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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

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    Ha, yeah. Hi there, Facto has already told you as i see. Ok then, keep the good work ;)!
    Btw, mate! A]mun is responsible for the lead screenplay of Chernobyl.
    He's a member of NgO.
    Yes, mate. NgO will rock this decade. (; We should create an own studio (instead of using NgO), y'know?
    This guy is from a german mapper-community - seems he's already prepared.

    Take a short look on that.

    T.S.O.F - Terran Special Operation Force

    My main-tank will be Chernobyl and Arcadia for NgO.
    yeah, Arcadia has been finished for the 3rd solo-mapping-competition. (;
    Hopefully, I will come back home with the golden trophy for our Clan.
    do you have your 3d homing missle form the game phoenix somewhere? :)
    i need one. my spell bugs :(
    Unfortunatley not. I might come back if i can afford a better cooler (is that the right word?^^). But I recently just got my driving licens and need to save money where i can. :p
    My inventory system is just the system, you don't have to use the full screen or such in order to use it. It provides many possibilities and is best of it: Fully customizable.
    Oh, the soccer is kinda only in mind.

    I started the AoS because I wanted to make a really good battle between naga and highelfs with creep hero commanders and such.

    I am also doing systems for it, like the SpellBar and the inventory I am making.

    Its kinda great, because its only the system! That means, you can do what you want with it, and you don't need to change your inventory system because you want to have another interface. I will add interfaces to as addons to my system, kinda like FullScreen inventory and such.
    No I used LHV everywhere so I gave up changing everything to vJass with structs.

    Working on this AoS atm.

    (Will also start a good soccer map soon :D)
    Sounds neat, what is your map about?
    I have a CasterBar for the (WoW) kiddies, you can check it out here. :D HF (Pressing S will stop cast and castbar)
    Hey nice to here from you. Well Im fine thanks, still searching an apartement in Berlin :/

    Well I just hope it won't take long for me to get internet when I moved to Berlin. I saw you updated Phoenix? Will there come moar updates? (I know the title is final but Im still asking ;) )

    Well wish you luck in Dortmund. I just hope you recieve your internet really on the date the telecom told you :)
    Well it's the same thing with we, it crashes after a few minutes...
    Congratz on your Abitur, I got 3 years left...
    Well I was working on a new project, but it's the same thing as with b.net, WE crashes after a few minutes. I think it's because I updated my graphic driver.
    Yah, I'm doing okay, school is really annoying me atm.

    Also my internet is a bit fucked up, don't know why but somehow I always disconnect from wc3 after a while.

    What about you?
    Nice to know you doing well with moving out =)
    I'm a lazy ass when it comes to moving out :s I mean gimme a ready house, I don't mind :p
    But I'm never in the mood of fixing and adjusting the house to which I'll move out...

    That's why I'm still home :p (well college is only 30 minutes away with no traffic)

    Anyways, yes GetLocalPlayer() is really easy to use as long as your running the same command to ALL players, but only using differen variables for strings, reals, integers...
    That would lead to now desync =)

    No I though he wanted to make a fade effect instead of direct invisibility... without fading you way works easily :p

    If you need any help with GetLocalPlayer() i could help :) for some reason I'm a pro at using that and still avoiding all desyncs :p

    Best of luck mate! :)
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