CustomTowerTD 2.1

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This is my first attempt to create a new kind of Solo Tower Defense Map for 1-6 players:

Custom Tower TD

The 'Story' behind:
You are a citizen of a small but wealthy trading village. The King of the neigboring lands watches your village grow with immense greed and jealusness.
Some day he decides to invade you with his troops and mercenarys. Defend your home at all cost!

You have to defeat 52 challenging levels with air-, invisible-, bonus- and boss-waves.

You have to build a variety of towers with different attack types and an endgame-tower. Equip them with purchaseable items, that give the towers spells, passive abilities or increase it's base attributes.

Tower List:
- Basic Tower (Pierce Dmg)
- Strong Tower (Normal Dmg)
- Magic Tower (Magic Dmg)

- Fortified Tower (Siege Dmg)
- Monumental Tower (Hero Dmg)
- Dark Tower (Chaos Dmg)
- Destroyer (Chaos Dmg - Endgame Tower, that already has some Spells)
- Garrison (Normal - You can place Archers inside it, to shoot from it)

There are two shops, one sells Spell-Giving Items (Mystical Store), the other sells attribute-changing items or upgrade items (Bob's Guns).

Itemlist of Mystical Shop:
Enchanted Arrows - Gives a 5-missle multishot for the equipped tower.
Explosive Shells - Equipped tower deals splash damage when activated.
Eye of Kilrogg - Tower gains truesight to see invisible waves.
Hellstone - Tower gains immolation to burn nearby enemies.
Fallen Star - Tower gains starfall.
Helmet of the Hymn - Increase damage of nearby towers when activated.
Necronomicon - Raise two skeletons from nearby corpses. Needs Mana.
Phoenix Egg - Spawns a phoenix above the tower when activated.
Poison Arrows - Attacked main target is slowed and suffers damage over time.
Sharp Blades - Chance to deal a critical hit.
Stormhammer - Chance to stun an enemy.
Totem of Bloodlust - Equipped tower can cast bloodlust on nearby towers.

Itemlist of Bob's Guns:

Banner of Fear - Equipped tower gets an armor reducing aura (upgradable from Lvl 1-3).
Battledrums - Gives attackspeed increasing aura (upgradable from Lvl 1-3).
Siegedrums - Gives damage increasing aura (upgradable from Lvl 1-3).
Mana Urn - Mana Regeneration Aura.
Stone of icy Winds - Slowing Aura (upgradable from Lvl 1-3).
Skull Gem - Used to upgrade Banner of Fear.
Frost Gem - Used to upgrade Stone of icy Winds.
Lightning Gem - Used to upgrade Battledrums.
Fire Gem - Used to upgrade Siegedrums.
Gunpowder - Adds damage to equipped tower.
Enchanted Gunpowder - Adds more damage to equipped tower.
Ammunition - Increases attackspeed of equipped tower.

There is also a suspicious looking acolyte, who shows you how to combine items and create even more powerful items/spells.
Rumors tell, that parts of a long forgotten artifact were scattered through your lands. Maybe you can gather them to attract some skilled blacksmiths, who are capable of empowering old artifacts.

There are two upgrades that affect all towers, the infernals, phenix and skeletons. They improve damage and for some of them the attackrange. Upgrades are researched in your Lives-building, which also has a Last Hope spell. With that you can kill all near enemies ONCE.

Special Thanks to @Uncle who helped me A LOT to finish this map!
Thanks to @DoomBlade @Kick King @hexhound

Version 2.1 includes many new Spells, Items and upgrades for nearly all abilities! Some tooltips got a workover too. May have a look! :)

CustomTowerTD 1.09P2 (Map)

CustomTowerTD 2.1 (Map)

Hey man, I played your map! It has a nostalgic kind of feel to it. Like old school tower defenses from back in the day. I played through all 52 levels and was able to complete the map. My strategy was to spam the Basic Tower for waves 1-3 then sell...
Starfall doesn't say how much damage it deals. Generally, a nice idea that could use improvements and additions. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map Submission...
Level 4
Jan 28, 2013
Hey man, I played your map!

