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  1. Guldan - Retextured Project

    Guldan - Retextured Project

    This project is aimed at orcs, changing the green tones of the skin, armor, leather, belts, bones, hair and accessories in general, leaving behind the very yellow colors. A collection of new textures carefully painted for each unit, looking for a more realistic or less saturated look with new colors
  2. Guldan-Retextured Project

    Guldan-Retextured Project

    This project is aimed at orcs, changing the green tones of the skin, armor, leather, belts, bones, hair and accessories in general, leaving behind the very yellow colors. A collection of new textures carefully painted for each unit, looking for a more realistic or less saturated look with new colors
  3. Guldan Retextured Project

    Guldan Retextured Project

    This project is aimed at orcs, changing the green tones of the skin, armor, leather, belts, bones, hair and accessories in general, leaving behind the very yellow colors. A collection of new textures carefully painted for each unit, looking for a more realistic or less saturated look with new colors
  4. Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Twelve new icons at agility tavern of Dark Side on Dota map. Some of them you can find at my resource section.
  5. Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Heroes at first intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map.
  6. Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon in Dota 2 Style. Based on model kangyan's model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/priestess-of-the-moon-version-whitehair.262865/
  7. Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope skin used: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lycan-lycanthrope-kiljaeden-skin-dota-2-style.340135/ Icon can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lycan-lycanthrope-kiljaeden-icon.340639/
  8. Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dalaran-mutants-bundle-ujimasas-derivates.340291/ Acolyte skin by Bumhunter: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/acolyte-blp.276974/ Zombie skin from here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/colorful-dalaran-mutants-undead-zombie.340289/
  9. Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Based on Black_stan's Pandaren skin: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/pandarenbrewmaster.61118/ I do not have permission to share this skin, sorry... But you can find icon for it here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/brewmaster-icon-dota-2-style.340616/
  10. Centaur for Dota map

    Centaur for Dota map

    Centaur model by Rhapsodie: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/chaos-centaurs.339575/ "Lycanthrope Kil'jaeden" skin can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lycan-lycanthrope-kiljaeden-skin-dota-2-style.340135/
  11. Altruistic Anduin

    [Reforged] "Familiar Places" | An aimless Village custom map project

    I've began to work on this map project not too long ago. The purpose of this map is still unknown, even to me. But we can go towards RPG, or "Hack-and-Slash", if you want a rough guess on what the map can be. It's a custom Village map because I've added other terrain brush from other tilesets...
  12. Uncle

    Looking for help with a new project - Need Terrainer + Maybe more? (Reforged latest patch)

    Hello fellow Hivers, I've helped others with their projects over the last couple of years but I've never actually gotten around to creating a project of my own. I figure it's about time I actually released something and I think I may have a concept that is worth making. TL/DR: --- The...
  13. bakuma

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development

    So i working for a complete enhanced RoC campaign for the Warcraft 3 classic, some of the things missing during in develop due to lack of sounds from Reforged. I wish can someone can import all there sounds. (especially in the Orc & NE campaigns) for my BIG enhanced project. (really large, this...
  14. Caalanuaa

    My Map! Looking for help/suggestions and feedback

    Howdy! This is my current project and I would like to make this thread in order to share the progress with you guys and get some feedback about thins that I could be doing wrong/missing/leaking, etc. The project is a DotA-like map, with heroes and hero waves. For now, I have some basic...
  15. HerlySQR

    Is someone interested in decorate a map?

    I made this map, I think it has a decent decoration, but I believe it can be better but I don't know about decoration, If you are interested, pls made please do me this favor, I will give you the credits including in the loadscreen. Details: The map is on the 1.26 version. The theme is Outland...
  16. Artonn

    School project about warcraft

    Hey guys! I am currently doing a study for a school project, about warcraft maps and how people find them. If you would like to help me please answer my google questionsheet/analyze. https://forms.gle/obCsouEfaL8KoYSY8 Thank you a lot, if you mind sharing it to your friends as well it would...
  17. Nosiaz

    My biggest project

    Hi. I have start to remake a original map i was doing when i was kid, im a beginner in trigger but i have make someone quest. I know my project will need hundreds hours of work if im alone on it, i would like to know if someone people would like to help me, like one person for doing spell, one...
  18. Peach Schnapps

    In search of talented terrainer(or team) to help me with a large ORPG map.

