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Legends of Warcraft

Submitted by King Valdezar
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
King Valdezar presents:

Greetings, fellow Hiveworkers. I'm a big fan of Warcraft III, and especially the MOBA genre that was popularized by the famous map "Defense of the Ancients". I want to represent you my idea of a strictly Warcraft AoS. Legends of Warcraft: The Shadow of Doom is a MOBA map with an element of Siege, designed for a 5v5 team battle. The map has been fully customized and it adapts ideas from similar games such as "Heroes of the Storm", "League of Legends", "World of Warcraft" and even the Melee maps.

Short Story

"The greatest battle in the history of Azeroth between the two major forces, The Horde and The Alliance is at hand. But they are soon to discover, that the shadow of great evil is upon them. The noxious Old God, N’zoth has resurfaced from the depths of the ocean, to scar the land and devour the very essence of the earth. To make events even worse, in the meantime the malefic Burning Legion has found a way to open their otherworldly portals of never-ending demonic armies, all in the name of vanquishing the mortal races of Azeroth."


You have the standard 3 lane map, where the Upper and Bottom lanes are blocked by 2 Computers, that siege mirrorly the two teams with a variety of nefarious creatures ranging from bloodthirsty fel orcs, to faceless abominations and deadly leaders. You play on one of the two teams mentioned above,
The Horde and The Alliance, where both of them strive to drive back these invaders and claim their secrets while fighting each other. Both teams have their respective heroes, and each of them is powerful in his own way. The heroes fall under one of the 5 Classes, and to achieve this diversity, every class has his unique traits and uses different Damage and Armor types. There are only 11 heroes at launch, but I have concepts and ideas for more than 50 characters, that I plan to release in the future.
  • Champion - Warrior type class. Tough melee pusher.
  • Assassin - Rogue type class. Swift and deadly killer.
  • Spellbinder - Mage type class. Supportive healer and powerful wizard.
  • Enforcer - Jungler type class. Indirect pusher and skirmisher.
  • Technician - Marksman type class. Expert at structures.

Mode Setup

The game setup must be made within 15 seconds of game time, from the player in slot 1, and it's done with a simple 2-3 clicks of dialog boxes. First you chose a "Game Mode" from 4 options, as shown bellow:

    • The Shadow of Doom - Your team plays versus both computers and must hold 2 lanes (TOP,BOT) from being destroyed.
    • The Burning Legion - Your team plays versus one computer and must hold Upper lane (TOP) from being destroyed.
    • The Old God - Your team plays versus one computer and must hold Bottom lane (BOT) from being destroyed.
    • Battleground - Both computers are removed, leaving TOP and BOT lanes open, making this mode a PvP battle for dominance between the two teams, rather than a fight for survival.
Depending on the selected Game Mode, you are given an option to set the Difficulty for the computers. There are 3 difficulties; Easy, Normal and Insane, that regulate the handicaps for the computers.

    • Easy - 50% Handicap.
    • Normal - 75% Handicap.
    • Insane - 100% Handicap.
And last but not least important, you are given the option to chose a "Pick Mode". This option decides in what way will the players chose a hero. There are 4 pick modes so far.

    • All Pick - Players can chose from both their circles of power and those of the enemy team.
    • All Random - All players are given a random hero from all the heroes.
    • Normal Pick - Players can chose only from their circles of power.
    • Reverse Pick - The circles of power of both teams swap places, giving both teams the option to chose only from the opposite teams' heroes.

Systems, Mechanics and Interactions

The damage calculation table, has been completely modified, together with visual interface such as Stats, Damage and Armor types. For a more realistic gameplay, things such as axe wielding heroes dealing magic damage and attacking air units have been kept at minimum. The doodads, destructibles and structures have been made slightly bigger, and the terrain contains alot of tiles and passages for a more aesthetic effect. The second currency - Lumber, has been used as well under the name Salvage Points. It's obtained mainly from looting perishable items, that drop on the ground when last hitting Towers and certain minions. These points are used to train your teams' minions and bolster your towers defence and offence. The item requirments system uses "Team Level", to unlock stronger quality items by arithmetic mean. There is also an Item restriction system, that does not allow you to pick up more than one of the same armor/weapon item type. There are also Way Gates and Moon Wells that serve as an advantage for the players.


