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Oasis and Desert 2 (1.0.4) / Project Spotlight

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Oasis and Desert 2」

Ѻ About: Version 1.0.4 (Coming Soon)
Ѻ Official Forums: Oasis and Desert 2
Download: Version 1.0.3

'TGM Team' is prepping the next major update for the hosted project Oasis and Desert 2 and this new version will feature lots of goodies:
  • New Hero 'Lady Aphera: The Chronomancer'
  • Item reworks
    • Over 256 new items
    • New stats
    • Skill changing attributes
    • New effects
  • Reworked terrain
  • Towers replaced by Guardians

Version 1.0.4 will be landing soon, so be sure to check it out and to give bowser499 and his talented team some feedback!

Additionally, the team is recruiting a new artist capable of drawing high quality icons for the project - Post in this thread if interested in the position.

Project Spotlight

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Projects leaders can also put the following image in their project's thread, asking users to head over to the nomination thread and to nominate them.
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