    It's definitely not my strong suit terrain, I already have a map with a lot of the ground work set out, I'm just looking for someone who could improve and refine it. Obviously you'll get full credit and I'd really love help with this project, and possibly start getting a team together, etc...
  19. KilianKilmister

    "WC II Tides of Darkness" retold (2 Demo Maps included)

    Searching for people to work on a campaign re-telling the events of 'Tides of Darkness' in compliance with modern WC lore. For people short on time, here are the pointers: -Introduction: On the Road to Reforged i decided to replay WCII and i'm sad to say that it just doesn't hold up Gameplay...
  20. Sellenisko

    War Project - Dwarves versus Drows - terrainer needed

    Greetings, I am in need of a terrain maker :) I am making a special map - War project, the battle between Dwarves and Drows. It should be combination of RTS and RPG - 2 opposite players will play as a race leaders and armies and other players will be playing heroes coresponding the race -...
  21. Azureusl

    Time Abyss WC3 l4p

    Time Abyss wc3 OVERVIEW Time Abyss is a NewGen game design project initiative, formerly represented and developed by Noxrat Gaming studio, which no longer exists if you want to go and google it. Time Abyss was planned to be heavy PvE with NextGen genre, which had long been around never really...
  22. Keathen

    Aid in Making Maps

    As the title read, I need help in making maps. You can be in a long term or short term collaboration with me, or just one map. I love making maps, but never shared them because they were just lacking. My standard will be Medium to Epic-sized maps (if Epic is possible to me, though). You can also...
  23. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    LF project helpers or just teach me for my little brothers map :/

    (Ill revise this later) Im looking for some people experinced or versalite with world edtior to collab,coach,teach me or possibly just finish this project if they want to i got the map semi terrained out and a general idea of all the zones and their levels and the storyline but i just need...
  24. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Age of Chaos - WC1 Remake Project (WiP)

    Warcraft: Age of Chaos is a remake of Warcraft I: Orcs & Humans in The Frozen Throne engine. The aim is to recreate the entirety of the first war, allowing you to relive the devastating battle and defend or conquer Azeroth. This will recreate Warcraft I's entire core gameplay with the only...
  25. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft: Age of Chaos (Can somebody delete this post, please)

    Oops, we've encountered a problem! This post will be right back! If not, then it's because the Hive won't let me edit this post >:I Update: Welp! I can't seem to edit this post, so can a Moderator or Admin please delete this post. That would be much appreciated.
  26. stonneash

    [Defense / Survival] Open Source Project: Troll Wilderness World

    Inspired by jungle trolls reborn and based on Yellowstone National Park, our team presents Yellowstone Survival source: in-game screenshot Map Preview: Mini-map Preview: Environment AI System: The AI is based on real world variables and is executed to be accurate to the best of our...
  27. DarkRanger2

    Simple Edits and creations request !

    Hello people. I am starting a new project and I need a few models, textures, and even simple edits. I think what I might ask cam be useful for future projects, but specially for my project ! I need the following things, will add a comment if I need something Else : 1 - Green fire (Small and...
  28. Nemesis_

    Coastal Conflict

    Hi all! This is my first map that I made from scratch.(still WIP) It's basically a map where you play as the murlocs trying to invade a fortified human coastal town. It's not supposed to be amazing or anything but just a fun little map for you to enjoy. I got inspiration for this map from the...
  29. Miles111

    - Immortal Dawn - Website Now Up, Official Announcement Day!

    - Immortal Dawn - Official Announcement Visit our website at The Immortal Dawn | Official Website It's finally announcement day! The world of Immortal Dawn takes place in the future where our own realm of Earth has merged with its nearest realm, creating an entirely new world...
  30. N'zoth


    MODELS IN MY NIGHTMARISH IMAGINATION Welcome to my mind, do not be horrified or enraptured. Fear of the unknown is the primal weakness of many, do not be one of the many. These are some ideas to model crafters and artisans might want to create. You may want to make one of these things that...
  31. Fintrik

    Peons vs Titan project recruitment

    EDIT: no need right now Hello everyone! I am creating old new project called Peons vs Titans and i need: -Terrainer -Jass Programmer/pro at triggers
  32. Lions_Blood