I want to thank everyone at The Hive Workshop, that helped me in anyway for the creation of this map. Here is a big list of all of you that have a finger in this project, I'm sorry if I've missed someone.

1.Command Buttons - ~Nightmare
2.Apostle of Argus – Hellx-Magnus
3.Eye of N'zoth – Kam
4.Akama - Chen
5.Sentry/Observer Ward – Darkfang
6.Face of the Defiler/Spirit of Wugou – NFwar
7.N'zoth the Corrupter/Tentacle of N'zoth/Evil Eye - Retera
8.Fierce Aura – BlazeKraze
9.Fingers of Pain – 4eNNightmare
10.The Instrument of Doom – Jay the Editor
11.Gul'dan – jhon Wilber
12.Lantresor – FrlkY
13.Ner’zhul – Mr.Goblin
14.Scythe of the Unmaker – Blood Raven
15.Sharkhide Headress - Callahan
16.Spirit of Dafeng – CRAZYRUSSIAN
17.Varedis Felsoul - Don Valentino
18.Veteran Uzzek – Marcos DAB
19.Warlord Zon’ozz – NaserKingArthas
20.Staff of Shadowflame – Kwaliti

Unit Models:

1.N'zoth the Corrupter/Tentacle of N'zoth/Evil Eye - Retera
2.Warlord Zon'ozz - NaserKingArthas
3.Gul'dan – PROXY
4.Ner’zhul – epsilon
5.Outland Ward – Callahan
6.Lantresor – RicK.BoY.BR
7.Faceless Arachnathid – Sin’dorei300
8.Akama - JesusHipster
9.The Shadow of Doom - UgoUgo
10.Mountaineer – General Frank
11.Fleshbeast/Pit Hound – Grey Knight
12.Avatar of Sargeras/Felguard/Tichondrius the Darkener – FerSZ
13.Blademaster – Direfury
14.Death Spreader – HappyTauren
15.Dimensius the All-Devouring – icewolf055
16.Faceless Golem – takakenji
17.Nightmare Weaver – Misha
18.Lady Vashj/Valdezar the All-Seeing/Varedis Felsoul – Ujimasa Hojo
19.Legion Transporter – Mephestrial
20.Neptulon the Tidehunter – Tarrasque
21.Taunka Headhunter - -Grendel
22.Tentacle Guardian – AndreOverload519
23.Varok Saurfang – Stefan.K
24.Veteran Uzzek – Freddyk
25.Eye of N'zoth – Amigurumi
26.Mannoroth the Destructor - Murlocologist
27.Infested Corpse - WhiteDeath

Item Models:

1.Scroll - EviL BuddhA
2.Healing Salve/Clarity Potion – RED BARON
3.Axe – Lord_T
4.Blood of the Ancients – Illidan(Evil)X
5.Boots/Gloves/Trinket/Gorribal, the Dark Seether – Matarael
6.Bow/Sword – HerrDave
7.Crystal/Shield – eubz
8.Runes – ChaoticHunter
9.Helm – kellym0
10.Healing/Mana/Rejuvenation/Speed Potion – General Frank
11.Mace – bisnar13
12.Potion of Omniscience – Ket
13.Scythe/Wand – Uncle Fester
14.Staff – Grey Knight
15.Potion of Invincibility – Xazuki
16.Poison Potion - Uncle Fester
17.Dust of Appearance - terrio

Aura Models:

1.Dalaran Aura – Sin’dorei300
2.Frost/Holy/Void Aura – Lichkings slave
3.Lightning Aura – sPy
4.Nether Aura – xyzier_24
5.Orc Aura – s4nji

Doodad Models:

