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Color problem {Unit displays wrong player color on transmission}

Level 2
Nov 5, 2009
Hello everyone @ Hive Workshop,

I'm having a little bit of a unit color problem. I have created my own Custom Unit (let us call it Freddy) and set the fields "Art - Allow Custom Team Color: false" and "Art - Team Color: Player 2 (Blue)" so as to make Freddy blue no matter who owns him.

I have placed Freddy on the map and made him owned by Player 1 (Red), he appears blue, so far no problems.

But the problem is that, during a cinematic, if I create a trigger like so...
  • Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode on
  • Camera - Apply camera 0001 over 0.00 seconds
  • Action - Transition from unit Freddy 0001 named Freddy, play sound No Sound message "Hi". Add 0.00 seconds and wait.
... Freddy appears Red in the portait image instead of Blue.
Is there a way of fixing this?
Use this instead:
  • Actions
    • Set Point = (Position of Rifleman 0000 <gen>)
    • Cinematic - Send transmission to (All players) from a Player 2 (Blue) Rifleman named Freddy at Point: Play No sound and display LoL!. Modify duration: Add 0.00 seconds and Wait
    • Custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_Point)
It's the action Cinematic - Send transmission from Unit-type.