It has a nostalgic kind of feel to it. Like old school tower defenses from back in the day. I played through all 52 levels and was able to complete the map. My strategy was to spam the Basic Tower for waves 1-3 then sell them for the 100% refund to allow me to get the Gun Powder (+200 damage) and Enchanted Arrows (Multistrike). I then had to get the Eye of Kilrogg (Truesight) for the invisible wave at level 8. I proceeded to purchase Gun Power items and put them on my tower that had Enchanted Arrows. Until wave 10 (Boss), where the unit had Fortified Armor so I built a Fortified Tower (Siege Damage) and passed it the Gun Powers. I then passed it back to the Multishot tower and continued buying Gun Powder until they combined together. At this point, I felt strong enough to save up to afford the Damage Upgrade (+200 to all Towers) research from the Lives farm. Then for the rest of the game, I was just spamming towers, researching Damage Upgrade, and placing Eye of Kilroggs throughout to detect invisible units. As well as a few Poison Arrows items to help slowing units.

  • Some pretty cool items that do interesting things. The Phoenix was pretty cool.

  • The Auras being able to upgrade is sweet.

  • The map works and has a lot of levels.
  • Item organization could be improved. There are many items that have a disclaimer saying what kind of towers they will work or not work with. Maybe to make this process clearer you could divide these two sets of towers into different groups and then name those groups and give each group its own shop. For example, take Stong, Magic, and Dark Towers and call them the Human Towers and use Human-like models for these towers and then take the Basic, Strong, and Monumental Towers and call those Undead Towers and give them Undead models and make an Undead Shop and a Human Shop model so it's more intuitive what works where. Also, your shops have so many items being sold from them that they lose the "Select User" icon, so if you build a tower near the shop then every time you purchase an item you have to drop it from that tower and then pick it up with your Builder.

  • Missing Tooltip information. Fallen Star - Doesn't list its damage. Poison Arrow - Doesn't list its slow amount. Phoenix Egg - Doesn't list its damage. Necronomicon - Doesn't list its damage. None of the researches specify how many levels there are. Doing something like "Research Name [1/10]" or something is nice. None of the towers say their base damage, but it's kind of fine since they are all just the same tower with different damage types, but for the 5,000 gold tower I think you should specify its DPS and what abilities it has. I didn't opt to go for it because it was a mystery as to if it'd be worth it or just cause me to lose the game. The "|n" can be used to create a linebreak in tooltips which could help a lot to space out your disclaimers from the descriptive text so it isn't just one big paragraph on every item.

  • Mana Urn item (Brilliance Aura) actually gives an Unholy Aura effect but adds no abilities. Not that mana regen would be useful as none of the abilities cost mana. But just wanted to make you aware.

  • I'd like to see you lean more into the abilities because that's the cool part of your map. I think maybe you could use your system of the Gems (Fire, Frost, Lightning, and Skull) to upgrade the Auras and apply that to abilities as well. So, for example, The Phoenix ability is a fire spell so if you put the fire gem on a tower with that ability it goes to level 2. And then of course add a lot more abilities. And also potentially making the abilities scale with other attributes of the towers or items by triggering the abilities yourself a bit. And automate them a bit.
Anyway, I had a good time. Thanks for making the map man. Although, I have to give it 2/5 stars because it just doesn't seem like a finished piece of work to me yet.
Level 3
Jan 2, 2021
Thank you for the review, i will try to improve the map with your suggestions and add some more ideas i had recently :) I already changed some tooltip infos and gave the builder an ability to change its clothes, to become either a normal villager or a cultist. In both models they have different towers (Light/Dark), and the shops are offering items to their specification. Voodoohut sells items for dark towers, mystical shop sells items for light towers. For example a light tower now can't be equipped with "Banner of Fear", "Explosive Shells" etc.
Also i will add some more mana spells (the only one in the first version was raise dead of necronomicon). The unholy aura actually worked as brilliance aura, but gave no status and no ability. Fixed that.
Also i reduced the damage upgrade levels from 25 to 4, so people just can't spam towers and up the dmg. I also added the actual reseach level in the tooltip.
Voodoohut sells 11 items for dark towers now, Mystical store sells 9, but more will come. So Bob's guns can have more items later, that can upgrade diverse other items.

So, the 2.0 version is ready now. I just have to think about more upgradable items. Many of them don't need to be upgraded to be useful but some others could use an improvement in lategame, i agree. Working on it :) you can test the 2.0 version if you want, and tell me if you liked the changes.
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Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
Starfall doesn't say how much damage it deals.

Generally, a nice idea that could use improvements and additions.


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