Vanguard Strike

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Warhammer 40k
Vanguard Strike








  • Genre: Altered Melee
  • Players: 1-4
  • Game version: 1.26 or later
  • Map version: 1.14
Inspired by the Dawn of War series from the Warhammer 40k universe, this map uses game-altering systems and many custom models created by the community to bring W40k into Warcraft III.

List of Features:
  • Squad control system with options
  • Vehicle sponson & damage effect system
  • Cover, flanking, morale, setting up heavy weapons, ordnance knockback, deep striking
  • Switching to close combat and tying up system
  • 5 playable races: Chaos, Eldar, Imperium, Orks and Tyrainds
  • Custom AI
  • Mods: -survival, -control, -regicide
  • Camera rotation on arrow keys, use "-cam" to turn off/on



Flanking, etc

Camera rotation

Squad control system
Allows to control a squad of units as if it was just one unit.
Each squad can also purchase additional options, such as sergeants, special weapons like flamers, or squad-wise upgrades, like Marks of Chaos or Tyranid biomorphs.

Each squad may purchase additional members anywhere on the map, but only while unengaged.
If a squad attacks or is attacked by an enemy, they temporarily lose the ability to reinforce.

Squads that seem to be losing a fight lose morale, which can be restored using different abilities, or when you get them out of combat.
Once morale reaches 0, the squad morale breaks and their attacks weaken.
After 5 seconds, if it's still broken the unit will run away to the base.

Close combat engagements
Some units may switch between shooting and close combat attacks.
When a squad is attacked by an enemy melee unit, they may not fire and are forced to fight in close combat.

Vehicle secondary weapons
Vehicles have more than one weapon.
For example, a Leman Russ tank has 3 additional Heavy bolters in addition to its main gun.
The sponsons fire at separate targets, and may fire while the vehicle is moving.
You may use the "Target sponsons" ability to specify a target for your tank's secondary weapons.

Vehicle damage system
When a vehicle takes a hard hit, like from an anti-tank missile, it suffers adverse effects.
It may get temporarily slowed down or stunned, be unable to fire its secondary weapons, or explode, damaging all nearby units.

Damage resistance
Vehicles and buildings take reduced damage from all attacks, by a flat amount.
- Most vehicles have between 10 and 30 damage resistance
- Generators have -3, Turrets -8, Most buildings have -20 and HQ buildings -32

Weak small arms fire or close combat attacks will often have no effect on a vehicle.
Flanking or backstabbing a vehicle is more effective, as it increases the damage before the flat damage reduction.
For example, an attack with 30 damage would have no effect on a Leman Russ (damage resistance -30).
But if you attacked it's rear armor, the damage increases by 40% to 42 damage, resulting in 12 damage after the resistance.

Deep strike
Some units, when trained, arrive from orbit, the Warp, etc. directly onto the battlefield.
Instead of walking up the map, they instantly arrive at the rally point.
However, deep striking units are stunned for 5 seconds while they enter the battlefield.

Cover system
While a unit is within a crater, or behind a stone wall or building, it takes 40% less ranged damage.
Some weapons like flamers or Eradicator's main gun ignore this modifier.
Some units may be upgraded to increase the protection they receive from cover to 55%.

Flanking system
When attacking from behind or flanking, units deal bonus damage.
Flanking increases damage by 25%.
Backstabbing increases damage by 40%.
Melee attacks receive double bonus for this, so +50% or +80%.

Heavy weapons and Suppression
Some infantry weapons are Heavy, requiring a setup time after moving before they are able to fire.
These weapons suppress enemy squads, slowing down their movement by 50% and attacks by 50%.

Physics system
Blasts from heavy ordinance, like a tank's main gun, scatter troops they hit.
Some abilities also have this effect.

Character protection
Some units, including heroes, squad leaders and specialists, are protected by other friendly squad members. Damage to them is spread out, stopping them from being easily focused down.

Allows to zoom in or out farther than usual, and rotate the view.
Use Arrow Up to zoom in, Arrow Down to zoom out.
Use Arrow Left and Arrow Right ro rotate the camera left and right.

"-cam" command allows to turn this off if you want to use arrow keys to move the camera instead of rotating.

Credits for models and textures used in the map:
  • IronMaiden
  • Grey Knight
  • Mechanical Man
  • Burning_Dragoon5
  • wraith
  • The_Silent
  • donut3.5
  • HerrDave
  • Ujimasa Hojo

There are 3 main resources in the game.

Produced by generators over time. Each player has a limited number of generators they can build.
Generators are fragile and destroying them will hinder the enemy economy.
When a generator is destroyed, it blows up, damaging nearby units.
Most races use power as the primary resource to buy and reinforce their units.

When dealing or taking damage, players gain this resource.
The attacker generates more Escalation than the one who takes damage.
Capturing a strategic point on the map instantly grants +50 escalation, and increases amount of escalation you gain from damage by 10% until it is captured by the enemy.
Escalation is typically used for research or buying advanced units and vehicles.
It is also used to build more generators.

