.1 (Campaign)

The first map has a nice concept at its base but the terrain aspect and size just kills the fun short. The next chapter has to be started via the campaign screen. It does not start by itself after you complete the first. The second map is also short...
So, this is a closure for this campaign. In the past, I had hoped I can at least properly conclude the final arc of Daffa's Story. Yes, there's a ton of incomplete campaigns in my data that preludes this story, although at least one or two campaigns are missing. However, that seems to be a far reach now.

There has been somewhat of a conflict within the team regarding the story. In the short version, the story has turned haywire, and it's hard to satisfy all parties without making this project become more and more unbearable to wield. This upload is the least closure the project deserves after all the chaos it went through. The map authorship still belongs to everyone in the team, but I'm done with working on this.

As noted in the description, minor bugs will be ignored. I will patch game-breaking bugs, because you all deserve the right to play this creation the way it was envisioned, at the very least.


Daffa's Story is a set of campaigns that focus on me, Daffa, as the main character. Yes, I am narcissistic enough to make a campaign with me as the central focus. The story itself actually starts with a focus between me, @LegendzKing, and Fallen, with all campaigns having these three characters existent all over it. Hive is also an important part of the story (as it reflects how Hive relates to my real life), and the characters that exist within these campaigns are people that at least I have either bonded well or quite an interesting part of my life during my younger tenure.

Daffa's Story that is publicly available is Darkness Returns I and Darkness Returns II.
Last edited:
Level 5
Feb 8, 2021
Hi Daffa
Your campaign was too short

Are you going to add a new chapter ? that will be good to know what happened after the end
Are you going to add a new chapter ? that will be good to know what happened after the end
I have no plans at the moment, as I have written in the description. I might fix the ordering of the story since the Death Commando mission happened first.

You can get a better overview of the story by playing the campaign that prequels this: Darkness Returns I v2.3
I do not understand why this as a campaign, it is not, are a couple of super simple maps with custom models...
First of all, thanks for trying this campaign. This is mostly unfinished work that I will most likely never finish with the shitfest development it went through, but this small campaign offers some of the less approached gameplay concepts for those who take a deeper approach.

  1. The Ramosel Xyde map is a prequel map explaining his existence in my unfinished lore. If you have played the prequel, you will understand why this map HAS to exist for the lore completion.
  2. The Blaze Ironflame map is a continuation of the prequel. It explains what happens after one of the hardest, if not almost unbeatable, Agent of Fallen in the prequel.
I can understand the one-star rating, but with your post, it sort of unhelpful of what I can improve aside from 'try to finish the work' since I have been clear cut that I won't do that. I also felt that all the effort I do to figure out Ramosel's map logic with his sniping ability is nothing of any impressive work. I can understand Blaze's map being bland, though it's one of that survival which you, as a player, have the choice on how you want to handle the mission itself.

If anything, your comment just helped me add more reasons why I should not touch this again with a ten-foot pole.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
The first map has a nice concept at its base but the terrain aspect and size just kills the fun short.
The next chapter has to be started via the campaign screen. It does not start by itself after you complete the first.
The second map is also short. The thrill lasts as long as it the timer is on and it's frankly not hard to kill many of the enemies in one shot at the right angle. After that, going to the circle is a stroll in the park and unnecessary gameplaywise. You can simply click there and wait.

Generally, everything is happening too fast. It's not only unpolished work but feels incomplete and rushed.
I don't see this fit for the Maps section in the condition it is.


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