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Last Activity:
Mar 15, 2020
Jan 9, 2009


Well-Known Member, from Perth

newbchu was last seen:
Mar 15, 2020
    1. Hades17
      Great man!
      Yeah I think we should continue the Horror Game Project, I've got 2 other projects running, of which one is a HackNSlay RPG (only me working on it, and I've paused it for a while) and the Hunger Games project which I do not have a Team for yet but I can also do it alone.

      However, I need you for creative things in the Dual Survival Project, Story, eventually Cinematics, Ideas et cetera ! :)
      Get Jass New Gen Pack and that'll be it. Glad to have you on board again.
      We should get the rest going via PM.
    2. Hades17
      Nice to hear from you, I'm launching a new project and I'd love if you want to join me! :)
      I know I know the last one didn't finish because of some personal problems but this time I'm heart and soul with this idea!
      Check out my threads about The Hunger Games :)

      Furthermore I'm playing with the idea of continuing the dual survival project. Text me on Skype or PM me for further conversation mate.
    3. Hades17
      If you ever happen to log in again, contact me asap.
    4. albertroy
      Great, I'll start the terrain. I'm not gonna start the game though, gonna finish cinematic first.. Oh I sent the episode 2 details..
    5. noj
      Looks good, I subbed to the thread. I love horror games especially Silent Hill, I played 1-4 and HomeComing on PC.
    6. purparisien
      hey buddy do u want to send me back the map, or i continue with the one that i have ?
    7. BizzaroFukuro
    8. BizzaroFukuro
      Check your PM at MWS site.

      and the item cooldown sounds.
    9. RED BARON
      Check the thread. Request have been completed. :smile:
    10. purparisien
    11. Hades17
      I posted it in the paste bin. Link sent via PM.
    12. Hades17
      Yeah, sorry, I will upload it as soon as possible.
    13. Hades17
      Well, I'm still not having so much freetime, but I will release new content as fast as possible, sorry for the delay man :/
    14. rysnt11
      check model workshop!
    15. Hades17
      Having a lot of work to do atm, my mom told to do get a student's job, well, it's fun and it is well payed at least 12.50€ / hour =D
      Anyway, I will have more time at the weekend lol, so you can focus on studying atm, I was so tired last two days, I will try to be on skype though.
      Timezone disruption fucks us :P I'm not coming home before 18:00 (which is 0:00 in your timezone).
      Guess we are not in a haste though. I'm free on weekends and done with this job 23rd of September.
    16. Drunken_Jackal
      Make something like how the monsters attack there.
      Maybe just make something as simple as giaprey or something else.
    17. Drunken_Jackal
      Thanks man! Btw, do you play monster hunter?
      If you dont, maybe you could make a system like this:
      Monster A
      Slash: 10% chance
      Bite: 30% Chance
      Jump Back: 20% Chance
      Jump and Step: 5% Chance
      Spit Some fluids: 5% Chance
      Jump Forward: 10% Chance
      Roar: 20% Chance

      Like that. And those things go random. Preferably make it GUI Friendly
    18. Drunken_Jackal
      Do you accept?
    19. Drunken_Jackal
      Hello Newbchu!
      How would you like to join my modding team of Colossal Productions as our JASSer or any other position? Colossal Productions is made up of jones080, jxtranghero, hades17 and me.
      Our goal is to make quality maps for peoples enjoyment. If you are asking, what would I do? You would just simply provide us code or any other resources to be used in our maps.
      If you have any more questions, please fell free to VM me.

    20. Jargalhurts
      Love the signature man
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    Current Project:
    Silent Hill - Unforgiven
    This is my first project I'm currently doing. For all who doesn't know what Silent Hill is please Wikipedia it for more information :).
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    Kirin Tor



    Currently a.....Story Writer & Recruiting for Horror Game Project+llllllllll+-Total Progress: 20%

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