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Scourge Invasion V1.01c

Submitted by induwer
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
induwer who uploaded this Presents

Scourge Invasion
Created by induwer

Map Info:

Scourge dominated all territory and wiped out local farms, now the only living farmer needs to survive against this plague.


It starts with a villager and needs to build structures, towers and troops to keep alive from a great invasion of undeads that happens every night and by day they burn with the light, giving the breath to stay alive.

If all heroes villager heroes of the players die the game is over, but if only one dies and other players are alive, there is hope of resurrecting them with cures.

There are 5 difficulties: Easy / Normal / Hard / Insane / Wrath of the Lich King.
The game suits the number of players, both for spawn of undeads, limits of undeads alives by the map, chance of drop of item and others.

Screenshots and Videos:

Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:


Image Description:


Image Description:
Conflict 2


Image Description:
Boss attack


Change Log:

Change Log

Version 1.00

Posted on Hivesworkshop

Version 1.01a

Lantern lights now is unfogged
added guide
added more tiles
added level for molotov of stupid brewer based on attack upgrade
added level for pummel of stupid brewer based on attack upgrade
added some terrain textures
fixed drunken haze tooltip abilitie
fixed Blood Fruit description
fixed feedback tooltip upgrade
fixed mason tooltip
fixed several tooltips
fixed giant worm gets stuck
removed ziggurat camera that gives desync
fixed kobolt spawn
fixed windmill tower bug animation
fixed must memory leaks
changed mana gained of Replenish mana and life to 0.25 (was 0.50)
light tower's replenish now scale with upgrade unit resistence
now shows mana gained fit supplies
decreased attack range of golem with tree hand 250 to 190
FIXED item Infernal KEYSTONE now starts event
added goblin tower item/trigger used item/ trigger used unlearn recipe.
fixed item unlearn recipe
remove trees resets cooldown if dont find tree
added text unique epic building Tavern
fixed lichking incoming
essence of light drop chance 0,33% to 2%
removed skill sun opression when lich king appears
blood rune drop chance 1% to 2%
changed name rune blade to blood blade
added item Essence of Undead
added item plague rune
Sun opressions now no affects mechanicals
Tormented Soul now haves evasion 25% and skill last hits
added item heroism rune
reduced time speed 95% to 90% (nerf)
count enemys now shows limits

Version 1.01b

fixed carrion beetles triggers was causes fatal error
reduced drop chance of essence of undead
increased drop chances of essence of light
added grass doodads
incresed drop chance of plague rune

Version 1.01c

now sends a message when the player leaves the game
fixed bug clockwerk was not being rescued when received all gears
changed clockwerk explosion effect
cluster of rockets of Goblin tower now reduces 2 armor per lvl, was 1 armor per lvl
now exchange lumber and gold of market cooldown is reduced and max stacks increase by 10, was 5
fit suplements now is based on "upgrade unit resistence"
merchant wagon now haves 2 minutes time if he stucks
giant worm now drops random boss item
fixed the bug that Giant worm could be revived by the necromancer
last hits now gives double damage
fixed bug goblin tower did not lower armor any more by ability level
fixed bug goblin tower first missel did not reduce armor
corrupted energy tower REWORKED
reduced armor of eye tentacle by 1
reduced life of tentacle to 100, was 125
now old god and ziggurat's event haves chance to appears only after 200 game progress
fixed that the light pole was not turning on the light
fixed necromancer ressuction in day now gets sun
now giant flesh have chance to appears only after 100 game progress
now sun opression triggers every second on day
now Frostwyrm chance appears only 200 round in woftlk dificulty
now valkyrie chance appears only 300 round in woftlk dificulty
general vezax now have 1250 life. was 1500
faceless one now have 275 life, was 300
ADDED 3 new towers
increased cooldown of tormented soul of Soul Shredder by 20, was 10
Soul Shredder now not affected by sun opression
Soul Shredder now have 80 life, was 75
fixed bug that when highhome dies the church persist to build
now damage of infernal meteor gives 20 damage per level (max 12). was 25
fixed bug that when drops to a weapon reset status
fixed bug that was infinite lumber in Goldmine
now heroism rune have chance to spawn in children's invetory, 10% chance
fixed several memory leaks causing disconnect


Thanks to:



Scourge Invasion V1.01c (Map)

Alright, some changes made. Approved. (previous comments: Scourge Invasion V1.01b)
  1. Neveralice


    Feb 27, 2015
    Thanks for the great map! My friend and I play it frequently since I found it. The map is very fun to play.

