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  • Can you confirm the delivery plz, so I know you got have it!

    When you download it, you can delete i from the COPY folder, that way I know you got it.
    Do you have a drop box account?

    If you give me your dropbox address, I will link it with my and you can download it from my dropbox then.
    I remember I made it for you, so you dont need me to paint anything, so send you a bigger version of that image?
    Please elaborate on the request my friend. I dont understand what you want me to do with the dragon yinyan sign
    Err, I don't really deal with Doodads/Destructibles since I'm not much of a terrainer.
    Check out the unit tutorials, they're mainly actors, I think.
    Create the unit where you want it to spawn. Then order it to attack a random point in xxx. Might fail if xxx is complicated so either keep xxx simple or catch the case when it fails (xxx is null).
    Im srry that cant be, I chose that accout just when I registered here : ).

    Though I played countless funmaps over the years..
    Rulaan and Muzzel are both very well communicated players, which helps a lot, so I enjoy playing with them too. Some people think differently I guess, maybe they generate some kind of high tier player, based on their time with gaias, and just enjoy a generally rivalry with anyone below, but near, their play time. I've played less than Box for example but I consider myself a more efficient player than him. I don't think I'll need to rage any more for a while, that whole argument is done now I think
    All it takes is one person to whine and everyone bandwagons, if you want shit done, go straight to zwieb, that's why I petitioned the class change being compulsory at 25 because I agree that it should be done there but for different reasons than the idiots I've dealt to recently.

    Overall, sorry for a wall of text, good luck with the people you play with and shit I can't remember if you're a good player or not idfk, I argue with everybody I lose track of who I can actually bother deal with these days.
    Making a massive fuss doesn't work either but I'm so tired of fucking idiots.

    Between this forum, and the ingame community, there's a good ten and that's a difficult number to keep up with when they all complain about the same stupid shit.

    Look at people like darkly and tsumo, fragmented English, messed up moral standards, everyone swings abuse around here like it's a second nature, an alternative to actual discussion. It's why I made those class threads but when I actually tried to DISCUSS shit, nobody cared lol.

    It's hard to get things around in this community, I'll keep trailing ways until something sticks. Overall I was going for extensive testing but since my methods were more effective and viewed as cheating the game by getting two classes out of one, people got jelly I guess idfk.
    tbh water I'm not concerned with being viewed as a bad guy, I'm fine discussing shit with logical people I just tend to vent onto stupid people, especially ones I've helped or had as friends over my time with gaias. You know that I'm pretty sure I've had no problems with you ingame but on here I think you said something I disagreed with or idfk and I went nuts. It's what I do, frankly I get tired of trying to calmly make my point when so many people on the internet in general just don't listen so I abuse them until they back down. Overall nobody wins and I need an anger management course.

    A tip though, don't try giving advice to angry fucks on the internet they tend to just not listen and target you for abuse anyway. I haven't abused you for this because well, frankly I just don't care as long as the gaias community survives I'm happy.

    I've played the ignoring game for 22 years, it doesn't work and people end up walking over you when you actually come up with something logical.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Well, I sketched this up.
    Dont know if this is what you wanted but this is what I did.

    Im sorry I dont have time for anything more detailed.
    Sorry man, jsut check out the hive in a long long time. been busy.

    got back for a day or two to catch up on the pile of requests.
    What was it that you needed? I cleared the history a while back and dont remember what it is you asked for.

    You needed a dragon warping around yingyang?
    Hey if that offer of help is still up and if you are good at triggering "do you know how to make a unit rotate around another unit?" (If you play FOCS you can see it is like Naraku's 4th spell.)
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