Population cap
The food resource from Warcraft 3 is still used to limit the number of units per player.
The difference is that it starts at 80 food and is typically not increased by building farms.
A squad takes up a fixed amount of population cap, no matter how many members it has.

Default mod - Annihilation
Destroy all enemy HQ buildings to win.

Command: -survival
All players are allied, and must survive against 10 waves of Tyranids.

Command: -regicide
Every player gets a hero at the start of the game, if your hero dies you lose.
The goal is to eliminate all enemy heroes.

Control area
Command: -control
Capture more than half of all strategic points on the map and hold them for 5 minutes.

Extra commands
You may use this in addition to the main game mods.
-cycle: set day/time cycle speed
-no fog: remove Fog of War
-no creeps: remove creeps
-cam: turn camera rotation with arrow keys on/off
-color x: use before start to change teamcolor

AI commands
You can use these before the game starts to order the AI to pick a race.
-imperium, -chaos, -orks, -eldar, -tyranids

* Chaos
* Tyranids
* Orks
* Eldar
* Imperium
For the list of units, see [Altered Melee] - W40k Vanguard Strike

Map development thread (before release)

Command squad changes
- now has a hero icon (top left of the screen)
- now has 7 special orders instead of 2, accessed from a spellbook
- grenade launcher option replaced with sanctioned psyker (max 1)
- now only includes up to 1 medic, healing increases with research
Other Imperium changes
- Veteran squads can be upgraded with medics and stealth
- added Rough Riders, fast cavalry unit
- Basilisk: may now use Flare (same as wc3 mortar team)
- Chimera: may be equipped with an Augury that detects invisible units
- Infantry squad: Take aim ability removed
- Conscripts removed

- added Dark reapers, elite infantry with long-range heavy weapons

- bug fixes, balance changes

- added Venomthropes, fast melee unit that provides cover to allies and poisons enemies (use as support/screen for ranged units like warriors or hive guard)
- added Hive guard, tough unit rapid-firing at long range with explosive damage
- Warriors: added Venom cannon leader, reduced max squad size and food cost
- Venom brood removed

- added Lord of Change, greater daemon with long range attack and spells

- all Dark Eldar units have increased night vision range
- many units food cost reduced

- Ordnance: now only scatters troops some of the time, chance depends on damage
- ai improvements, bug fixes

- Raptors: Vox screech now works passively each time the squad lands after jumping
- Chosen: Krak grenades no longer require research
- Autocannon turret: new model

- Heroes: fixed multiple bugs with melee/ranged stance
- survival mode is disabled if all 4 player slots are filled
- fixed some issues with some models (portraits, decay bone animation)
- new scatter laser lightning texture
- some other bug fixes and adjustments
- attempts to improve performance

Detachment limit system (new)
- restricts units based on role instead of separate limits for each unit (some previous unit limits were lifted)
- each player has a limit of up to 6 core troops, 4 mobile units and 3 fire support units

- removed "invulnerable" armour tooltip
- Power: upkeep changed to 30/50/70% at over 30/50/70 food, income increased to +5/sec per generator
- Escalation resource now also drained by high upkeep
- Fleeing units may no longer be scattered
- dedicated melee units now take 30% less melee damage
- AI names
- small bug fixes, balance adjustments, icons, etc

Survival mode
- creeps are enabled, but all non-tyranid creeps are replaced with genestealers
- special tyrannoformation towers and pools sprout every couple of minutes, and begin consuming the battlefield
- each 10% of t-formation progress lowers Power income of all players by 10%
- you have to destroy these buildings, because once t-formation progress reaches 100% you lose
- the terrain changes as tyrannoformation occurs

- Veteran squad: changed to Catachan devils with new model


Vanguard Strike v1.14 (Map)

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Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
Thanks for reporting these.
I've added a cooldown to the code that creates formation indicators in case someone does that.
Not sure what's the deal with the food spikes. I tried to recreate the bug but it doesn't happen for me.
Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
It's 1.26, not 1.21 like the site shows (I think you have said before it's because of jngp).
Can I have more info on the food spikes? It's unclear from the video when exactly they happen.
There are no units being created when giving a move order, and all dummies and squad members cost 0 food, so it makes no sense to me how it could be spiking.


Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
Can I have more info on the food spikes? It's unclear from the video when exactly they happen.
I'm not sure either. It's when I click around with a group/squad/battalion of units, as you can see in the video. I haven't done anything else but move them around, clicking like crazy.
Is the map unprotected? I might try to open it and see the triggers, if they're not custom script but GUI that is.
I'm pretty sure it has to do with the patch version difference. 1.31.1 reads something badly and makes units taking food :\ or something.

If it's protected, you could send me a private message with the unprotected map for testing, if you want.
Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
Is the map unprotected

It's unprotected, but as always I used JNGP for it and it's all c/vjass all over the place.

