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ex cinematics forum

  1. Orochi8

    Fight Scene

    Hi I've been wondering how to make a good fight scene like how can i make it look like that their weapons and how to make "dismemberment of limbs" look good, and how to make look like someone got stabbed.
  2. Sunshine and Night

    How Do you Make Units Move/Attack

    Im making a lord of the rings rpg campaign The progloue will be the Battle of The Last Alliance i might use doodads for the background but i want it to fighting all around Sauron,Isildur,Elendil,Gil-Galad,Elrond while sauron kills Elendil and Gil-Galad then have isildur kill him with...
  3. xDeathKnightx

    The Last Samurai - Last Battle

    I was wondering about a good last battle, for my cinematic, but then i had an idea, but i am not sure whether or not i can put it in a cinematic, if i can, then i think what i want to do will be awesome, but if i can't then... yeah, oh well xD. I need to know if i can have a QTE sequence in...
  4. Death_bringer_2

    Cinematic help

    I'm brand new to cinematics, and so far the only problem I've come across is making units move to a region. I have about 30 units, and I have triggers to order each one to move to their own region. However, after a few seconds of being ordered to move to the region, all but 12 of the units...
  5. Karnage

    Cinemtic Never Ends

    Well I am currently working on my first cinematic, but it seems that it never wants to end. Here is what i have so far. Actions Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode Off for (All players) Cinematic - Send transmission to (All players) from Footman 0000 <gen> named A Footman: Play No sound...
  6. spasms

    help with cinematic at end of level

    i am making a level with a cinematic at the end, which starts as soon as the player completes his victory condition. My victory condition is having Unit X within 100 range of Unit Y and then the cinematic start with letterbox and so on and they talk. However, when I put in the triggers the...
  7. theting


    Is there an way to cast an custom spell in cinematic mode? The spell is axe trow.
  8. blacksheepwalll

    back ground distance

    when you hold control and mouse wheel to move the distance of the black is there a way to control that in game i made a cinematic where the camera is almost at ground level and id like to see a cathedral in the back ground but its 3 scrolls out of sight
  9. Soggeh

    Random periodic Lightning

    Hello fellow members, I need help on creating natural lightning. What i mean is that throughout the game there will be flashes like in reality. These flashes will happen at random times from 6 - 15 seconds. I will add a global sound of a thunder after 1 second. Does anyone know how to create...
  10. Mallaboro

    Fade Filter for Triggering Player

    Following the pinned "Tips and Tricks for the cinema" thread, I've gotten this. I'm trying to make the trigger work for only the triggering player. Actions -------- - -------- Set AlphaReal = 0.00 Custom script: if GetLocalPlayer() != Player(GetPlayerId(GetTriggerPlayer())...
  11. joshinator

    Cinematic HELP!!!!

    I made a cinimatic but it never ends:wsad:
  12. Arisato

    Cinematic Maker needed ^^

    Well, i'm needing a cinematic maker for my map Here's the story!(AoS The Ancient Wars) (Additional Info: Ancient Evil=This demonic ancient is a hero, with a shade model! LightBringer=This Holy Warrior is a hero, it's an epic model made by Elenai(for his The Legend of Ediathis's Holy general...
  13. Lt.Zacs

    Entire Map being revleaded. How do I stop that?

    On my map I starts out with everyone except 3 players in Cinematic Mode. It lasts about 30 seconds total, Its just giving a speech from a unit then ends. My problem is that the entire minimap, and I belive the entire map in general is revealed to all players. How do I stop that?
  14. millzy

    anoying lighting on cinematic

    in cinematics if you looking a far distance it just goes like a black fog is there a way to remove it?? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. Drunken_Jackal

    Cinematic Help

    Hello, I tried doing some cinematics but nothing happens. It doesnt even start the cinematic. Please help me. The file is attached on this thread. But if you dont want to check it out, here are the triggers: Events Conditions Actions Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode On for (All...
  16. indomitable1319

    Camera Problems

    Help, the camera keeps messing with me. In Rentau's cinematic, the camera goes bad. Can you explain why that happens?
  17. Vikus

    Cinematic Problem

    Well, this is going horrible for me, so: Leaving Winterfall Forge Events Unit - Son of Khazan 0012 <gen> Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Interact (Targeted unit) Equal to Winterfall Forge Smith 0010 <gen> Actions...
  18. wizaerd

    Helpful tips for battle cinematics?

    Typcially, in any cinematic I do I would use Move To a region and just let the units whack away at each other. However, this makes it difficult to time it out properly and doesn't allow for very much control over the battle. So are there any good tutorials at controlling a battle cinematic? Dos...
  19. Garfield1337

    Camera question

    I started making cinematic and i got a problem with setting camera. I know how to move camera using CTRL+right mouse click and rolling with mouse wheel,but is it possible to move camera up and down? Since i want my camera to look at sky without going through earth as it often does,but i fail to...
  20. Darkshine

    Help with display text

    Hello, i dont know if this is the right place for it, so sry for anything. So... I am with a little problem: i want display in the screen a message and the character X portrait talking the text displayed (if you played the campaign extra with the frozen throne, about thrall and the sea witch...
  21. SteakedMeat


    I wonder what kind of animation codes there is, i know stand, attack, and tried cast but i don't work i think, but is there any more?
  22. sanityslayer42

    Revive Effect

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to make a "Revive Effect" at a certain point in a cinematic, because so far I've got this: Events Conditions Actions Unit - Move Arthas 0001 <gen> instantly to (Center of here <gen> ) ...and Arthas' entrance is looking pretty dull...
  23. shivarra

    cinematic camera

    While making a cinematic I came upon the Action: Play cinematic camera. Upon searching the web I didn't really find anything useful what I puzzled together was that it#s a camera following a certain path. This would be extremely useful in making smooth camera transitions. Now I'd would like to...
  24. Total_Warrior

    Dream like scene?

    For my cinematic i made a fade filter and in the dream (scene) i need a white border of some sort. I have seen this white border used a lot in cinematic when someone has a flashback or dream.
  25. Frodnoxx

    Protecting Cinematics??

    should I not protect my Cinematic map as I have seen most be? is there some tool thats being used to make them unchangeable or is it just not protected at all for learning purposes?
  26. JeffreyQ

    Sect of the Holy Mother Episodes

    Hi all, i've just downloaded the cinematic. But after putting it into the map folder. Non of them appear. I would really want to see this epic cinematic. What is wrong? Can anyone tell me how can i make it appear?
  27. sanityslayer42

    Color problem {Unit displays wrong player color on transmission}

    Hello everyone @ Hive Workshop, I'm having a little bit of a unit color problem. I have created my own Custom Unit (let us call it Freddy) and set the fields "Art - Allow Custom Team Color: false" and "Art - Team Color: Player 2 (Blue)" so as to make Freddy blue no matter who owns him. I...
  28. millzy

    Can some 1 help me with my battle scene

    iv got these two big armys fighting for my battle scene i need some help in making it what do you suggest i do to make it the battle is to display a young orc dads death killed by a human(arthas with hammer moddle) iv also got these problems when the battle starts and they start fighting...
  29. TheBoobPhysicist

    Units Pissing me off!

    :cry: I need help plz, when I did my cinematic all the unit actions like Move_Attack or Move_Region don't work well. Once I ordered the units to move to a certain region they make 3 steps, turn around and go back. It pisses me off, because when I do a battle scene for instance, all the units...
  30. giorgos5192

    How to create corpses that wont disappear?

    Hi guys i need some help by you. I want to make a cinematic.The cinematic will be... A ghoul is getting feeded with a corpse and when somebody sees that the ghouls is fleeing to (somewhere) My problem is that i cannot create a corpse which will last forever and will not disappear. PLS...
  31. ktwonn

    Cinematic Music.

    a Cinematic is not complete without good ambiance music to set the mood, to make the scene more real. to make the watcher feel like there inside the screen. fighting a battle, traversing unknown lands. or in a city with the bustling city life around you. music is every were. so why not in your...
  32. reason 3

    Cinematic Question!

    I just started making cinematics,never had any experience with them before:bored:...and i use the following trigger in my map,but for some reason it doesn't work properly.Any one can tell what am i doing wrong? Here is the trigger PlayCinematicIntro Events Map initialization...
  33. crawdaddy029

    camera hight and panning

    does anyone know the hight between 2 wall tiles and the floor, basically what im trying to do is make a camera pan across water but whenever it gets to the water it goes under it.
  34. Hug-A-Hydralisk

    [Cinematic] how do you crop the minimap view

    there is a section of the minimap used for a cinematic sequence in my mission. wondering what to do to crop that out. ive seen this done before.
  35. BlackEnvyX

    Need Help in Creating Fog

    Hello, im lelouch, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me out with my problem. You see im trying to create a decent fog for my map, Code Geass Blizzards of Hell. A Purple/Bluish Fog, thats dark and damp and creepy. Would anyone tell me how I could trigger this? Ive...
  36. Carrigage

    Looking for Cinematic Creator

    We at Life Force Universe are looking for someone to help us make a cinematic to be used in a trailer. Using in-game terrain and units to create a promotional -yet entertaining trailer. This is probably a common request, I understand that. But right now everyone in our project team is...
  37. Tensor

    Camera effect question

    Ok, I've got a few ideas and I was wondering if anyone can think of a way to implement them. First, is there a way to make only the terrain darker? Or make units brighter? Second, can anyone think of a way to blur something?
  38. Alpharius Omegon

    How do I make a good fight?

    Hi all. For the first mission of my campaign, there's going to be a cinematic of several groups of Orcs and a large undead army fighting, but I've never done a cinematic before. I'd like to make some units use certain spells and abilities at set points in the battle, but I don't know how. Can...
  39. Diehard@Azeroth

    Need to find a specific type of FadeFilter

    it should resemble that of shooting a gun in most FPS games, any resources guys? figure id post here since its the cinematics thread and most of you are more knowledgeable than me about these things ^^ its like the whole hand thing using some kind of gun filter, just like in FPS games, i saw it...
  40. Panda7706

    Noob cinematic question

    Alright, I'm fairly new to the editor so my question is probably a simple one. Sorry about that. :grin: What I'm trying to do is make the same cinematic play when three different people enter a region. But, after it plays for one person I don't want it to play for them again. So far I have my...
  41. D

    Taking SFX requests

    Im making some sfx (Sound Effects), so if anyone needs things like; Many different gun shot sounds Sirens Crowd sfx Vehicle sounds Arrow sounds Bongo sounds Bowling Sounds Bubbles through water Trumpet sounds Many "atmosphere" sfx Axe chopping Church Clock's Climbing Stairs Sword sounds I have...
  42. D

    Cave theme

    I need a good eerie sort-of theme for the cave level of a campaign im making. I cant seem to find any good ones in my files, does anybody have a good suggestion for one? *on a side note does anybody have a monster growl/howel that they can send me?
  43. liquidfox

    I cannot see the sky desplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am new here asking for help, can i know how to see the sky display in game??? i aready change the map preference but i also cannot see the sky display:confused::confused::confused::sad:
  44. Karaterat

    Where to find custom music

    Hello, i need some help finding custom music for my cinematic im creating, its my first one and i want to add lots of custom stuff, and music is my top priorty. So if anyone knows of any good battle music that would be great if u could tell me some =D
  45. iSky

    Voice Actor =D

    Hi..i'm a voice actor with a really good mic..and if ur working on a cinematic and u're looking for voice actors..pm me i'll be sure to help u out with voices =D Here's some of my work..Trailer editing and a little voice acting.. i made the sound distort a bit so that it sounds like its from a...
  46. Qblaze

    Single Person Cin on a Multi Player Map

    Is there a way to do a single person cinematic on a multiplayer map? For my character select area, what I want to try and do is make it so that when you click a character to see its stats it starts a cinematic just for you. How do I do this?
  47. Sporling

    [Cinematic Problem] - Where is the failure?

    I dont know why, but i cant hear any sounds in my map after i createt this trigger, where is the damn bug? can anyone help pls? Intro Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.10 seconds Conditions Actions Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode On for (All Players)...
  48. Vuormalainen

    Custom Terrain Tiles?

    Is there anywhere on Hiveworkshop or anywhere else where I we can get custom terrain tiles? As I don't know how to make them, I wish to have completed ones. What I'am looking for at the moment is a better grass tile :D Edit: Also, it would be nice with custom Sky 'tiles' :/
  49. Sporling

    Looking for cinematic creator

    Hello Hive-Members I am looking for a cinematic creator for my map "Jungle Survival" Story: A ship with 4 Prisoner is driving on the sea and pilling on corals, on a sandbank, the prisoner and 2 policemans and a police officer fighting on that sandbank short and the prisoners win easily...
  50. corley

    music question

    Im running a cinematic mid way through a boss fight using custom music, after the cinematic ends the fight continues but the music start over again, is there a way to stop this from happening so the music can continue rather than restart?