1.Orc Manacle Pillar - Linera
2.Night Elf Fountain Statue/Night Eld Druid Statue/Night Elf Archway - Hexus
3.Floating Forest Rock/Sphere - Solu9
4.Human Archway - eubz
5.Rune Shlef - AlienAtSystem
6.Night Elf Pillar/Titan Ziggurat - hortax
7.Dwarf Archway - Fingolfin
8.Orc Signpost - TrollHunti
9.Orc Banner/Orc Archway - Dark Hunter1357
10.Muradin Statue - DarkChaplain
11.Troll Head Statue - Callahan
12.Troll Archway/Titan Head/Titan Hand - Buster
13.Orc Supplies - msaknis
14.N'zoth Eldritch Mountains/Fissures - NaserKingArthas
15.Orc Wooden Wall - Mephestrial
16.Titan Sword Hilt - absufarker12

Spell Models:

1.Bleed – EmawWyvern
2.Burning Core – crill-myster
3.Corrupt - Zephyrius2412
4.Divine Barrier/Shadow Nova/Dark Runes/Hunters Mark/Impale Bone Area/Holy Shock/Soul Shield/Ancient Smash – JesusHipster
5.Emphatic Bond – Hermit
6.Grasp - Skizzik
7.Fel Incinerate Target/Area/Holy Immolation Target/Area/Rain of Felfire/Twilight Rain – Zephyrius2412
8.Impale Ice Target/Area – Marcelo Hossomi
9.Fear – stan0033
10.Sacred Shield – Shyster
11.Shadow Orb/Shadow Soul – Vortigon
12.Blood Cloud – Kino
13.Arcane Shackles – nhocklanhox6
14.Arcane Pulse/Moon Runes – NightSkyAurora
15.Impale Roots Area – Callahan
16.Impale Roots Target - Dargoth
17.Shock Nova – sPy
18.Rejuvenation/Dispersion – Champara Bros
19.Blink – Thrikodius
20.Fatal Wound – cotd333
21.Holy Channel - Mythic
22.Fel Field/Shadow Spike/Arcane Explosion – UgoUgo
23.Retaliation – Infrisios
24.Soul Possesion/Shadow Ritual – Boogles
25.Consecration – marcus158
26.Blood Plague – crl
27.Unholy Curse - BrightDark
28.Fire Starfall/Blood Nova - M_Exanime
29.Instrument of Doom Invocation - Vadik29
30.Smoldering Ash - PeeKay
31.Bladestorm – Waldbaer
32.Ice Meteor – Dark Hunter1357
33.Devouring Void – Mc !
34.Corpse Explosion – psipenge
35.Ice Explosion – Ham Ham
36.Plague Cloud – EvilCryptLord
37.Illidan Mirror Image – Kirym
38.Lascerate – Veronnis
39.Ritual of Doom – judash137
40.Dark Meteor - nGy
41.Void Explosion - Lichkings Slave

Missile Models:

