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Rebirth of Quel'Thalas


This campaign was made by WentLin. He is the author of this campaign. The campaign is being posted on HiveWorkShop on his behalf with his express permission.

The campaign was originally posted here: https://space.bilibili.com/313745014


The Rebirth of Quel'Thalas
The Rebirth of Quel'Thalas
This campaign follows High Elves after the Scourge's invasion of Quel'Thalas.

The gameplay is RTS style.

It is recommended to play the campaign using the most recent patch.

List of WentLin's Campaigns
List of WentLin's Campaigns

1. The Destruction of Lordaeron
2. The Rebirth of Quel'Thalas


Kael'thas Sunstrider: The Prince of Quel'Thalas.

Lor'themar Theron: A Farstrider lieutenant.

Halduron Brightwing: One of Lor'themar's trusted comrades.

Dar'Khan Drathir: A traitorous Elf who helped the Scourge enter Quel'Thalas..



Message from WentLin (creator): XX

These are the hiveworkshop resources in use, based on the automatic credit generator:

R.A.N.G.I.T, Ujimasa Hojo , ChevronSeven , Infrisios, sPy , Elenai , Em!, hauzer, Sin'dorei300 , Vinz, Blizzard Entertainment, Zephyrius2412, 67chrome, JetFangInferno, Mc !, Darkfang, kola , Hellx-Magnus, The Panda , Pyraeus , Afronight_76, Fjury, Deolrin, Illidan_09, Asteroth, 8512590215848 , Big Dub, D.ee, PrinceYaser , Elfsilver Lord, genin32 , aki15, Nealdros , Hadeis, BlackDoom, Static, DarkMarin, Draknyte1, kola , Mr.Goblin, -Berz-, chilla_killa, Power , Yours Truly , PROXY, Himperion, Vinz, Ilya Alaric, Cavman , johnwar, Afronight_76, borissuworov, Hawkwing , Cavman, Lord_T, N'Nanz, alfredx_sotn, kangyun , jj84, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, I3lackDeath , epsilon , Ceterai , MrHoon, donut3.5, 84chrome , apaka.
Special Thanks

Message from WentLin (creator): XX

These people helped in various ways in bringing the campaign to hiveworkshop.
Quinten- map description title picture, Deepstrasz/Cleavinghammer- various things, Tuwnew- map template.

Change Log

RoQv0.39- Initial Upload

RoQv0.42- Fixed translation/grammar errors mentioned by Cleavinghammer, and fixed Arrow Maker => Arrow Sanction mentioned by WentLin


Rebirth of Quel'Thalas (Campaign)

Overall, the concept is nice, but desperately needs some more custom material for techtree and spells/abilities, character development and to make it accessible to most people as right now, as others wrote, the difficulty is just not that fun so...
Level 23
Jul 26, 2008
Just to remind you all: The author of this campaign is WentLin. The campaign is posted on hiveworkshop on his behalf with his express permission.
The campaign was originally posted here:



This is a campaign from the Chinese warcraft 3 community. Hopefully we can "give back" in the sense that by sharing many campaigns from their community, it will inspire Hiveworkshop creators to make more campaigns, and then the chinese community can play those campaigns when the Chinese translators bring Hive campaigns to their community (so in this way, they can benefit also).
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010

Campaign image is bugged, the top of the image shows up at the bottom as well.

The "cinematic has been skipped" message should play right after you hit ESC, otherwise you aren't sure it worked.

Quest descriptions are in the requirements.

Not a fan of the custom cursor, it tends to hide what you're pointing at.

Lorthemar's bladestorm has no tooltip (though the learning one works).

  • Arrow Making could use a better name.
  • Arrow Rain still uses Starfall model.

Wretched Archer and Arisen Archer: Maybe make the distinction clearer?

Harbour -> Arbour maybe? Harbor is for ships, an arbor is where you plant trees. Also in its tooltip, Players -> players.

Holy Place could use a better name.

No towers before T2? The Elven Tower should at least have an attack.

Forsaken structures all say Level 0 when clicked on.

Ballistas use Glaive Thrower model.

Spellbreaker -> Spell Breaker

Spell Breakers have Magic Defend and Spell Immunity.

Battle Mages should have a different model, they look too similar to Spell Breakers.

Battle Mages caster tooltips don't mention their spells.

Impaling Bolt tooltip has no name.

Magistrate's shield upgrade has no tooltip.

Prologue: Finishing the prologue send you to the campaign selection menu.

First level: Man this one was tough for a first level.

Main quest: "If we need to return" -> "If we are to return"

The Blood Elf music doesn't stop playing when loading from a game, so they overlap.

