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The Hive Workshop


The Hive Workshop

This is the reborn of the former Oasis and Desert project. It is rebuilding because of team's wish to form the OaD Crew to make this project much more outstanding for players.


The deep past. The Universe has no fantasy worlds - there are only the Great Desert and the Great Oasis. In the Great Desert you would see cruel and deathbringing forces. The Great Oasis is a place where you would see many lifebringing and justiceful forces. That sides were in the unstoppable war.
One day the creature has came to that world. It called himself the Balance Dominator. It was very powerful. And to stop the bloody war between the Desert and Oasis Gods it locked them into two spheres. It sayed that after the Three Worlds will be formed, a man will come in that place and continue the Epic War.
The Dominator is in another world now. No one saw it. No one heard it.
The Great Desert is now divided with the Great Oasis because of the big earthquake caused by the Dominator. But the forces made bridges to cross the hole but be careful not to fall down where a real monstrosity waiting for you.

  • Elemental System bringing the custom battle extensions - every hero have his own primary and secondary element and an elemental stats that can widely extend the stats of Warcraft bringing more variants and strategies of what to increase for each hero.
  • Combos System that will allow to make a combinations of abilities of each hero. So, the hero has 4 abilities and can combinate up to 6 new ones. That will extend strategy.
  • Hero Pick System. We're making the system you all will certainly like...
  • Temple Inhabitants. There is a race that will prevent every side from being too relaxed and focused only on the enemy heroes because it can evolve and rush the bases to destroy them if they won't be attacked and owned earlier. So watch your step...
  • Lane Creeps Affecting. You can affect some parameters of the lane creeps by using the main building. You can affect the melee and ranged creeps including adding them the runes' magic.
  • Much more!

OaD Crew
bowser499 - The headmaster of the crew, Jass coder.
PeeKay - Artist.
FrancK, YrpoTRIa, Aztart - Modellers.
Elforce - Terrainer.
IyD - Ideas generator, balancer.
-DW- - Musician.

Beta Coming December 2011.