Oasis and Desert new features!

Level 33
Apr 24, 2012

Im the newest member of the OaD2 team and will be serving as a coder.

This is some of the list( I know for now) that the new Oasis and Desert will feature:

1) Two new tribute heroes for our deceased friends(Apheraz Lucent and -Grendel). Lady Aphera a.k.a Chronomancer for Apheraz Lucent while -Grendel's hero will be thought for a few days for ideas.

2) A hardcoded Missile System. The missile system will replace all of the projectiles that can be found in the map due to some map modification and new feature. The idea was a bit inspired from Maker's system :

3) A much efficient Hero Selection

4) Systems will be optimized for efficiency,speed and functionality.

5) Reduction of bugs and leaks ( if we can find any )

6) New systems soon.

For more new features,Click here!
Level 2
Dec 7, 2012
OaD2 started out pretty good already. it ought to make DC should it break free from the chains of WC3. XD great to see that the project is still up and kicking