1.Arcane Bolt - sPy
2.Blademaster Sword/Illidan Glaive - xyzier_24
3.Quantum Blade - Mythic
4.Venom Spit - Jesus Hipster
5.Nature Arrow – Dcrimson
6.Maiev Glaive – AlienAtSystem
7.Spirit Wolf Bolt – WhiteDeath
8.Eye of Sargeras Beam – EdwardSwolenToe
9.Gazlow Wrench – H4appyem0
10.Grenade – epsilon
11.Fel Drake - Zephyrius2412
12.Legion Contraption - CreatorD3292
13.Wizlecrank - MeKC
Change Log
First release
1.Fixed a bug with Team Level.
2.Team Level now shows in Scoreboard.
3.Horde/Alliance creeps made weaker.
4.Cost of some Upgrades raised.
5.Removed Salvage Points per second gain.
6.Item Scythe Active Lifesteal reduced by half.
7.Hero Lantresor nurfed - Uppercut [Q]: Damage reduced from 75/150/225/300/375 to 60/120/180/240/300. Intercept [E]: Stun duration reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds, Damage reduced from 50/100/150/200/250 to 40/80/120/160/200.
8.Added a new command "-zoom" for a better game view.
9.Burning Legion/Old God creeps made weaker and reduced their level.
10.Items dropped from Burning Legion/Old God creeps now have significantly increased cooldown.
11.Added Hero name next to the Player's name in chat.
12.Heroes are now given a starting item - Hearthstone.
13.Ner'zhul's Chaos Totem health reduced from 260 to 200.
14.Map Info updated.
1.Boss Damage lowered and health increased by 50%, spell cooldowns increased.
2.Shimmerweed Heal increased from 75 to 100
3.New Alliance terrain in base.
4.Fixed a bug with courier giving items directly to the hero.
5.Gorribal, the Dark Seether hits 5 targets instead of 4, but damage increase lowered from 50% to 25%.
6.Burning Legion/Old God creeps now have a chance to drop items only if last hitted by a player.
7.Fixed a bug with Taunt abilities.
8.Fixed a bug with Hartagarn Stark's attack.
9.Fixed a bug with Consumable items not stacking properly.
10.Middle lane towers are not that close to each other now.
11.Added Hero Glow to all heroes.
1.Default Mode set to Easy from Insane.
2.New Model for Corrupted Protector by "Deep Sea Kraken".
3.Siege damage to buildings reduced from 150% to 125%.
4.Rokaro's Windmaster's Prayer [E] buffed, Armor and Heal bonus doubled.
5.All Stat items buffed.
6.Clarity Potion/Healing Salve no longer dispel on attack, but have 45 seconds cooldown.
7.Horde/Alliance Tank creep health reduced from 500 to 450 and Siege creep health reduced from 500 to 325.
8.Added Hero Level to Scoreboard.
9.Burning Legion/Old God creeps bonus health per Wave reduced from 150 to 100.
10.Abyssal Sabatons are now a Head slot item called Face of the Deceiver.
11.Tsunami Talisman is now a Trinket slot item instead of Neck.
12.Dreadstone is now a Neck slot item called Dream Choker.
13.Visor of the Dreadlord is now a Feet slot item called Dreadlord's Sabatons.
14.Runeblade Arcane & Spell damage reduction doubled from 5%/10%/15% to 10%/20%/30%.
15.Health/Mana regeneration per Valor/Luminosity point reduced.
16.Burning Legion/Old God Tank creeps health reduced from 525/675/825 to 450/550/650.
17.Burning Legion/Old God all creeps Armor increased by 1.
1.Version added in the title of the map.
2.Burning Legion/Old God towers reduced from 8 to 4.
3.Horde/Alliance base towers reduced from 8 to 4.
4.Horde/Alliance lane towers reduced from 4 to 2 at each post.
5.Horde/Alliance towers health and armor slightly increased to match their new number.
6.Horde/Alliance lane creeps reduced from 6 to 4 (1 of each type).
7.Attack Range Upgrades for creeps and towers removed.
8.Melee and Range Damage Upgrade fused into 1 Upgrade now.
9.Burning Legion/Old God creeps reduced from 8 to 6 per wave (2 of each type).
10.Nether Shard Salvage Points gain increased from 75 to 100.
11.Malfurion Force of Nature [Q] reworked, now summons 1 Treant with increased stats.
12.Malfurion Entangling Roots [W] damage increased from 70 to 75 per second, duration reduced to 2/2.75/3.5/4.25/5 from 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.
13.Fixed a bug with Malfurions Call Malorne [E].
14.Malfurion Call Malorne cast time reduced by 0.5 seconds for each level, making it instant cast at level 5.
15.Malfurion Tranquility [Q] buffed, heals 125/250/375/500/625 from 100/200/300/400/500.
16.Malfurion Thorns Aura buffed from 4/8/12/16/20% to 5/10/15/20/25%.
17.Fandral Staghelm Rejuvenation [W] buffed from 100/200/300/400/500 to 150/300/450/600/750.
18.Rexxar The Beast Within duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
19.Horde/Alliance various Updates nurfed.
20.Horde/Alliance PvP Trinket cooldown increased from 45 to 90 seconds.
21.Counterattack Lodestone cooldown increased from 75 to 90 seconds.
22.Item Weapons level required reduced by 1.
23.Item Boots level required reduced by 1.
24.Item Gloves level required reduced by 4 to match those of Boots.
25.Item Necks level required reduced by 2.
26.Item Trinkets level required set to 5/11/17 for their respective quality.
1.Bases cleared, walls removed.
2.Map is now "Explored".
3.Fixed a bug with Team Level.
4.Irrelevant lanes are now closed in a Siege type Mode eg. "The Shadow of Doom", "The Burning Legion", and are open once the final boss in that mode is slain.
5.Item blanaces.
6.Most abilities now scale with Hero Attributes.
7.Comep/Heroic damage reduced from 150% to 125% to Primal/Medieval armor.
8.Added Hero Revive Timer to Scoreboard.
9.Denied creeps/towers now give 50% experiance instead of 0.
10.Swiftness per Deadliness point reduced to 0.5 from 1.
11.Shops are now placed around the Summonig Stone.
12.Added Floating text damage to scaling abilities.
13.Akama's ult buffed, Shadow Hunt now has no duration and lasts until he attacks or casts a spell.
14.Hearthstone is no longer a Trinket and can be carried with any items.
15.Insignia of the Horde/Alliance buffed, now gives 10% Swiftness.
16.New item Anti-Magic Orb - Trinket.
17.New item Fetish of the Fallen - Trinket.
After almost 2 months of work I'm glad to present you [v1.6]. In this update I've tried to make the map more appealing and intuitive, also alot of triggers have been refabricated in order to function better and all of the existing heroes have been reworked and rebalanced in the sake of more synergy between their skill sets. Additionally, new heroes and items will be released in the next update.

