[Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development

Level 7
Jul 13, 2021
So i working for a complete enhanced RoC campaign for the Warcraft 3 classic, some of the things missing during in develop due to lack of sounds from Reforged. I wish can someone can import all there sounds. (especially in the Orc & NE campaigns) for my BIG enhanced project. (really large, this take about nearly 2 weeks to make one lol)

Prologue and Horde campaigns are now combine into one collection, while i will kept Human, Undead and Night Elfs separate from the 5-part campaign series, total of 38 chapters (including all the cinematics and interludes for the real total of 50 chapters)

I just ported all of the Reforged voices some time ago, i hope i will also separate from the enhanced version to improvised forged version.

  • 2 Heroes Implementation (for more fun)
  • More new campaigns soon
  • Beta and Alpha tests

Please i know you are pleasing for a enhanced version for all of them, but it will takes some time to finish them all, the Orc campaign is now fully 95% done, when its fully done, i will put out a beta test for you starting next week.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a great day.
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