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Feb 27, 2019
Jun 5, 2009


Well-Known Member, from Germany

Sporling was last seen:
Feb 27, 2019
    1. Pharaoh_
      Don't get it; if they don't have them in-game, what do you need them for?

      Wait, I thought you said it crashed everytime you casted those abilities. The problem is that they just don't show up in-game?
    2. Pharaoh_
      Oh, you can also simply use the action Unit - Replace unit.
    3. Pharaoh_
      As far as I can see you remove the caster immediately from the game. I can't test it, because, although your units have the abilities, I can't see them. Add a Wait 0.00 seconds action before removing the unit from the game.
    4. Pharaoh_
      Can you please remind me of your map's name?

      (Going to eat something, be right back).
    5. Pharaoh_
      Don't reply on your profile, for Christ's sake, how would I know when you answered to me? Reply to mine, so that I can get a notification.
      Ok, but, since the S...r is the enemy, how exactly am I going to test it?
    6. Sporling
      these maps are the same

      ifitbugs is just if jngp buggs again :D
    7. Pharaoh_
      Which map? ifitbugs.w3x?
    8. Sporling
      nice man ;D will try it soon, now i need to kick AnubĀ“araks ass in WoW ;P
    9. Ranger21
      Good job, i will soon upload new version (0.46c)
      Added achiviement for killing Water Elemental boss(+15 movement speed)

      Achiviement for killing "Bob,Trader" (Trader's Pet,small spider with 1000 hp, small damage and good ability).

      Achiviement for killing Undead Alien (+100 passive hp bonus) :)

      And i maked new events:
      1) Alien Rush - 18 small aliens spawn near each marine
      2) Demon Power - demon send one Marine to the hell and replace him in this world, teammates must kill this demon and Marine will be back from hell. (Marine just hided)

      I do mindstorm on more events.

      Maybe spawn big strong beast which eat small Raptors and Necromancers gain strength by doing this and if he eat to much - explode in 1000 aoe with huge damage. xD

      Also think about small exploding parasites (50 hp) , when they die - explode in 500 range with 50 damage.
    10. Ranger21
      Well, can you suggest two achiviements for last boss(Undead Alien) and Bob Trader
    11. Ranger21
      Remaked Alien Rush, Removed Teleport Event(It will just weak you for small amount of time).
      Alien Rush looks good now. Spawn 18 mini-aliens. :)

      Fixed bug with loading earth achiviement, will make achiviment for killing BoB-Trader and last Alien Boss.

      But i don't have ideas for these two achiviements (What they must do?).

      Maked cooldown on Scorpion blink, nerfed his armor a little and damage, nerfed his mana burn.
    12. Ranger21
      In later versions i will remove this teleport event and add something interesting.

      Speed demons(Pro hunters) will be maybe not so anoying.

      And will remake Alien Rush - About 20 mini-aliens will spawn not really near from marines and come for them. (50 hp, 25 dmg), they will have small size and not really block marines (Anoying part if they block).

      TY for 4/5, i know it is not perfect, it is very far from perfect.

      Well... I will add more cooldown for scorpion blink, he can blink without pauses. :P

      And will make cooldown on reveal of sniper. (It is imba by now) backpack have blink and sniper can reveal all map in very short time to find ammo.

      10 Seconds cooldown will be fine. :P

      Well... im don't have much ideas... and people don't suggest at least something :(
    13. Ranger21
      5) There is nothing impossible. Try make Heart Booster, Armor Generator. If you lucky enough you will get some Essence Of Raptor and can sell them. Necromancer shard + Essence of Raptor + Recipe = Heart Booster. Armor Generator also usefull, don't give hp regen, but give strong armor and INT.

      PS: At last... well i need really prove for this bug with bosses, until it is just minor lag for some seconds of AI.

      *two thinGs
    14. Ranger21
      2) About 2x of 10x, I never saw this bug, save next time replay. But i tell you two thins. Bosses spawn at 11,21,31,41 level of heroes.
      Bosses stay on one place maximum some seconds and anyway after this they will come. (But still need replay, if they stayed on one place about 1-2 minutes)
      Did you get after scorpion 31 level? On 31 level of you marine will be spawned FireLord.
      3) I recommend use command "-save" for saving achiviements. In new game it will give you much more bonuses.
      4) Pro hunter - well, i just can't find balance for them, but they must be speedy killers and if you not looking at event timer, don't prepare... you will never know what event will be next, but always must predict them (go to cloak or something). Maybe i take away some speed of attack. =)
    15. Ranger21
      1) Scorpion very powerfull melee damager and nuker, best way if you play soldier + sniper, or medic + soldier and kill him near turrets. (There is nothing hard, my survival requires just good microcontrol). Use Maximum Speed + Range before he burn you mana. Or just let soldier tank for sniper and sniper will done all job.
    16. Ranger21
      We can't, why no people comment my map? :P

      At epicwar it have ratings

      (9 Votes)

      (2 Votes)
    17. Ranger21
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