Troll quest:
  • "the strongest entity" -> "the strongest fighter/leader/among them"
  • "powerful being" -> "powerful leader"

The secret entrance into the Forsaken base was a nice touch, but it's too close to the regular entrance to really be useful and you can't really fit a lot of units in it. The one to the undead base is better, but the entrance could be easier to access.

Second level:

Intro: tinge -> taint

Main quest: "but we still" -> we still"

"to rest once more." -> "to rest." (repetition with the previous line)

  • lose contract -> lose contact
  • As you fight etc. -> ? Not sure what he means here
  • through the barracks -> in the Outpost and Magic Academy

Priest and Swordsmen:
  • "been trapped here and died" -> ? Why "here"?
  • those injured -> these injured troops

The unit called Necromancer with the Shadow Golems needs a different name.

  • "to our front" -> "before us"
  • "be rather active" -> "wage"
  • Message comes from "Reborn Archer".

A level 10 endboss? Yeah there's not much need for troops after that, but I find it excessive.


Loading screen: "that cold setting" -> ?

Finishing the interlude sends you back to the campaign menu.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Dragonhawk riders that land and then take off have 0 mana and 0 mana regen.

Third level:

Intro: How goes -> How go

The corpse bridge is an awesome idea.

Killed two out of three generators and there's no way to get ground troops over the water. Are bridges supposed to form after you kill one?
- Finished the level by landing all my dragonhawks and attacking the last generator, so I wasn't able to get the item in the altar. Those bridges need fixing.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Fourth level:

No seriously, we NEED anti-air towers that don't require research or other buildings to create. Every time I'm attacking one base I either get hit by the blues or the brown flyers are plowing through my base, and often both. I'm this close to just cheating through it.

Intro: easy attacking it -> easy to attack it

Breakthrough quest: must -> should

"schematic half" -> "half of the schematic"

More if I ever get past the damn flyers.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Finally finished the level. It was actually quite fun in the end when I didn't have to worry about my base all the time. A few simultaneous attack waves, but by then my heroes were able to deal with it.

Spirit Wolves have unresearched Pillage.

Split Attack -> Cleaving Attack

Paralyzing Arrow has no tooltip.

Impaling Bolt research tooltip has no name.

Arcane Golem tooltip: can learn acquire -> can learn

Fourth level:

Let battle begin -> Let battle be joined

After the generator was killed, the towers were replaced with Towers of Mystery under my control which then blew up.

The schematics have no description and no tooltip, finding them didn't trigger a warning for the quest. Maybe have them guarded by a boss unit, those crates are easy to miss.

End cutscene should feature that ice bridge, it looks cool.
Last edited:
Level 1
Apr 25, 2024
The first level is ridiculously difficult for what is supposed to be an intro, everything builds slow even with assistance, tower upgrades are way too slow. The enemy does not send attack waves as much as it just sends endless spam, no reason to explore the map due to constant pressure and how soft all your units are.

Bonus points for having two heroes and not a single one has a support ability, a 3 second stun on a singular unit means nothing when you are often being attacked by 12+ units at a time.

The custom models are nice, that's about all I got, if the rest of the campaign is as repetitive as the first mission I think I'll just stop there.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Fifth level:

Kael should drop his items at the start of the level and could really use some space to put down towers around him.

Yeah, no, after half a dozen tries it's not worth it. Bad enough there's no way to properly defend Kael while attacking elsewhere or even teleport to him, but attack waves appearing at the same time as the portal monsters?


Sky doesn't show up.

Halduron doesn't get a mention?

At present, we no longer call ourselves High Elves; instead, we call -> From now on, we will no longer call ourselves High Elves; instead, we will call

were living in the bath of -> lived bathed in

source of our arcane. -> source of our arcane power. (maybe?)

Overall, the plot was good but the difficulty is just off.
Level 23
Jul 26, 2008
Fixed the grammar/spelling/missing translations Cleavinghammer mentioned. Also fixed Arrow Maker => Arrow Sanction thanks to WentLin.

Thought I would add some notes I wrote down from when I first played this campaign:

Can hear the units dying at the start before the screen un-blacks.
I like how we see the elves resurrected here- gives us intro to seeing them later on.
Trolls on a ledge looking over our main heroes, plotting - sounds familiar? (ice troll scene from WentLin's Destruction of Lordaeron campaign) :D
Lorthemar thinks being stabbed in the eye is "just" being stabbed in the eye. He must be tough.
Also, nice addition to explain how he lost his eye for his model in game.
Why are both Lorthemar and Halduron not bothered by the fact that the enemies are undead? Shouldn't this come as a huge shock to them? Should be first time they even knew undead existed, since they were not there when Arthas invaded.
I like how we (the player) are yellow - it's a colour that suits the high elves and there are not many campaigns where the player has been yellow (always blue red or maybe purple).

