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darkness returns

  1. Daffa


    Takes place in Darkness Returns' aftermath (after the secret chapter) "That's all of them," the man with a hood commented. The other man, with golden armor and a hammer, only nodded as an answer. "So, both sides take a total casualty. It is a dark war indeed," the golden armored man replied...
  2. Daffa


    A short story that takes place before Final Training (Grand Coalition 00) "Listen here you young fools! Soon, if you pass, you shall become one of the grand coalition field commanders who will be authorized to lead armies against our enemies. However, I will warn you today, that this path you...
  3. Daffa


    A short story that takes place shortly before Flames of Feralia hidden chapter (available in 1.3 onward) "General Karogan, I have received news that Lady Annaira will arrive soon," a commander reported to the knight in shining armor who lead the army at that location. "So, our lady wishes to...