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GiantSandWorm V1.2
By: Sephiroth_VII
aka Daniel Manion
aka Newbwc3

Important: This model takes alot of custom WE settings to make it work the way intended, I also made abilitys for it (sandbreath,Devour,eatTree,Hardenedskin,Earthquake,Slam,Hurlboulder) edited the breathofFire missile to look like sand) To see it in action with all event objects, abilities, sounds, ect.. take a look at the test map I made here:

>TESTMAP: http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?t=83140

refer to the testmap to see how to import it into your map like its done in the test map.

*Do NOT modify or redistribute this model in any way.*
*Give Credit to "Sephiroth_VII"*

comments & criticisim plz.

Sand, Worm, SandWorm, Barrens, Beast, Killer, Creature, Dune, Giant, Dune2000,

GiantSandWorm (Model)

GiantSandWorm (Model)

Chriz.: Works in game and looks pretty damn good. I like the custom animation set; attack looks especially good.




Chriz.: Works in game and looks pretty damn good. I like the custom animation set; attack looks especially good.
Level 2
Jan 31, 2008
:infl_thumbs_up:I dont care what other say this is one awesome model like the rest of your work:spell_breaker:
Level 14
Jun 10, 2007
V1.2 update

Fixed some UV around head.
Lowered file size of portrait.
Fixed stand anim teeth.
Fixed walk anim event foot print objects.

The belly is teamcolor transparent like I wanted it to be see-thru. But I did not mean for things to be seen that are behind it infront of it. I wanted it to be like transparent glass. Don't know how though.

Love the obnoxious comments! see my other models too!
Level 11
Jul 25, 2005
I love the model and the idea, I was going to use this in my Wc3RPG update but theres a few problems/critiques with the model I have.

* The red color of the skin/team color (I believe) is quite a bit transparent, if it was more solid I think it would look better.
* More attack animations would be nice rather than just the normal and burrowed attack animations, such as maybe a tail swipe or a slam.
* Add some more stand and walking animations, such as swaying back and forth and side to side when standing, and slithering across the ground instead of sliding (He may already have been sliding I couldn't tell in the map because it was so big.)
* Possibly change the stand animation to look as though it burst straight out of the ground and is staying in one spot attacking from that position, then when the worm needs to move it burrows back underground, Such as the crust bursters in WoW. ( http://i.thottbot.com/ss/o/32232.jpg )

Other than that I love the model and would consider using it in my map.
Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
yeah. i noticed those animation problems too. :(

anywayz, i like how the model looks and how you have the forgotten one as the mouth! XD Great model but i agree, needs more nimations for attack and needs to slither rather than slide. Also, when hes burrowed, he's like a stick. lol i put him into the mountain and he poked out the other end.
Level 1
Mar 28, 2008
ive already dowloaded this model, and its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to shrink it thought

111110000000000out of 10