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Snowball fight 1.33g

Submitted by Frotty
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
~ Snowball Fight ~



Ho Ho Ho!
Get ready for the annual snowball fight where children meet in two teams for a skirmish to the death!
30 seconds a present spawns in the middle. 3 Points and 100 Gold are rewarded for bringing the present back to one of the Santas.
1 point is rewarded for every shed child.
Be victorious by reaching the set amount of points.


- This map is mainly intended to be fun, not competitive
- Rounds last 5-20 minutes
- 6 different Snowballs, 11 items, jump ability
- Sourcecode: Frotty/Snowball-Fight


Thanks to lars-king, Thisen, @WaterKnight, @LeP , @kari0003 for testing and aiding development :)

Resources: Santa by IamMclovin, Tome of Retraining and Present by Mc !, Orc Child by ChevronSeven, Snowpine by Gottfrei, Candy stick by Amigurumi, Arcane explosion by JesusHipster, Frostball by 00110000, Frost missile by bisnar13, BTNFrostShock by CRAZYRUSSIAN, BTNIceTornado and BTNIceField by bigapple90, BTNIceShard by KelThuzad, BTNFrostSpell and BTNFrostBolt by -Berz-, BTNIce by 67chrome, BTNICeyWeb by SexYFrostWyrM, BTNSnowball by Hemske, BTNTastyFood by NFWar, BTNCandyCane by ~Nightmare


Snowball fight 1.33g (Map)

  1. nnnnnnoT_T


    Feb 10, 2018