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Medieval: Total War II

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Map summary:

Medieval: Total War II is a historical RTS FFA map from the 15th century in Europe, which uses a mixed system between ancient weapons and early firearms.


After hundreds of years of waiting, everything seemed to indicate that Jesus Christ would finally return to earth. Bringing salvation to medieval Europe. But in those years of rejoicing a fearsome enemy appeared. He seems to be the antichrist himself who comes to prevent the arrival of the son of God. And destroy the world we know.

Game style: Similar to Risk, Lords of Europe, World 1000 reborn, Greece.

Numer of players: The maximum amount is for 10 players. Although the map is designed to play 1v1 as well.

Play in a medieval Europe immersed in epic conflicts, and relive history. Command iconic historical figures like Joan of Arc, Vlad Dracula, or Henry V, and employ the art of war.

Words dedicated to Kofi_banan:

This is a remaster of kofi_banan's map: Medieval:TotalWarX. The idea of our team (the Drunks) was to finish the work you started in 2006. We hope that the direction that Medieval Total War has taken is to your liking. If we didn't do more it's because we couldn't do more.

Terrain by:


Models by:

Nasrudin, Black_Stan, Asssssvi, dirtytricks, shadow1500, Shadow-Scythe-R, TheWickerMan, N00byStance, c-row, {AR}Nazuel, -=Emergenzy=-, Zin-Creator, HerrDave, Mc !, Miseracord, Konblade, eXciTe, WaggaWagga, shadow1500, Polar_Bear, Mechanical Man, skrab, -SkatinG_CoW-, alfredx_sotn, StealthFox, SD_Ryoko, SantoRayo[iP], jatter2, theJ89, BlinkBoy, olofmoleman, skaterjcp, SeW, EvilBuddha, kieran12383, infrenus, Fingolfin, General FrankMike,
Illidan(Evil)X, bakr, HerrDave, Eagle XI, -Saggitarius-, Mr. Bob, loktar, Dark Hunter1357, Kehel, Uncle Fester, loktar, Tranquil, MassiveMaster, eubz.

Icons by:

LoDown, Nash, LoDown, Xazuki, Freezer, ElfWarfare, Eagle, Eagle XI, Sxar.

Patch 1.6

_Optimized latency
_Corridor between Poles and Ottomans widened
_The territory of North Africa was reduced
_The Viking hero now has the "defend" skill
_+10% hitpoints to all buildings
_Main tower and towers more hp regeneration
_Armored Helberdier eliminated
_There are now creeps in unconquered hostile territories
_A new bridge was added between Sweden and Germany
_+25 range to Lonbowman
_Now neutral buildings do not give gold when broken
_Population required to war ship from 2 to 4
_New pasive ability to Mehmed II: "Headshot (50% chance to critical attack x3)"

Patch 1.7

_New Nations: Berbers (Northafrica) and Hungarians (East Europe)
_now 3 trained units instead 6 in all buildings
_buildings have half the hp
_Economy system changed: buildings no longer give you +1g, now only merchants houses give you gold and food capacity.
_now warrior fame give you +60g instead +50g

Patch 1.8

fixed leaderboard
french knights -10% damage
siege weapons now have area damage
Merchant house lvl 1 (-30% cost)
Merchant house lvl 2 (+30% cost)
"Charge attack" hability damage halved
Infantry and Cavalry -10% damage against buildings
New units: Farmer and Carter
New economic building: Livestock ranch
Bridge between germany and sweden removed

Patch 1.9

New models
New units
New and bigger terrain
Upgraded graphics
Reward fame changes
All bridges eliminated
Relocated buildings


medieval, europe, total war, heroes, rts, risk, kingdoms, lords, pre renaissance,
religious war, christians, muslims.


Medieval: Total War II (Map)

OKish update. There's still a lot of the mentioned, same icon units, same unit roles (stronger copies of each other). Trezbidon's melee-range switch ability has no tooltip/description. There's also some few green icons around. One of Mehmed's...


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
Do you have permission from @Kofi_Banan to edit and upload the map? Who is/are the Drunks?
What is so different from the original? Medieval:TotalWarX

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This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop: Resources in use by Medieval: Total War II
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Level 3
Jan 29, 2024
Hello! First of all, thank you so much for the review.

Now, answering your questions.

1. I did not contact kofi_banan, so I do not have his permission
2. We are "The Drunks", a group of friends: Johann, Longanizza, Lucky and me.
3. What is so different from the original? The reason is this: did you try the original game? The basic idea is great, but it seemed like a totally primitive game, full of problems and what we did was adjust and perfect the mechanics and the style of play. As a result, the map maintains the unique essence of Kofi, but with much more attractive and competitive gameplay and visuals. Without forgetting the new features implemented by our team, such as the hero system, rewards and victory/defeat conditions, etc.

Kofi_banan has been absent for 10 years, but I am sure he will like our work.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. The main issue, which is game related is troops stuttering/not following their orders immediately but having long latency when you have more than 50 or so units under the same player.
  2. The loading screen is black. Not sure if intended.
  3. Many of the custom icons are green on game pause. They should have properly set DISBTNs for the grayed out/disabled version. If they don't, they can be made with: Button Manager v1.8.2 ; learn a bit about icons: Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
  4. Terrain is kind of worse than in the original, still flat and one tiled and too colourful, in many places not making sense or colours not matching.
  5. Some units have no descriptions, others broken. Generally, unit descriptions are shallow, some even being one liners. I suggest some tooltip hints:Tooltip Tutorial and Creating Good Descriptions
  6. Mehmed II has an item-ability something to buy 500 gold by spending 500 gold. How does that make sense? His Command Aura/Warsong Battle Drums icon ability has no description.
  7. Heroes could make use of glow to be better seen since they are small and can easily get lost within myriads of troops: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  8. Vangarian Guardsmen and Helberdiers have the same icon.
  9. Weak Charge says it gives weak attack bonus. How much though?
  10. Abilities like Long Weapon, which are passive, should look passive, not active. Such icons can be made to look so with the Button Manager linked above.
  11. Armoured Helberdiers and Herberdiers look the same and have a minor difference between them. Units should generally be unique for a good, not monotonous gameplay. The armoured ones could simply be an upgrade of the normal ones. Little difference between Skirmishers and Trezbidons or even Eastern Archers.
  12. Armoured Helberdier and Skirmisher's name/title text is bugged. Probably, other units have this as well. Many if not most units suffer from this, pretty much multiple soft copies of each other.
  13. Trezbidon Archer's ability has its tooltip missing.
  14. Mehmed II's model=Eastern Archer's, Saracen Infantry.
Much to polish, sorry. The game is pretty much the same as kofi_banan's. Whatever improvements there might be, they are not too visible unless going to the deepest detail.
Don't want to be rude but you even privately asked when would this map be approved, and in such condition. For a fan care/enhancement of a previous map, such issues as mentioned above should not have even been.

Awaiting Update.
Level 3
Jan 29, 2024
Our only fear is eliminating the essence of Kofi (a simple, dynamic, and fun game that I have not seen in another game of this style). That's what we like about this map. That's why it still looks a lot alike. Precisely the idea is that they have the same core.
Thank you very much for the criticism, it doesn't bother us, on the contrary, it contributes a lot. My friends and I are going to try to do the best we can.
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Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
OKish update.
There's still a lot of the mentioned, same icon units, same unit roles (stronger copies of each other). Trezbidon's melee-range switch ability has no tooltip/description. There's also some few green icons around. One of Mehmed's abilities (War Drums) still doesn't have a description. He still looks like a Janissary. Probably other things.

Cautiously approving this due to it being the only version updated for now.