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  • I merged two of your posts in the MPQ thread. If you must quote multiple people, use the EDIT button or the MQ (multi quote) button.
    Its basically just a model, you have to import it and work on it a little with your liking and then you have yourself a good looking lava. :wink:

    By the looks of it, they are still more people who manage to play it and other custom maps, that's good news.
    Can I use your uprising map and add new forsaken race in it to make it an Altered Melee map and do I have your permission to upload here ?
    I dunno, part of the air unit would simply refuse to take a waygate, even if i was manually sending them to it...

    so those units stayed stucked in one part of the map.

    What you could do is not make those huge mountain barriers so at least air units can follow you the old school way if they cannot take the waygate
    I am lazy to post replays on youtube.I still working at blizzard made map after finish the map.I will use yours.
    I have to admit I have been so busy... couldnt get an asscencion game organized yet.

    I will though.

    For prism I let it run like this for now. Im waiting to get feedbacks. So far i dont have any, just jeys saying the map is fun so overall if they enjoy it thats good for me
    about prism you updated it on august 18th but didnt describe updates.

    could you tell me what they were? thks
    Thanks for map.

    I quiting FML as an admin. FML is a clan running professional league comeptition of FFA. This is not the same as what the bot is, a sort of replacement for the FFA bnet ladder.

    I actually left FML as an admin in order to focus more on the bot : so i will need even more map options and i will have more time to discuss them.

    this week im super busy, it will settle down after friday but i will certainly take a look of those maps and give feedback... and i encourage all of you guys to make some more :p

    we could even discuss it on skype if you want.

    in the meantime, maybe you can register on our forums which just opened, we are building a site around teh bot which gonna kick ass.

    i will need some fanart/icons materials as well and mb you can give me some contacts

    thks for help

    Thanks I am documenting a tut about it by the way, and more prosper to your melee map making :)
    Yeah that's the downside of epic war, people will download a map when it gets high rating or so, have you tried hosting some of them? though I don't know this kind of method to be useful in some point.

    By the way, what do you think about custom creeps for melee maps? or campaign units being involved? do you find it appealing or a bit out of the page?
    Just want to ask, since you make a lot of melee maps and do good strategic performances now, do you have plans for branching them out elsewhere? like uploading them in epicwar and so fort? such idea may lift up melee players out there :)
    ok yeah i tested it worked

    still some expos are hard to build for orc/hu, the green creeps at 1stexpo there is like just one way to put your hall
    oh btw check the middle mines next to the center, i am not sur eyou can really plant a town hall there because of some grass. i couldnt really make a necropolis
    Ok i played a game. It worked pretty well. The middle is fine now but those are the most imba creeps ever in the mid :D. I like pretty much everything but the top and bot position. I would suggest to remove them ot to create pathes so you can go and creep corner without walking through your neighbour base.

    very nice job!
    Sorry I get back to you so late after the tournament. I got sick, then swamped at work. Anyway :

    games were fair because players were good and some very well known on the ffa or solo scene. They prefered to feedback their impressions to me so what I recall is :

    Splatter : received better feedbacks but overall everyone think it is impossible to win spawning in the middle. poor access to creep and very vulnerable position.

    Peel : players didnt like the portal, could not find their way on the map. Here again, peripheric positions were seen as way too advantageous, they didnt like it for ffa as it was looked at as too unfair.
    Also a player told me i think he lost all his heroes flying with his zep next to the holed red creep camp but i didnt really check so im not sure.

    I think those maps would work better with 8 spwans. 12 ways maps with some in center and some around will always get teh center pos in a worst position (attacked on multiples sides)
    I've seen your maps, I think their pretty awesome! You're going to need to make a pack soon ^^
    Anyway, I already forwarded an invitation to you, I hope you join our group.
    Happy Mapping!
    ok i will contact you for this week end. basically when i will start hosting i will post here and hope you are around.

    for solo map i feel like you could suggest some to the w3arena staff and see what they think about them. They inlcude new maps in their ladder sometimes
    about Heirarchy : i didnt check 2v2v2v2 or 3v3v3v3 maps. We dont really play team ffa often because it requires a lot more organization.

    I try to host team ffa games on bot before, it didnt work out (players were leaving at start to play ffa)

    We did though play some special event of 2v2v2v2 ponctually in the past. I remember on game on friends like that. We could do it again though not in a close future since we have our hands full with the bot ladder, 2 runnings league and one 300$ cash prize event to come.

    When things will settle a bit, I may be able to host one of such but it would have to be a very good map, non abusable. I will check hierarchy when I can and if it works imo i shall host one of those event and alert you before so you can play or obs it.

    From the description i see that 8 expansions are only accessed by zep and that is one of the thing players do not like about maps. As I told blood raven, these zep reached only zone can exists but must be a minor detail of the map (like full scall assault) and not a major game changer.

    Now i must focus on getting peel played - maybe if you add me on skype i could get you a spot in anytime i find enough players this week end. Would be cool to watch together
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