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Champara Bros
Last Activity:
Aug 18, 2018
Aug 29, 2008
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I am third grade in highschool

Champara Bros

User, from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Champara Bros was last seen:
Aug 18, 2018
    1. BeTaGod-
      I have used this resource from you to my spellpack. Thanks a lot!
    2. Luorax
      Happy Birthday dude! :)
    3. jian_15
      ok thnx...
    4. Champara Bros
      Champara Bros
      I am currently inactive. I made a kamehameha wave model, but I also had to format my computer. I have too much obligations, so I can not really be active. Sorry.
    5. jian_15
      hi forget about the kamehameha...how about saiyan aura?
    6. Avex
      Did you ever finish that Diablo II Portal model? I could really find it useful. Thanks! -IamtheRper
    7. jian_15
      hey dude?? remember me??? i have the one who request kamehameha skill to you.. may i get it now??
    8. Lungdrache
      sry but the link is disabled or does not exist
    9. rysnt11
      heya, do you mind if i add you as one of my teacher in this thread?
    10. Drunken_Jackal
      Well one more question.
      Where are you better at, making those unit models or like buffs, sfx, etc.
    11. Drunken_Jackal
      Ok, so youre in right?
      Do you play monster hunter? Because I have a model request.
    12. Drunken_Jackal
      Hello Champara Bros!
      How would you like to join my modding team of Colossal Productions as our 3D Artist? Colossal Productions is made up of jones080, jxtranghero, hades17 and me.
      Our goal is to make quality maps for peoples enjoyment. If you are asking, what would I do? You would just simply provide us 3D Model resources to be used in our maps.
      If you have any more questions, please fell free to VM me.

    13. Lungdrache
    14. rysnt11
      Well, can we continue the 'tutorial'?
    15. rysnt11
      That tut give me headache...
      Btw, thanks for answering
      I thought you used another 3rd party progam
      I'll try to understand the tut
    16. rysnt11
      I wonder..
      How could you make that 'no attack' with texture animation?
      Magos export that incorrectly, can you tell me how?
    17. 88WaRCraFT3
      Ti si Bosanac ? :P I ja sam :D sad sam citao ovo sto pises na onom D sa - onaj item pa vidio tvoj komentar :D
    18. Silverfish423
      Hello Champara Bros. I noticed your Water Tentacle model, and really liked it, and thus, I had a request for you.
      I was wondring if you could do an edit on the regular tentacle model in wc3 by adding an eye to it? In this way, it would resemble this:
      the attack animation would not be a melee attack, but rather it shooting something out of its eyes or something like that.
      If you could do this, it would be awesome. Thanks!
    19. Windu
      Most definitely nice!!! THat's what I needed, thanks.
    20. supertoinkz
      Can I use your Bazooka model for a model for my project?
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  • About

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I am third grade in highschool
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cenarion Circle
    I live in small town of Travnik in
    Bosnia,I am playing warcraft along with my brother and i usually post something on this site,

    Warcraft III(map making,trigger making,modeling etc)
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