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Last Activity:
May 18, 2010
Apr 6, 2004



killst4r was last seen:
May 18, 2010
    1. sunshinex3
      May i have permission to edit a few of your protoss building models (nexus, Stargate, batter, forge) just want to give them a grey texture
    2. yeyoxcore
      Hi killst4r i want to ask you for permision to modify your scout model,
      i will use as base model to a new one, i will giveyou credit from model :)
      thnks and sorry for my bad english
    3. gamepangonline
      sir, can you help me, i got problem in opening warcraft3 model editor...it says "...failed to start because d3dx9_35.dll was not found. Re-installing this application may fix this problem."
      what shall i Do??
      (Does my warcraft3 must be installed in my computer?? co'z I just copied it from my classmate)
    4. Sorceress
      Man i love your models, you defn deserve some sort of medal on the hives.
    5. Dragon270 THE ONLY
      Dragon270 THE ONLY
      Im using alot of your Terran building models in my map. They all worked fine except for the "Goliath Optimalized4" and SCV models. I tried to import only 1 of each smoke/fire/goliathfire blps because they are used in every model. Im pretty sure my problem is the same as Showrstudios'
    6. Showrstudios
      Hey, this is probably a really nooby thing to ask, but when I downlad your stuff it doesnt actually work, and alot of things are named the same. What hsould I do?
    7. anarchianbedlam
      WELCOME BACK! :D we missed you, your models are great. Youve made a lot of starcraft models, we have a few contests going on right now if you want to try to win a sc2 beta key. See you around
    8. supertoinkz
      Welcome back :>
    9. Arhowk
    10. computerfreak154
      Very good models indeed! Thanks for everything !! i hope you can make all starcraft models if you have time... Anyways nice job great models!
    11. The_Grapist
      I wish you were here so you can help me with the bambo building models!
    12. Choppermad
      One thing that bugs me is his GIGANTIC model size.
      Other than that, he is an awesome modelmaker.
    13. Shadelord
      Too bad your gone dude, I could really use your help in right now...
    14. varsaigen
      even after your gone, you still get repped. :P awesome. XD
    15. Artanis186
      Awesome Starcraft models!
    16. Phill
      I'm impressed with the SC models you've been making. I'm trying to work Starcraft into WC3, such that one could play the 'toss, terran or the zerg against any of the medeival people, and the models I'm finding here are a lot of help. Right now I'm still working on incorporating the zerg, and I'm debating what to do for heroes; if you had time and felt so inspired, I would be very appreciative to see some unique monsters that would both be appropriate additions to the zerg race and that are impressive enough to be hero material. I may try my hand at 3-D modeling myself, but I've had little luck in the past.
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