Special troll item is same colour as the trolls' teal in game- that is cool.
I stacked all heroes with orb of frost before finishing- each had 6 except 5 for lothermar with the troll special item.
Lothermar thinks going into the gate where the undead went is leading his people to a safer place?
Difficulty surprised me for the first mission, until I started massing towers.
Then lich came with ult and killed all towers :D
The mouse click icon for the blood elf race does not have a sharp point to show where the mouse is clicking because it is just a big square.

Yay, the parts from the Arthas novel are included (kael jaina arthas love triangle).

I like how everything has been corrupted, including the red water colour and red smoke.
Not even some discussion on someone else being leader instead of Kael? I thought elves were mad at Kael for not being there during the invasion, but they all accepted him as leader without question.
Good to introduce the banshee hero since we see her next mission, so it's not like she pops out of nowhere.

There is a Bridge from green to brown, but no way to get to brown.
Brown basically doesn't attack us much since he keeps getting lured randomly by our ally's forces, and green never attacks because he can't reach us.
Yellow AI worked very well - I always appreciate ally AI.
Love the flesh bridge to the right - it really emphasizes how Arthas massacred so many elves here.

The sylvanas scene with arthas was great.
Death Knight for purple not doing anything.
Brown didn't do much, but that is probably because I rushed to the east as soon as possible and destroyed him fast.
Heroes able to reach lvl 10 even though there is 1 more mission?
Only saw Darkhan attack once.
That grey necromancer who dropped the item was extremely strong.

Only survived the first part because the trolls fought darkhan in the middle. But those random enemies that summon in at the Sunwell are really strong.
The purify sunwell timer is still up and its not purified even after finishing the first part of the mission.
Massive amount of "kael is under attack" messages since destroyers and frost wyrms do splash damage, which keeps triggering that warning since Kael gets receives splash damage.
What use is magic sentry? There are no enemy invisible units in all the missions if I remember right.

And that leads into blood elf campaign :)
This scene makes it more understandable why Kael chooses to help the Alliance after he speaks- the Undead control lordaeron, and could come back to attack Quel'thalas at any time.

General points

Really enjoyed WentLin's new campaign. These stories for filling in the gaps that the Blizzard campaigns never talked about gives great background about events players never had a chance to know about. Was a really fun campaign.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Defensive Armour doesn't follow the same trend of description as the other abilities when learned (no mention of each level details).
  2. Hero abilities are Warcraft III ones renamed.
  3. Generally the techtree is nothing special.
  4. For some reason all blue AI undead buildings have level 0.
  5. Troll general has hero glow; basically using a hero model; no decay animation.
  6. Maps don't load one after another. Got to the custom campaign menu after chapter 1.
  7. Discussion between Kael and Jaina is filler. Jaina didn't really say anything while Kael talked about something else.
  8. Not sure why would Banish be replaced with some Archmage like ability but the others kept.
  9. Wretched=/=undead.
  10. Lewklun has no hero glow. How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  11. Like that there's an elven themed UI but the worker idle icon is still a Peasant.
  12. While the premise and inquel plot is a nice concept, the execution leaves us with pretty much no story but just some go here, do that missions. It gets a little better towards the end.
  13. Terrain could be nicer, not most of the time flat.
  14. Conjurors use hero models.
  15. Not sure if intended but creep camps don't attack when you get near them. You have to actually attack them first.
  16. What's the point of seeing the Arthas-Sylvanas reanimation scene again if it's only a little movie for the player and not relevant to the playable characters and story/mission?
  17. Weird that the big towers don't simply explode and they change to elven ones owned by you and then get destroyed.
  18. Felo'melorn's icon is ridiculous.
  19. High Necromancer has a hero model; body remains on the ground.
  20. Rain of Arrows doesn't even have custom arrow or spell FX. It's Starfall to the bone.
  21. I suggest pausing Kael'thas instead of changing his ownership to another player so you can see his life on the screen.
  22. Hero models for some of the corrupted sunwell troops; no decay animation.
  23. Not sure why the epilogue needed another separate map-load since it was the same as the previous.
Overall, the concept is nice, but desperately needs some more custom material for techtree and spells/abilities, character development and to make it accessible to most people as right now, as others wrote, the difficulty is just not that fun so difficulty settings/levels would be a good idea.


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Level 2
Feb 11, 2020
The first mission is just overkill, difficulty is too high, techtree is completely unlocked. Doesn't feel like progressing at all