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Island Defending Ultimated v1.3

Submitted by Ferino_Tisovich
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Island Defending Ultimated
Is map when you must defend nexus on their center longer as you can.
This map have 27 Waves + 5 Boss waves
Long cooperative map when u must help each other to survive

How to Play:
When u start you must first build townhall and tent.
In tent you training harvesters and their getting lumber.
(I recommend building townhall, corns research centers more to center of map)

When u have good economy you can start now building some barricades around map
Next to barricades u can build later repair bots.
I recommend building cannons next to barricades with 4 blocks empty space because when some range units destroy your repair bot you must build another one.
Dont forget for Altar of Reviving because if you die without him you will die permanently.

Dont forget for research center where you need research gem quality (hp for normal barricades)
and tower damage and lot of more.


Island Defending Ultimated v1.3 (Map)

The terrain is offensively basic. Some icons have no DISBTNs. They look green when disabled/on game pause. Learn about icons (Gatling cannon for instance): Button Manager v1.8.2 BLP Lab v0.5.0 Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons How to Make an...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. The terrain is offensively basic.
    2. Some icons have no DISBTNs. They look green when disabled/on game pause. Learn about icons (Gatling cannon for instance):
      Button Manager v1.8.2
      BLP Lab v0.5.0
      Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
      How to Make an Icon
    3. The autorepair bot has no description. Learn about making one:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    4. Corn level 2 costs too much and it's better to build another level 1 corn field, until you run out of space, that is. There's almost no difference (is there) between how the two look. Oh, there's a limit to how many fields one can have.
    5. Gatling cannon level 2's health bar is too high. Same with level 9.
    6. Are zombies supposed to be coming during the waiting time for the next (3rd) wave? Happened two times spontaneously. There were still 2 mins and then 1 minute before the third wave was supposed to begin but zombies still came. Even Zombie Carriers appeared.
    7. The enemy is named hra, player in Czech or some language?
    8. The fourth corn level has no model... you can't select them. I presume they can't be attacked either.
    9. What's the difference between the cannons? They both have very fast attack and piercing damage and only hit one target. One of them has more damage and HP.
    10. Why do towers have an armour upgrade slot if there's none?
    11. What about hotkeys for buildings and upgrades?
    12. The Mortar has the lowest damage but pretty much costs the most.
    13. Enemies don't quite have unique abilities or mechanics. They just look differently and are tougher. Same for the towers players build.
    14. Survivor's blink has no tooltip/description.
    It's basically a vampirism tower defense.

    Awaiting Update for enhancements, terrain, gameplay (enemies, player stuff; anything else like game modes etc.). Maybe some dynamism since there are four empty spaces on the map. Maybe choose your place of defense at the start, I don't know? Everyone for themselves? The creatures to split depending on how many players are playing and to go to them in equal numbers depending where they are?

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