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May 24, 2015
Sep 21, 2007



Diehard@Azeroth was last seen:
May 24, 2015
    1. best_player_88
      Of course I remember you Shamlan, I was telling people of Israel I had an Arab friend and they did not belive me xD (its rare for enemies to become buddies) and I noticed how you did not log for years on both here and the warcraft so I asked a forum master if you have logged in - in this year and he said you did not, first time I hear from you in about 3 or 4 years! about your health - try sleep more and things will go smoothly and also drink planty of water. I do not have skype since I do not have microphon but on bnet my nickname is omglioromg and I play bnet games from time to time come and say hi when you get the chance
    2. best_player_88
      LETS DOTA!!!! @LIOR
    3. best_player_88
      Funny how when my account on this site was created, I was sure that you are hacker that tries to steal my project - and in the end we ended up being warcraft friends for atlist 3 years, but where are you now? you never logged on this year!
    4. best_player_88
    5. best_player_88
    6. Ralle
      Thank you for your support. Peace out :)
    7. best_player_88
    8. Magtheridon96
      Yeah, in fact, I don't treat structs like objects :D
      I treat them as wrappers for my data and functions :3

      They're also good because we can use operators and stuff.

      And yeah, I'm trying to apply what I learned from vJASS to C++ :D
      It's just that some behaviors (like arrays by default) are different in both languages, so it's pretty annoying :p

      Also, C++ APIs are often terrible D:
      Have you ever seen what the Registry API looks like? D:
    9. Starquizer
      I am on chat. now
    10. Starquizer
      ah welcome back my friend, long time no see :D
    11. Lore-Wolf
      hmm no i think not. sorry
    12. Lore-Wolf
      well not that well.. my head hurts xD
    13. Pharaoh_
      Okie, cu around.
      Well, I will listen to Dante and check if I can imitate his voice at all. ;]
    14. Pharaoh_
      Nop, I haven't played with the game yet. :]
      I post here, because we are a bit off topic there.
    15. Pharaoh_
      ...and I'm fine, how about you? :)
      Long time no see..!
    16. Azeroc
      Thanks! I really want to get Galaxy Editor, cause WE is buggy crap D:

      I had about 2 projects canceled due to it's buginess. One was that suddenly, my trigger couldn't detect "Target unit of ability" being cast, then I tried with 4 different spells while all triggers are turned off and still targeted unit isn't detected. I even tried it in JASS (tho I am not really good at it) and still no result xD

      So yea... Hopefully that kind of stuff won't happen in Galaxy Editor. Actually TBH Galaxy Editor's Object Editor looks more complicated than Trigger Editor with all those Actors and Behaviors xD
    17. Azeroc
      Well, unfortunately I can't. I am making my own map and I got about 5 days to finish it, so I am quite busy xD

      But seriously, FPS? SC2 will come out soon and it offers mouse-look feature for shooter maps. Or are you not getting SC2? In that case good luck =p
    18. Starquizer
      I will have to do some vJASS refreshments.
      To tell you the truth there is a lot of stuff I need to learn; like, the hashtable for example I never used one before and don't know how to work with them in vJASS.

      Ooh, and how is your reputation. You see from the last summer I left 56 and it is still like that :grin: ;haven't helped anyone from the summer.

      Anyway, its good to have this conversation. :thumbs_up:
    19. Azeroc
      Unfortunately it went bad D:

      No matter what formulas I use, it doesn't ignore Cliff's diognal invisible mountain.

      Don't bother to help, I already left that project, besides SC2 will be coming out soon =p
    20. Khaled
      wehad? Allah-usamed
      Is that correct?
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    Kirin Tor
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