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Completed Projects

Completed enterprises hosted by The Hive Workshop will be placed here. These forums remain open and available for you to comment.

  1. Darky's Modding Ventures — Nature's Call

    Before The Hive Workshop was what it is today, there was a major Warcraft III modding website known as wc3sear.ch, created by a user named Darky. When Darky was "absorbed" by "real-life" and World of Warcraft, the website, leaderless, nearly fell, and it was discovered that it was over its quota.
    It was then that Ralle appeared and offered to merge the old Hive Workshop with wc3sear.ch, and so it was.

    Darky's legacy lives on not only through the visible remains (in the form of resources or standards) of wc3sear.ch in the Hive, but through his undertakings in Warcraft III. "Nature's Call — The Spiderqueen" was popular because it was the first user-made campaign ever to have voice acts interpret the script. "The Return of the Dragons" beat a new quality record by introducing phenomenal custom spells and a capturing storyline. While outdated by today's standards, Darky's projects revolutionized the modding scene when they were released.
    As of patch 1.26, however, "Return of the Dragons" is broken, and so are Darky's other products, most likely.
    Latest: Another Nature's Call? Kimbo, Apr 20, 2007
  2. Requiem of the Gods

    A team-based hero arena designed for multiplayer across battle net. It includes a full 1vs1 hero duelling mode in addition to the main team game.
  3. Diablo III Warcraft

    Diablo 3 Warcraft is a fan made RPG that aims to replicate the features of diablo 3, while keeping in touch with its warcraft 3 origins. The project is specifically designed for one purpose, to cure that uncomfortable itch known as the wait for Diablo III. Featuring fast paced hack'n'slash action, D3W is a formidible ally to any gamer.
  4. The Kingdom of Kaliron

    The Kingdom of Kaliron is a save/load RPG designed for multiplayer. Plunge into the kingdom of Kaliron as you aid the struggling townsfolk in rebuilding and securing their land from the war with Qual'Xel only to uncover a grim secret.
  5. Oasis and Desert 2

    The deep past. The Universe has no fantasy worlds - there are only the Great Desert and the Great Oasis. In the Great Desert you would see cruel and deathbringing forces. The Great Oasis is a place where you would see many lifebringing and justiceful forc
    Latest: OaD's New Early Alpha nhocklanhox6, Apr 8, 2015
  6. The Dwarven Monster Slayers

    Dwarven Monster Slayers is a fast paced 1-5 player coop survival arcade rpg slasher game. The map features a massive load of completely new monsters, a detailed and atmospheric dungeon scenario, a considerably amount of gore and for the best: DWARVES!
    Latest: News MoCo, May 29, 2018
  7. Blades 'n Gore II

    Experience the smoothest melee combat system seen in Warcraft III. Blades 'n Gore II is an easy to learn but hard to master, fast-paced, sword fighting map for 1-12 players.
    Latest: Balance Discussion Garodar, Aug 12, 2014
  8. The Chosen Ones

    Enter the world of Oelivert and experience a strong storyline that covers hate, love, war and peace. The Chosen Ones is a singleplayer RPG that contains dozens of hours of content and an awesome amount of secrets to be found.
  9. WarCraft III - Paranoia

    Tactical horror shooter, playable on both Single Player and Multiplayer. You are a Russian officer of a secret service... each mission that you are assigned has different objectives, but future events have something more in store for you...
  10. Against the Darkness

    A Hunter vs Hunted Hero Survival that will keep you entertained game after game!
    Latest: Bug Report Thread SpiritBob, Jun 9, 2019
  11. Warhammer 40,000 TD

    Everything regarding Warhammer 40,000 TD goes here..
    Latest: Warhammer 40.000 revival UreDe4D, Aug 6, 2018
  12. SharpCraft & WEX

    SharpCraft is a non-intrusive modding framework for Blizzard games. It has, among other things, been used to make MMO's and First Person Shooters in Warcraft III. This is also the home of WEX, a pack of plugins for SharpCraft making up World Editor Extended.
    Latest: Abandoned ? MindWorX, Feb 4, 2021
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