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  • I really loved your castle walls but I think they can be improved to be more modular is there any chance that you will revisit it? If not could I have permission to edit them the way i'd prefer them to be for my map?

    What im thinking is that it would be much better if the wall came in 5 types

    0 - Walls on all sides (boxed in)
    1 - Walls on all sides but one
    2 - Walls on the front and back (like they are now)
    3 - Walls to the left and front, the back and right being opened. (like the corner except that the "back" is walled.
    4 - T-intersection, open all directions except the front.

    This way you could just have a player build a 4x4 wall and it would update accordingly depending on if there are any walls next to it.
    did you ever finish this?
    If you won't mind telling me what was the inspiration of your last two models (Village and Citizen House).
    I was thinking If I could could give them to a slavic nation, like did you take inspiration from something or original idea.
    EDIT: Apologies I did not notice the description on "Peasant House", does the statement apply to the "Citizen House" as well?
    Seems that with our buildings mappers now can build a large civilizations)
    Also, if you could give me another "hint", how do you make the buildable gate "open" play the Animation? Do you use bear form or similar ability of such kind? and is that how you change pathing as well?
    If you could please help me once again.
    Yes it is, basically I'm making an Medieval Europe grand strategy shit, and players are able to build walls, I tried using your walls but they only horizontal aswel as your gates (even wc3 gates)
    How did you manage rotate them? I've looked at your map but I don't understand shit.
    I don't really know how to explain now, having difficulties.
    I'm sorry but you seem the right person to ask, How do I make Vertical gates, like as example your models, How do I make them Vertical or any other direction than their standard Horizontal, I will apreciate very much if you could wise me up.
    Yes, it is) I made an animation of death gradually, so she looked a little realistic.
    Hi, MassiveMaster. I made a model of the castle and I used your method of death animations of towers. Tell me, will you allow me to leave this? I will point out in the description of that used your idea.
    Fellow modeler! It's been a while since the last one, but the next modeling contest is finally on its way. Help us determine the theme for the 27th Hive Workshop Modeling Contest!
    Thanks great advice, I will start with the Tier3 and move around boxes and stuff to add variation without increasing file size.
    For imperial age, I mean using tons of gold and ivory and Paladin related stuff. But no advance technology.

    Also I was wondering if it will be usefull to just leave the horse boxes empty with only custome attachment points, so people can add the mount of their choise. Or simply add the horses and realease a No-Horses version aside from the original model??
    Dear MassiveMaster could please make your medieval castle resized and rotated to the human townhalls specific cause im using your model as the human townhall in my project right now
    i learn create with your map ,ty but i dont do create spell for open and close gate pls help me .
    pls tell me about create the castels with this walls its not work for me the walls not rotate.
    pls help
    Hello Massive Master I'm asking if your fortification walls etc. is for building or for doodads?
    Please answer my question. Thanks
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    (Post) Spreading Mayo! Hmn. I wonder how'd you get in my profile. Anyway, thanks for the visit~!
    Hello Massive Master,

    I am doing a 3 Tier Stable model for a friend, and I just wanted to ask you for some tips. Don't worry I will do my model from scratch although I would like to use some cool concepts that you have implemented in your own stable model. (like attachment points for horses)

    The current idea is:
    Tier 1: Peasant Stable, outfit with the most basic for horse keeping.
    Tier 2: Knight Stable, added forge to gear up horses and some rooms for knights.
    Tier 3: Imperial Stable, added holy griffin emblems and (I don't know what to add here).
    With that said, do you have any theme suggestion for the Tier 3 Stable??

    PS: If my model is of enough quality to be uploaded to the hive I will gladly share it with you and the other hive members.
    uh forgot ^^ set the black texture to blend and then adjust so it doesn't make it all black
    rulerofiron99 started something like that, but he has been very busy lately :/
    Would really like to, but alas, I don't have a coder :(

    And are you perhaps taking model requests?
    Hey! Long time no see my friend, how goes life? Saw your newest model, well done sir.

    Some time later:

    Dude... stop making models I really like, you'll make me want to finish KtC :p
    Yes more or less comic style with wrong proportions ;) I mean Mr.Bobs are great but they look like AoE Buildings and dont fit to the original wc3 building set. And yes the fenced field (horse breeding) would be nice too but is not necessary.
    Well Bobs are nice but not wc3ish and the one from Mechanical man is ok but could be better. Iam actually looking for a more wc2ish looking one. Doesnt need to be a complete remake though.
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