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  • I mean that for some players units dont move at first time when we played they attacked everyone but the second time (Which we had more players) This bug happened and I don't think It's becuase ordering a lot of the creeps.
    ''Defend your castle'' However I found some bugs playing it: 1.Some times the creeps will stand still and won't attack you 2.You can get out of your area by blinking And I found another bad thing in gambling which makes you stop getting income that's rly bad can you remove that?
    Well this is "the list" as it is on my txt-document (after writing it down from screenshots). Never took time to sort it out... Err, so I apologize for its sorry state its in.

    Bras lingerine Strings Panties, underwear, boxers
    pants, cargo pants, yoga pants, jeans,
    polo shirt, jacket, vest, sweater vest, coat, trenchcoat, fedora, hats, pork pie hat, cap
    short sleeve shirt, shorts, swimming pants, bikins, gloves leather gloves
    boxing gloves,
    stocking socks knee high socks,
    leather boots, leather shoes, military boots, running shoes, formal shoes, high heels,
    short heels, stilletos, formal ladies shoes
    winter jacket winter coat, tie
    pantyhose skirts, suit,
    mage robe, angelic robes, half ofa mask,a muffler of any color, a scarf
    mechanized body suit
    briefcase, suitcase, opera gloves,whhite conductor baton, harclips (not used)
    a yukata
    sandals silk dress/silk clothes
    see through clothes
    a pushy doll like dresss
    Chef uniform, grim reapers uniform
    sports bra, sports underwear, spors wear, bandanas, neck warmers, cowboy hat, a backpack,
    over the shoulder backpack, carry bag, violins, handheld intrusment of a variety,
    Uniforms: military doctors, nurses, employee uniform, police, maid, butler school,
    victorian gothic uniform
    small jackets
    dress - shirt - pants - shoes and dress
    Accessories: Hats, cane, headphones, glasses, sunglasses, tie, eye patch, baret
    parasol, japanese folded fans, mask, masquerade
    fish nets
    top hatsb
    gloves: fingerless gloves, necklace, chains, rings, labcoats/doctors coat /invisibility cloack
    a holster smart watch smart glasses smart stuff blind folds, gag ball
    weapons Kata, sword, spear, halberd, bow crossbow, pistol assault rifle sub machine machine gun
    gatling gun rpg
    scope Test initializer Init

    constant integer CAPACITY = 3
    CircularBuffer cb

    struct CircularBuffer
    private string array s[CAPACITY]
    private integer head = 0
    private integer tail = -1
    private boolean full = false

    static method create takes nothing returns CircularBuffer
    return .allocate()

    method add takes string str returns nothing
    set .tail = .tail + 1
    if .full then
    set .head = .head + 1
    if .head >= CAPACITY then
    set .head = 0
    if .tail >= CAPACITY then
    set .tail = 0
    if not .full then
    set .head = 1
    set .full = true
    set .s[.tail] = str

    method getString takes integer index returns string
    local integer a = .head + index
    if a < CAPACITY then
    return .s[a]
    elseif index < CAPACITY then
    return .s[a - CAPACITY]
    return ""

    private function Main takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer i = 0
    local string s = ""
    call cb.add(GetEventPlayerChatString())
    // Prints the CircleBuffer from first to last.
    set s = s + cb.getString(i) + ", "
    set i = i + 1
    exitwhen i == CAPACITY
    call BJDebugMsg(s)

    private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(t, Player(0), "", false )
    call TriggerAddAction(t, function Main)
    set cb = CircularBuffer.create()
    call cb.add("a")
    call cb.add("b")

    call BJDebugMsg(cb.getString(0)) // head or the first entry still stored. = a
    call BJDebugMsg(cb.getString(1)) // == b
    call BJDebugMsg(cb.getString(CAPACITY - 1)) // tail a.k.a. last entry = c // can return null if not yet filled.
    call cb.add("c")
    call BJDebugMsg(cb.getString(CAPACITY - 1)) // tail a.k.a. last entry = c // can return null if not yet filled.
    call BJDebugMsg(cb.getString(CAPACITY)) // The return null
    Take a look here:

    For bugfree result I don't think there is anyway around not creating variables defining every single length of a char to determine how much can fit in a row. Or you can accept that 1 word might occasionally be dropped. But depending on the setup it should happen very rarely especially considering how people type. The problem with this is that you would have to load the length from a hashtable which makes for absurd operations.

    "a","A","b","B", ...,"z","Z","-","_", etc. and those chars not defined in this list would not be printed.
    Sent you a PM with the board-system can't you try it on your map and host a full house, want to see it in action. ^^
    Hey, I read your about me. But other sites just have maps spammed in every day, without comments and feedback.

    I check epic war, new maps get 20-100 downloads. Check the front page on here, I'm sure it's more.
    Maybe you should add info, so n00bs easier understands what to do. And add the GTA San Andreas Theme for better gameplay! :)
    I have given you a reason why the map got deleted!
    Your map basically sucked: everything about it wasn't good enough to be accepted here, we require a minimum amount of quality.
    Try improving your WE skills before posting anything useless, I have also given you -2 rep as a warning.
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