1.Few new Starting Items introduced, including Scroll of Teleportation.
2.Item Update System [NEW] - Starting Items now update into Tier 1/2/3 [Green/Blue/Purple].
3.Damage Detection System [NEW] - Orb Effects are now obsolete and removed from the game along with their bugs.
4.Added Floating Damage Text and a command to disable/enable it.
5.All damaging Hero Abilities now scale with Aspects: Valor, Deadliness, Luminosity.
6.Rexxar: Added a Bestial Wrath passive to his existing Misha when he castas The Beast Within, that gives her bonus Haste and Swiftness during the duration.
7.Ner'zhul: Defile Spirit [E] is now Raise Dead and summons a number of skeletons from nearby corpses. Bloodlust [R] is now AoE.
8.Nazgrel: Reworked some ability effects, also increased some of the Range/AoE on his abilities.
9.Akama: Envenomed Blade [E] now gives 15% bonus Damage on Akama's next attack and applies the poison.
10.Illidan: Blades of Azzinoth are no longer based on Feedback, but instead give him a chance on hit to Mana Burn.
11.Fandral: Wolf Form has Maim [E] instead of Howl and it deals single target damage + Armor and Swiftness reduction. Moonkin Form's Starshards now Silence the target instead of reducing it's Armor. Bear Form has Demoralizing Roar, which reduced nearby enemies Damage instead of Swipe.
12.All heroes that have an alternate form with different abilities can now learn they respective skills properly.
1.New Hero - Uther.
2.New Hero - Arthas Menethil.
3.New Hero - Gul'dan.
4.Ner'zhul Rework, model by -Grendel.
5.Horde/Alliance towers on each point reduced from 2 to 1 but made stronger.
6.Added destructible barricades infront towers.
7.Added a third ability type in addition to Physical/Magical ability and that is "Pure Ability". It's a bit stronger version of them, ignoring the corresponding defensive stat of the target.
8.Old God and Burning Legion creeps now have more and new unique abilities.
9.Environment, Terrain, Doodads and other changes. Adding some new screenshots of it to the thread.
1.New Hero - Valeera Sanguinar.
2.New Hero - Varok Saurfang.
3.New Hero - Varian Wrynn.


I want to mention that the map is ment to be played 5v5, and it has never been tested yet! Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so I can fix bugs, make balance changes, adjust settings, add new features and content. Also, if you have any good ideas and think you can help me improve the map, let me know in the comments bellow! The map is writen in GUI, and alot of things aren't MUI. AI is not implemeted, but I might start working on it in the future. You can also check the site I made for the map by clicking the Logo at the start of the thread. It's still under construction, but you can read some additional information there to get a better understanding of the project. You can find me and join my server in Discord here: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
...Have fun playing.