    Zombie Defense Custom (Need a professional for Solving Leaks)

    Zombie Defense Custom This Project is one of my great Life works... Sadly, due to the lack of knowledge i have with triggering in GUI and JASS i have been unable to figure out what is causing people to get FATAL ERRORS if anyone out there wants to help me finish this artistic creation of mine...
  33. Krakenn99

    [Hero Arena] Krakena's Project

    Hello everyone this is my project that I'll be wroking on. I have just started it and I still have no idea in which direction I want to move to. For now I am only making heroes but I don't know what the actual map type will be in the end of the making of this. I hope that people who bother...
  34. Zaljinzoo

    Chronicles of Tirisfal Recruitment Form

    CHRONICLES OF TIRISFAL INTRODUCTION Hello all! You may or may not know me - either as Zaljinzoo or Warchief_Grom - but I've been a... decently active member of this community since early 2008. I make no claims of being a very prominent member, as I usually just kind of quietly lurk around...
  35. Cherrymage

    Survey: Which qualities do you mostly look for in a map/campaign?

    Greetings, I am conducting a survey here. What do you normally look for while browsing for maps or campaigns to play/window-shopping? Is it how much fun and joy it brings? Or a beautiful presentation with flashy pictures? Perhaps are you mostly going for the story/lore? Is it something else? Or...
  36. Tagar

    Request- trigger master

    hello i am begining the recruitement for my proyect drenodar chronicles, are needed triggerers, the participants will recieve credits, reputation and following, for info please contact my profile if you know/are terrainers contact me please
  37. A Void

    The Poppy Persona, Who is Poppy?

    I'm not sure if you have heard about Poppy or not, but she is a famous Youtube anomaly. Her videos often are very artificial with staged emotions and hidden meanings. One example of her videos: Turns out she is actually a character created for musical project That Poppy which parodies every...
  38. Shar Dundred

    Legends of the Imperia - Lore

    Hey there, I'm using this thread for the lore I'm currently creating for my planned StarCraft II project. I'd really like to read your criticism and feedback - as long as a civilized tone is kept. Please keep in mind that this is all still Work-In-Progress. About the project itself: It will be...
  39. Sapprine

    Respawn Mechanism

    I'm looking for someone who is able to make a 'not too complex' respawn mechanism for my map. These are the requirements the mechanism needs to have: - only respawns creatures while out of sight - Spawned creatures must be spawned with already implemented item drop tables - Mechanism must be...
  40. Sapprine

    [Campaign] I need feedback...

    My One Map Campaign called Founding A Nation is still in development and coming along nicely so far. Making this 256x256 campaign is tiresome work, especially because I'm doing this alone. But it is time I'm going to ask some feedback... Here are some Question Polls that you may answer by...
  41. Sapprine

    [Campaign] One map campaign

    I'm making an 256x256 barrens Orc Campaign starring: Thrall Hellscream, Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Gar'Thok and Naz'grel. Roughly 45% of the map has already been filled with beautiful valleys, Canyons, Chaotic Crevasses slicing true the desert, The grassy landscapes of Mulgore, Former Ogrimmar...
  42. DeMoN100

    Looking for Trigger / JASS AI Scripters

    Looking to create a RP map like all the other successes. I am currently at this moment terraining the map and writing a unique storyline with a whole custom lore. I will update post with screenshots soon and need someone who is familiar with writing triggers and scripting commands and animations...
  43. Vengeancekael

    Oasis and Desert 2 (1.0.4) / Project Spotlight

    「Oasis and Desert 2」 Ѻ About: Version 1.0.4 (Coming Soon) Ѻ Official Forums: Oasis and Desert 2 ╙ Download: Version 1.0.3 ► 'TGM Team' is prepping the next major update for the hosted project Oasis and Desert 2 and this new version will feature lots of goodies: New Hero 'Lady...
  44. Buddhaweisser

    Some Weird Project...

    hey everybody I'm Buddhaweisser, (no more Der_SS) i came back again to the Hive, to make real my all-life (LOL) project, a campaign inspired in Genesis songs. The main thing is to join different stories of songs and albums, from Peter Gabriel's era in the group, and create some "original"...