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Rogue Party

User who uploaded this Presents

Rogue Party
Created by Ranam

Map Info:

Dungeon crawler about killing infinite numbers of creeps on
random generated maps with random generated spells.


Random terrain in 9 types of environment
Spells with over 20 conditions


Special Thanks:


Author's notes:

Map used only standart models and icons.

-Changed map generation logic
-Add city environment
-Add DoT spells
-Changed inventory
-Other minor changes

Rogue Party 2.0 (Map)


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
Please write a proper description as in the guides below detailing the gameplay and such. Credit anything not made by you and add a proper map author. Is the map made by you?

Awaiting Update.

  1. Kind of pointless to return to the Zeppelin when there's nothing to stop you do it anyway.
  2. Splash creates a Spirit Wolf. The spell doesn't do any damage or anything even if it says it targets enemies.
  3. Sell Item simply sells everything. You can't really choose which I guess. The shop system is overly complicated with a multiboard that is definitely not required. Could have used a normal shop building.
  4. Abilities have a vague description. They don't really say what they're doing or how much damage, no values etc. They're almost irrelevant like: "Activates on area attack." What is activated exactly? What happens?
  5. You have no way of selecting the item to take off or put on a hero beforehand, you can't really see it unless you open the multiboard and count how many arrows up or down you need to press to reach the desired item.
It's a nice idea but the quality of life for item management is an unnecesary downer.
Still needs polish.


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Level 2
Dec 10, 2023
Multiboard must show marker in left-most column which will sell this 1 item.
Abilities description seen on multiboard or if you can use "red cross" when ability on hero. Map use dummy abilities and i can't change description mid-game.
Spells spawn unit OR deal damage. It's in description. Red number show "power" of spawning unit.