-Regards, King Valdezar.

Legends of Warcraft v1.8 (Map)

ReviewLegends of Warcraft [IMG] Key ConceptAoS - My favorite type of map. I like the loading screen, fits the theme of this AoS. An update log, can be described in the loading screen each time you release a new update. Just a suggestion. Description...
[spoiler] Some heroes don't have hero glow. You can add it: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Some circles of power don't have any heroes? Towers are a bit too close to each other. Some buildings like the Voodoo Lounge are in the way (on the...
  1. Veldris


    Jul 10, 2018
    Looks awesome! nice environment nice gameplay nice items and nice icons and Heroes

    10/10 Review
  2. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015
    Legends of Warcraft
    Key Concept
    AoS - My favorite type of map. I like the loading screen, fits the theme of this AoS. An update log, can be described in the loading screen each time you release a new update. Just a suggestion. Description of the bundle is fine and looks good. Multiple pieces of information are in the Quests Menu, good thing. I like the chosen factions for the combat. The shops are placed well and there is also a text that describes each for what it sells. Also, there are some shops that require higher level to access, really interesting. :)
    I picked Ner'Zhul from the horde side. While he may look like a supportive hero, his physical damage is really fine. I like the totem spell, really cool. His spell that rises that skeleton creep could be improved. He is kinda weak against the enemy creeps. Try adding more armor or health or damage to it. Towers that are destroyed leave power-ups that can be picked to get more lumber or gold, cool idea. I love how to modified all attack types, the attributes are modified too but they do not grant new things. Next, I played on the Old God gameplay mode with Grom Hellscream. Was really fun. Although I suggest you make their faction attack the horde and the alliance after 1-2 minutes not right when the battle starts. Their creatures are really powerful. Next, I played the Shadow of Doom gameplay mode with Rexxar. In this mode both the Burning Legion and the faceless one faction appear, top and bottom lanes only. It's great how the gameplay can be modified with the modes. Thumbs up for that. All faction's creeps can be improved in both physical and magical capabilities from their spawning zone. Really good. :D
    Terrain & Aesthetics
    Although it may look chaotic, the terrain actually has a unique design. I like how the bases are designed. Some trees could have a lower scaling value though, they kinda block vision sometimes. :)
    Pretty basic but well chosen spells for each hero I played. You can add some new ones though. For example, Grom's spin animation can be used in a lot of ways for a cool spell instead of giving him the old Bladestorm ability. Rexxar with Misha as well. Think about his axes for example, you can make a spell that throws them both in the targeted point, dealing damage to what they cut and destroying trees as well. Just some suggestions.
    Final Suggestions
    Lower a bit the damage and stats from the Burning Legion army and the one from the Old God. Nerf the terrain environment and doodads I mentioned above. Add more heroes. I saw that the Horde faction doesn't have any hero in the Spellbinding Circle. The battle is fast paced, maybe too fast paced. I suggest you lower a bit the movement speed of the creeps. Other than that, the map is really fun to play and you get a 4/5 from me and vote for approval! :D
  3. King Valdezar

    King Valdezar

    Jun 19, 2017
    Thank you for reviewing the map Alxen345, I have taken note from your review and will start reworking and improve things.
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The cinematic is nice to look at but the dialogue is made of random unit quotes which isn't captivating at all. It's not funny either.
    Ambush them? They were in plain sight with tents and an ignited campfire...
    "It looks as if they are held hostage." On their mounts?
    The night elves (Maiev) know of the Twilight Hammer? Gul'dan's clan was Stormreaver...
    All heroes alive?
    The humans confronting the orcs are red in the transmissions.
    They turned Grom back in a snap?
    Nice effects but cameras are mostly bird's view.

