God's Remnants Pack 3

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The third chapter of my 36 maps long campaign which can be either played as 3 player campaign or single player. Meet the dwarves and see what troubles the most experienced warriors in this campaign. Meet Bronndin's relatives and see what great mysteries this ancient continent has to offer.

While trying to chase down their enemies at the continent of Vintas, our heroes managed to explore this wast continent. In the meantime they made friends and enemies alike. Now they have been drived by the dwarves towards their homeland to face justice for what has been done to dwarven expedition in the great desert on Vintas.

Maps in this Pack:

  • 13 Dwarven Kingdom
  • 14 Dragon's Remains
  • 15 Hidden Grave
  • 16 Cursed City
  • 17 With all it's Might
  • 18 The Turning Point
Main characters:
Tranquil, Callahan, Direfury, Wandering Soul, Em!, Mephestrial, Explobomb, The Panda, UgoUgo, 67chrome, Sopho, Solu9, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, JesusHipster, -Berz-, Marcos DAB, L_Lawliet, Juice_F, Nightmare, imforfun, Bloodslaughter, Ofel, zbc, Paladon, kittenranch, General Frank, Edge45, Uncle Fester, Ujimasa Hojo, MatiS, Mc !, Tranquil, xorkatoss, Itius Leurn Freim, Misha, Talavaj, Assasin_lord, supertoinkz, Mike, HerrDave, Stefan.K, