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Villager 255 Animations

I have updated the model mesh now i think it looks better, added some CUSTOM ATTACHMENT points the highlighted parts contains the new ones, now u can add a complete set of armour on the villger.
New attachemts points names are: Gold Left, Gold Right, First Left, First Right, Second Left, Scond Right.

I have tryed to add more animations and i get error and more then 255 doesnt save i dunno why, if so i can make a second part with other animations.

I wanted to upload a model that has many animations and i think the most useful model will be the Villager model to use in RPG maps or something.

I have noticed when played Attack - 7 animation the hidden objects are appreaing, they should be inv.


Use this to play any animation u want even the walk animations when u stand or any animation when u move:
  • Custom Script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex( unit name, number )
-the unit name is the unit name in JASS
-the number is the animation that starts from 0
-can play even the walk animation when u stand
-can play any animation even if the unit is moveing

Animation Guide:

Stand Victory 27-37 are animations when u sit on a stone bench: Dalaran->Props->Stone Bench
Attack Morph 27-30 are some shield attacks.
Stand Victory 22-23 are some mount animations for horse with no rider u will have to use some triggers to make them work good for now.
Attack Throw 6-7 are bow animations.
Stand Victory 41-66 are guns animations.
Stand Victory 67-70 are hang animations.
Stand Victory 71-76 are cross animations.

Villager, Peasant, Work

Villager 255 Animations (Model)

Villager 255 Animations (Model)

09:39, 24th Mar 2011 anarchianbedlam: amazing animations and you really put a lot of effort into this. but the mesh on the bag should be fixed and the model would really benefit from attachment points. EDIT: remove the imported blank "white"...




09:39, 24th Mar 2011
anarchianbedlam: amazing animations and you really put a lot of effort into this. but the mesh on the bag should be fixed and the model would really benefit from attachment points.

EDIT: remove the imported blank "white" texture. its unnecessary. its definitely approvable after that though.

EDIT: Amazing work. lots of awesome animations, attachment points. Going to be an incredibly useful model for a lot of people. changes made resource...
i dislike this, because it seems that the animations play whichever one they want. Like i wanted stand victory 9, so i did stand,victory,9 for animation names, and it just plays whatever animation it wants! No offense, but i don't like the model because of this. Also when it attacks, sometimes bags of money randomly apear. it doesnt really make much sense, IMO.
Level 11
Mar 8, 2006
Like i said u will have to use triggers to make some anims work.


Use this to play the animations u want: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex( unit, 1 )

-add that thing to custom text is easy and will work no problem,
-u can get even the walk animations or any animations even if the unit is moving.
-the number is the animation
- the unit is the name of the unit in JASS.
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Level 10
Sep 26, 2010
This is the most useful model yet created, hands lay'd down.
The huge amount of animations could easily make any map look much more realistic, 'cause rarely it occurs in real life that one of our actions look almost the same as the others. I love it how you used the "victory" tags for some of the work-out anims, the hit anims are good, smooth and nice as well. I got 1 suggestion though... could you add more "Walk" animations? 'Cause, for instance, if someone's carrying an huge-weight axe, he couldn't walk that "smooth" and easily.
Anyway, out of 100, I'd give this model a 90 (4.5/5). Well, the ONLY thing changed are the animations. Though, in this case, it show'd up to be fantastically well done, so, 4.5/5 instead of 4/5.

It would be nice if you did another couple of these (One orc, one troll, one tauren, etc.)
Level 11
Mar 8, 2006
I will Update the model i have made some other useful anims like defend and i will add some throws.

But problem: I sow when u attack sometimes the gold and lumber apears yes randomly and disapers and they sopose to be inviseble, this happneds only from time to time WHY?

I can add the gold and lumber with attachments and remove them form the normal model and than will be good.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
another update, you made it even better. the mount animation. it was a total bad-ass dude. but there a more animations that you forgot dude. the jaina and bloodmage animations are the only ones that are not yet part of your awesome model. if you can add this that would be great!
Level 19
Jul 19, 2006
What about the masturbate attack ready, masturbate defend, masturbate defend attack, masturbate defend attack ready, masturbate defend walk, masturbate stand, masturbate walk, masturbate attack, masturbate spell (shot), and masturbate spell ready animations?

Note: It is impossible to die while masturbating (if not using asphyxiation)