    1. Some heroes don't have hero glow. You can add it: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    2. Some circles of power don't have any heroes?
    3. Towers are a bit too close to each other.
    4. Some buildings like the Voodoo Lounge are in the way (on the path/road) and might create hero vs hero problems especially when there are minions there too.
    5. Spell spree with the items of the first mode.
    6. No scoreboard/multiboard? Most if not all current AoSs have that: All About Multiboards
    7. Some spells are just merely edited Warcraft III ones.
    8. Burning Blade's icon should look passive not disabled. Choose the proper one in the editor. Also, for other icons you could make them the way you need with this: Button Manager v1.8.2
    9. Could put more explanations in the Quest Log about the game modes and stuff.

    At first glance it's quite overwhelming with so many upgrades and item shops placed here and there but it seems to be organized in a way.
    Generally it's a nifty AoS but could use more polish and implementations and less eye-candy.


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  5. King Valdezar

    King Valdezar

    Jun 19, 2017
    Thank you for your review deepstarsz. I agree that the things you mention should be taken care of and the review you made is quite accurate!
  6. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    What I meant by this is that your ally and the enemies (those in between the horde and alliance) are.

    @King Valdezar please write a changelog so people would know what you update/change.
  7. King Valdezar

    King Valdezar

    Jun 19, 2017
    I have included a change log now, and thanks to wTc[JediMaster] for hosting the map a few times over Bnet last night I managed to improve alot of things.
  8. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015
    Tested with you again and alone as well. While the map does not have a big amount of heroes it has a lot of unique things that I really have to mention.

    *damage types varying and able to be used in various combinations with the right items.
    *the cool modes with the Old God and Burning Legion factions
    *heroes are heavily based on interesting abilities from their original lore. Malfurion for example. Really love that hero.
    *while the items might look confusing...they are not. All you have to do is read. Read. Read.
    *all faction units and structures can be upgraded.
    *PvP is really interesting. The correct items can turn up the battle. Akama seemed weak at first but when I've got the specific item...I could kill you.
    *The environment and the features from it can be used to trick your foe.

    This AoS has a lot of great potential and I really do not see why I did not rate it 5/5. Done now. Keep working. I really wanna see the new updates :D
  9. King Valdezar

    King Valdezar

    Jun 19, 2017
    Looking for people to test the map with me, so I can improve it! Anyone that finds it interesting and wants to play/learn it, please contact me...
  10. Lord_Marrowgrath


    Aug 23, 2011
    Hello I played your map and here is my review;

    -So many starting items not good I think.
    -So many item shops. It very confusing for newbie. You need to add Guide
    -Mid lane better for leveling cuz other lanes are hard at begining
    -Mid lane towers invulrable Minions going to die. It's pointless I think
    -Terrain looks empty you need fill them with using some doodads trees etc.
    -Towers attack heroes instantly.
    -Heroes builded well but many heroes have out-class abilities. Varian have paladin spell divine storm. It kills class fantasies
    +Spells based on stats very good. Your hero spells not become useless on end game
    -Some hero builds force players to go neutral lanes. For example: Illdan needs to kill neutral leaders etc.
    -Naga and Demon forces movement speed to high. Sometimes you cant escape from them
    +I love idea upgrading your base by using salvage points. Its very unique.

    -AI dont have any movement. They just purchase hero.
    -Alliance southern lane attacks neutral creeps when sun rises.

    -I try to wear Another class item it drops instantly and not refund price.
    Salvage drops only hero kills. You can add bounty system to give salvage instant to hero.

    Overall its enjoyable. You designed classes very well. Suggestions: Improve terrain, Decrease tree sizes, Make guide for items or make vendor for main items, Decrease neutral creep stats on begining. I bought many stat books at the begining cuz My team level not enough to buy some items. You can add basic AI to push lane etc. Add optional quest for midlane.

    I rated your 4/5 cuz I saw potential on map. You can improve it better.
  11. King Valdezar

    King Valdezar

    Jun 19, 2017
    Thanks for the feedback Lord_Marrowgrath, really appreciate it. I'll consider and improve the things you mentioned. :)
  12. Lord_Marrowgrath


    Aug 23, 2011
    Good luck by the way ;)