I'll try a trigger checking for units entering the map, checking if they take more than 0 food, and debugging its name and send it to you to test on the new wc3.
This should show messages on what exactly is it that's being created.

Edit: forgot to add a check for Player 1 red to avoid making messages from creeps/ai etc.
Last edited:
Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
Does the food spike bug still happen?

I made a bit more sofisticated trigger to test food usage, type "-test food" and it will display when units change their food use, should work for created units, morph, etc. I would like to see what it says when the bug happens on 1.31
Edit: the system is in the main map file for 1.02, not in the earlier comment
Last edited:


Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
Does the food spike bug still happen?
Yes, sadly on both 1.31.1 and 1.30.4. I attached footage recorded on 1.30.4.

Also spam text with the -test food command occurs when moving the units as the food increases.

I wonder how this map plays out in 1.32+. I don't have it installed so I can't tell.


  • 2020-07-23 16-16-58.mp4
    16.9 MB · Views: 86
Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
I think the issue lies with my trigger for building with squads, it creates a proxy copy of the ordered squad's portrait after checking if GetObjectName(orderid) != "Default string".
If it returns something else for invalid orders in the new versions, that would explain the food spikes.
I've added a couple extra checks, hope it works correctly now, could you check it for me?


  • Vanguard Strike v1.03.w3x
    7.6 MB · Views: 57


Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
I think the issue lies with my trigger for building with squads, it creates a proxy copy of the ordered squad's portrait after checking if GetObjectName(orderid) != "Default string".
If it returns something else for invalid orders in the new versions, that would explain the food spikes.
I've added a couple extra checks, hope it works correctly now, could you check it for me?
Hey. It doesn't seem to happen anymore.
I'll check it further then and edit this post or post another one if you or someone else posts after this one.
What I've seen is that some brigades like the infantry have the Attack Ground ability in both melee and ranged mode but it doesn't work. Also, the ability has no UI cursor.

Question is, does your map still work properly on the version you've made it on now that you fixed it for 1.30+?
Level 8
Apr 3, 2018
Thank you for testing.
Yes it works on my 1.26 wc3. I've just added a check for "" as well as "Default string", and a check for GetUnitPointValueByType to ensure the trigger doesn't treat orders like "move" as a build order anymore.

I'll go fix the attack ground thing, then update the main map file.
I should also make more screenshots since all the old ones are outdated.
Last edited:


Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
-the problem is that if you make full food (100) or almost, your units will not take orders instantly anymore and they will have to be put on a queue where it will make them walk a few paces, stop and so on
-another issue is the lag caused by many floating texts on the screen at one time; for one player it's OK but if there would be more or all players with full food, there won't be a fluid game
-would be a good idea to find more custom icons like for low morale and stuff
-not sure why melee attack mode would be useful when the soldiers have infinite ammo and the close damage is so low
-maybe you could think of better names and icons for the attack and armour types. Why do infantry have normal attack type for both melee and ranged?
-not sure if intended but brigades take the same food regardless if they don't have all their soldiers alive
-if you use hero models for non-hero units, their bodies will remain on the ground since they have no decay animations usually
-Stubbornness has the Reincarnation description
-Lead by Example's buff has no description
-Genestealers have some empty inventory slots with some lines as description
-Devastator Squads are a pain to handle; they either attack and don't want to move anymore or their leader remains somewhere behind
-Dreanought's Target Sponsons causes video glitches on the screen and the unit becomes invisible for a while; also it attacks even when moving with its back at the enemy
-I was expecting a bigger boom from the Basilisk to be honest
-of course some buildings look too medieval; a thing that maybe could be improved over time if you find the necessary models
-that Dreadnaught really is a pain; see video; the model needs fixing
-Support, Veteran and Conscripts look the same and attack pretty much the same. What is their role or how do enemy differentiate them?
-tanks also look pretty much similarly
-Toxic Miasma's icon is that of some other ability from the human faction; Ignore Cover, I think? Dreadful Presence too; Doom too
-same kinds of visual bugs after training the Trygone and other troops in the same building
-is Carnifex supposed to require 100 food?
-the Chaos tower looks like the one of the humans
-what's the role of the Chaos blight? I see buildings don't require it; does it give boni to the units like how undead regenerate on it?
-Renegades have the icon of Infantry and look the same
-Heavy Weapons and Fury of the Legion have the same icon
-there's some weird stuff going on with the video glitches; don't know why; some models probably
-Wraithbone Warsuits has the same icon as some other upgrade from some other faction, maybe Chaos
-Fortune's icon=Celestial Shield's
-all tanks from Aeldari jump :D?
-well generally can't say much about the faction balance
-Power of WAAAGH has the Berserk buff, icon and all
-trying to build with shift+next command doesn't work


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Tested on the latest 1.32+ patch and the visual bugs don't appear anymore.
I'm having lag when I play with the humans and there are too many soldiers on the screen. This doesn't happen with the tyranids.



  • 2020-07-23 21-33-51.mp4
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