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Last Activity:
Oct 7, 2018
Apr 24, 2005

Awarded Medals 2



Terrainer, from Estonia

johannesr was last seen:
Oct 7, 2018
    1. BLazeKraze
      ok thanks :0
    2. BLazeKraze
      Hello Sir, do you have starry sky sphere :)
    3. Heinvers
      I know you wanna make an entry ;)

      <span style="font-size: 9px">The dark side calls to you.</span>
    4. [E]clipse
      Hello again...
      This time I really need some help... i am creating a campaign Night of the Dragon(as I said earlier) I can't make good terrains.I'm not telling you to do my work, I just need some Ideas...
    5. [E]clipse
      I liked your amazing terrains will u make one for my campaign "night of the dragon"?
      I will include you in the credits scene anyway as you showed me some AMAZING terrains!!!!!!!!!!!.....
    6. Heinvers
      yay, can't wait to see you terraining *hype hype*
    7. Heinvers
      I blame Keiji.
      I bet it could be a great story :p
    8. Gilles
      I was just going through your old terrains. HOT DAMN, I forgot how good you were.
    9. fladdermasken
    10. MiniMage
      Hey, just thought I'd ask around when I see good terrainers here. I saw some of your work and figured I'd ask you, although work has already been done on the terrain. I know of some terrainers that treated working a map that someone else had worked on as a grave sin for some reason. Anyhow, since I need someone with experience to finish the last parts, I figured I'd ask you.

      As a compromise, because I can't really await the development of an entirely new terrain map. Thus, you're free to modify existing parts of the terrain if you feel it looks better with your tweak.

      Here's a link to the project. Send me a reply if you're interested or not.

      The reason I want a reply even if the case would be that you're not interested, it's to let me know to stop pestering you about something you don't want to take part in.

      Anyhow, I intend to contact multiple terrainers at your level of skill. Hopefully at least one of them is in the mood to help me. Hell, you may even know a few of them. Anyhow, here's to hoping.

    11. Keiji
    12. WatsoN
      so u tellling me that u made all this godlike lv terein's and u have only 2 playeble map's damned now i understand why we never gona se a goodlooking map in wc3 becose u are hapy with only makeing a great terein's and that's it right ? so em i wrong here i try to find not only your's but others tereiner's awesome worck enywere but no luck ? can u tell me one or tow map's that enclude yor terein's ? i just tinking that all TD maps are so ugly and lacking art and when they say u need the space to bild your maze .. bullshit i think i can play Td whit your tereins whit one tower allday :D and dnk why all goodlooking maps thise day's are for 1 play only (foreveralone game's) edge of extintion is crazy i love it but it's gona be awesome if u can share the exp with some fr's
    13. shHUNTER
      Dear Johannesr
      Can You Color A Logo For me?! just Color It . i Will Glad If You Can Help Me
    14. kent
      I wonder if you would make any image under request, like one for a loading screen of one project. :P
    15. HOooDy
      Sir , It Would be Awsome if 2.0 becomes Edge Of Extinction "Part II" or some other titles ..

      I Suggest it

      It Might Be A New Terrain A New Character a New Quests and A New MAP.
    16. TD_PRO_2006
      can you provie your insane terrained maps as download source for using them in other maps? that would be sooo awesome :)
      pls PM me if u dont do this and why, thx much much :)
      great work!
    17. Gen Bloodhorn
      Gen Bloodhorn
      I Found Bugs from your map and glitches :D
      since the current version of "Edge of Extinction is v 1.9 there should be lots of changes in
      v 2.0
      tell me what changes you are gonna make :D because i really liked your map
      you can comment on my post on your map thread
      and your last activity is today and no feedback O.o

      Gonna enter the terraining contest? i would really like if you join it, for you already impressed every single person in the hive and for you are a terraining magician
      so, is there any chance i will see your submition in the contest?
    18. Pishki
      [ ... continue]
      As for myself, I wouldn't consider myself a total noob to WE, I know some very basic triggering to open gates or spawn monsters and other lame things. I can import items and whatnot, but I enjoy to make a map, even though no one will ever see it besides me. The thing I love most though is the creating/terraining part, no need for triggers or anything else, I guess it's the most easy part you could say, yet you've got it in you or you don't _〆(。。) ... Anyway

      Coming from me, a critic in nature, I say YES to this map, it was absolutely top game.
      Thank you
    19. Pishki
      It was the version uploaded on 21:41, 7th Jan 2012

      Lurking once more on the site and I see your map for 1 player "awesome". Then I see it's packed with doodads and it amazes me! How creative you are in the way that you make full use of all the given space you have AND have the capabilities to deliver a finished "product" as you include cinematics, fun gameplay, quests and so on. To me you're on the same level as the creators of the game, it was a fun ride excluded by any glitch/problem whatsoever. I hope you'll never underestimate yourself.

      [over 1000 characters ..]
    20. UndeadImmortal
      You continue your work in your map? :cgrin:
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