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Golden Axe

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Map inspired by classic game Golden Axe.
Choose a character, move forward, collect potions and kill all enemies 'till the end.


Woman Vilager by Afronight_76, WCIITempleOfDamned by Red XIII, Behemot Rider by Callahan, Dwarf Brute by assasin_lord, Barbarian D3 by ironmaiden, Big Healing Potion by General Frank, Big Mana Potion by General Frank, Big Greeny Potion by General Frank, Barbarian by Terem, Murray in Rock-Cave by Uncle Fester, Cursed Hammer by JesusHipster, Minotaur by Alpain, Barbarian RPG Hero by EbonyStallion, Garona Halforcen by MrTuercas, Gnoll Snapdragon Rider by Misha, Lizardman Juggernaut by Gluma, Lidardman rider by Gluma, Gnome Arcanist by Direfury, Bandit Axethrower by HerrDave, BTNriderportrait by Gluma, Azure Raptor by Hayate, StormwindPaladiness by kangyun, Troll Rider (Scout) by Hayate, Oak Tree by HerrDave, Pine Tree by HerrDave, Decorative Tree by HerrDave, Bamboo by HerrDave, Wheat by HerrDave

Golden Axe (Map)

You should have the credits as a list to be easily read. Why is the author and your username not the same? Which begs the question if your other uploaded maps are actually yours. But since it was uploaded on the 9th of November here too (Golden Axe -...
Too long as Awaiting Update. Substandard until the author updates and requested another review.


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
You should have the credits as a list to be easily read.

Why is the author and your username not the same? Which begs the question if your other uploaded maps are actually yours. But since it was uploaded on the 9th of November here too (Golden Axe - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com), I guess I can turn a blind eye until things are clarified.

1. Well, selection should not just be by one click. Maybe you want to know something about the hero before choosing?
2. I was expecting keyboard movement, not classic Warcraft one with a side-scroller type camera.
3. You should use WERTY keys for spells or ZXCV because S is coded for Stop. I'm not entirely sure you've tested this thing.
4. Spells are just regular Warcraft III ones.
5. Those barriers are quite useless.
6. So, why is the healing potion used when taking it and the mana potion gets stored in the inventory?
7. Icons don't have DISBTNs. They look green on F10/pause. Add/make the DISBTNs if you want. Learn about icons:
Button Manager v1.8.2
BLP Lab v0.5.0
Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
How to Make an Icon
8. Descriptions in general are lacking. Potions don't even say exactly what they do (no values etc.). Learn about tooltips:
Tooltip Tutorial
Creating Good Descriptions
9. Models don't have proper portraits. Either you've not imported them correctly or they have none. Maybe you should ask in Requests for help.
10. Well, you can just run away, wait for the spells to recharge since they cost no mana and then return to the enemy group which doesn't follow you all the way, to destroy them.
11. The map doesn't feel like playing Golden Axe, really.
12. You should add a multiplayer version too. Would make it more fun.
13. What!? The spells are just Cyclone!? Is this Golden Axe at all? Wait... but it's not a good idea to have them random like that. You should know what you cast...
14. You can't fight the minibosses without running away from them and casting spells from a distance because they're much stronger than you and players don't have any of the Golden Axe super spells or at least a way of dodging attacks like in the actual game.
15. Gnomes are too easy to kill. One shot and that's it. They're too many, also.
16. No mounts? That is/was iconic to Golden Axe from the first game.
17. If you want all the bosses to have a mark for identification then add hero glow to all: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling On the contrary, you have non-boss or hero attack type units with hero glow which means their cadavers will linger on the battlefield for long because they are not heroes but normal units with hero models which don't have a decay animation.
18. You can kill the units on the cliffs without them being able to hit you.
19. You can drag one or few enemies at a time.
20. Units have no names. Not a problem though.

Right now, it doesn't feel like playing Golden Axe. You should make many improvements in what the gameplay is concerned. It's too old school and not much is happening.

Awaiting Update.

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Daffa the Mage
Level 3
Oct 21, 2018
the map is mine. the author and my username are not the same simply 'cause i've forgotten to insert it, "sconosciuto" (the name of the author of this map) simply means "unknown" in italian, which is the name that automatically appears in the map in the italian wc3 editor if you don't insert one.
i will change it and also try to fix the other stuff