    1. War3 crashed when I tried to drop the torch in 1.01b and 1.01c. Pick up another weapon does not crash the game.
    2. In 1.01c (normal difficulty), sunlight debuff persists during night.
    1. Any reward for completing the Infernal Stone event? Or is it just a challenge? Also, infernals don't attack buildings, is this a bug or feature?
    2. Some items says it can be used in recipes but we can't find one in the blacksmith for it.
    3. How can we fix the robots in the farm? Putting gears on them doesn't work
    1. Add a tip when weather changes (unexpected plague weather can be fatal)
    2. Add a tip about the boss' abilities when they came out
    3. Preparation time seems too short in lower difficulty. My friend is a novice RTS player, he can't finish all the walls before first night. This alone is not a severe problem, but the screen turns all dark at night, making it very difficult to build walls at night. Also, see next issue
    4. Building shapes are too irregular. I'm fine with this, but my novice friend finds it hard to fully wall in his base (especially with rocks and diagonal walls, at night) and avoid blocking himself inside his base.
    5. I think Valkyries shouldn't be able to mind-control unique units (mages, paladins, death knights, ..), but I'm fine if you call this a feature:)
    6. Adding some spell-casting units would be fun. The Dalaran tower is pretty useless now
    7. The recipes in blacksmith seems useless. It's hard to collect all the ingredients, and the weapons are too weak to be worth the efforts. Also, only the Survivors can use items, and they are too fragile to use in combat
    8. Final boss seems too powerful (AOEs with heavy damage, AOE attack, global plague). We can only beat him in brute-force ways: surrounding him with endless units hired from the Cathedral, or use the water tower. Both methods feels too monotonic
  2. induwer


    Jan 25, 2011
    I'm glad you liked it, with this new update of war3 I was unable to update or modify something on the map because of the bug that corrupts the map string, but I have already seen some details that I can already pass on to you.

    1. Happened to me too, I am aware and I believe that I already know the reason for the possible trigger that causes the crash and I will adjust in the next version.
    2. I did not think of that possibility hehe, I will correct it in the next version. thank you.

    1.This item was made to use in cases where you no longer have defense and need to combat somehow the scourge and moments the infernal stone is useful ... but in this version is only an event to be well used, but if it is poorly used it's death right. Maybe I'll think about putting some gain at the end of the event or item drop from hell.
    2.Oops this is a mistake I made in this version, I realized that I forgot to put some recipes and some materials still do not have what to craft
    3.You need to put bolt, gears, spring and nut. I have corrected the text of the debuff that was informing wrong of how to only repair with gear. Apologies. :oops:

    1.Really, the players complains a lot of the plague hehe, I'll add a tip and maybe I'll create another type of wheater event
    2.I'll think about it ;)
    3.The time of preparation of the difficulties are the same, what changes is how much begins of wood, what makes all the difference for the beginning of the constructions.
    4.The structures have been made so that the difficulty is also in the way you build them, if it is done poorly the flow of units can not flow between the structures so that it can not repair and finish wipe. I think for new RTS players it gets kind of hard with your friend hehe
    5.That was not really supposed to be happening. But it is easy to fix and will be updated in the next version. thanks
    6.I thought I'd put the cast bar because I like it, but then I came back because there's so much going on that I think the cast bars will go unnoticed
    Oh do not say that, I love my dalaran tower hehehe :rolleyes:. It can attack in any distance of the map, this is good against the final bosses. But why do you see it useless now?
    7.Yes really. I was reviewing the items and in fact they were done for another option of game mode, the tag mode, but this is not done yet and the items got a little weak, I will give an updated in the recipes.
    8.It was adjusting the fight of the boss, now in the new version the final boss continues with wave of undeads, but specific undeads, the plague was removed from Thaddius and added in another new boss.
  3. Deadhunt_


    Feb 10, 2017
    Love this map, but have a crash every time on the second day; both in A and C versions. Hope you will fix.