Icon Contest #17 - Legendary Equipment Set

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Jan 25, 2011





  • No submission may violate any of the site rules.
  • Your work must be mostly freehand. CnPs, trace-overs or heavy referencing existing artwork are not permitted. Use of textures and filter work is permited.
  • You must show at least 2 unfinished previews (WIP) for each of your submissions, before the deadline, as proof that they're yours.
    • Drawing on canvas size smaller than 256x256 pixels: the .psd file may be required as the verification of authorship.
  • The icons must be made specifically for the contest. No previous works are allowed.
  • Submissions must follow the contest theme.
  • The icons must be physically attached to a post when complete and uploaded to the icon section. Icons mustn't be updated once uploaded, until the contest poll is over.
  • Judges may not participate in the contest.
  • No irrelevant, non-constructive or off-topic posts will be tolerated in this thread.
  • Teamwork is not allowed.


First Place: 45 reputation points and your entry on the award icon
Second Place: 30 reputation points and an award icon
Third Place: 15 reputation points and an award icon
Other Participants and judges: 5 reputation points


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Consistency of the icons in the pack
Do four drawn icons compliment each other well?/10

Blizzard style
Is the style similar to standard icons?/10

How qualitative is the concept, how unexpected and creative is the idea? Originality and uniqueness of icons are judged. How fitting are icons for model/spell?/25

Technical note
Quality of: color, composition, expressiveness, shape, definition, sharpness, clarity, shading, realism, proportions, rendering, details, materials./55


The contest shall begin on 20 June 2018 and conclude on 10 July 2018 extended until 17 July 2018 GMT (day is included).

Assigned Staff: KILLCIDE

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Feb 23, 2014
Due to the whole situation, I would like someone to consider making a set that contains a LEGENDARY TIE (yes, the one that you use when wearing a suit) :D

Good luck to all participants :)
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Aug 7, 2011

Seems like a fun contest. I wanted to draw some armors, don't know if I'll finish all the icons though. I kind of wanted to make a frost set that would work well with this:


but unfortunately, my style is still way off from Blizzard's. Might have to work on that someday.

I might upload WIPs later, but here are the large versions for now:


A) WHY 256X256 WHY, U WANT TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT ON ME!!!???? (I draw in direct size)
B) Can the set contain weapons/shields
C) What can't be considered part of a "legendary set"

Edit: Whatev, Im going to make the shape outline in 256x256 and Im going to proceed to work on direct size :D

Edit 2: whatev Im going full into direct size

Edit 3:


BTW I'm making a Fireking Legacy Set, or maybe a Legacy of the Elemental Kings, Im still up to decide it.
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Aug 7, 2011
  • You must show at least 2 unfinished previews (WIP) for each of your submissions, before the deadline, as proof that they're yours. Minimum canvas size is 256 x 256 pixels.
The requirement is to post WIPs and that the minimum canvas size (of those supposedly) has to be 256x256. So, you can make your WIPs in 64x64 or 2x2 and upscale, post those and you're done. Doesn't say you can't upscale your WIPs :cgrin:

But anyway, I meant that as a bit of a joke. Don't worry about bending the rules slightly though, if it's for the sake of creating the better art. I doubt anyone would actually steal art here.
(and honestly I disagree with the second line, you should ALWAYS reference in art (unless you're a god tier pro who has it all in his mind (and yes I realize it is more in the lines of not copying someone else's design but heavy referencing can also mean using lots of reference) and although I'm not a fan of filters, photobashing and texturing if it looks fine, w/e. But that rule you can't really bend, it's quite clear. I just want to point out that it's an industry standard to do all that... and we've been having these rules since forever in the art contests. Anyway.)
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Dec 30, 2007
As it has mentioned already, I'll just tag along and speak my mind:

Current Rule

"You must show at least 2 unfinished previews (WIP) for each of your submissions, before the deadline, as proof that they're yours. Minimum canvas size is 256 x 256 pixels."

And what if someones preferred method is pixel art? Are they not allowed to participate just because we're afraid of some wangrod stealing art?

I don't want to start another shitstorm, but this is yet again a rule that makes little to no sense. Are we really this afraid of people stealing art? And I hate to whine about it again, but what the heck was wrong with the old rule?

Old Rule
"You must show at least one unfinished preview (WIP) for each of your submissions, before the deadline, as proof that they're yours. Drawing on canvas size below 256 pixels, in case of disputes, requires either:
- at least 3 workflow WIPs per icon to be saved and kept by author or
- .psd files for each of icons to be saved and kept by author.

Sure, puts more pressure on people utilizing pixel art, but it doesn't exclude them completely.

And as morbent mentioned it, what is THWs thoughts on photobashing, matte painting and similar techniques? They're are industry standards these days and most of the techniques has been applied for for years, if not a decade by now.

"Only freehand work is accepted. CnPs, in-game screenshot edits, excessive filter-work, trace-overs or heavy referencing existing artwork are not permitted."

I would also argue that this rule is simply a remnant from a time when THW and WC3C lost their shit if someone utilized filters or textures to improve their art. I.e. something archaic, that either shouldn't be applied anymore or at least be revisited and/or discussed.

I'm not arguing that we should allow trace-overs and out right theft, but the fact that textures and filters still are considered something lowbrow and filthy is simply hilariously sad. Yes, companies still apply the 100% hand painted ideal, but it's not the norm, rather something niche applied to capture a very specific art style.

Cuphead and Skullgirls are examples of this taken to an extreme, and World of Warcraft is a good example of the mediums being mixed. 3D sculpts, created in such a fashion to resemble something hand painted. Hand made animations to capture the more "jagged" feeling of 2D animation, in stark contrast to the industrial cleanliness of motion captured animations etc.

But does that mean that we've to restrict ourselves to this niche ideal? If so, why?

@morbent, GDC - Concept Art is Dead :p
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Nov 12, 2007
Hey if the community feels things are outdated we can totally get this discussion going in Site Discussion.

I'd be glad if someone started a thread on the topic, but if no one is feeling like it, I can do it within 7 days or so.

About changing the rules mid-contest: this is usually the least preferable option. But if everyone participating in the contest agrees, then everything's fine.
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Jan 20, 2011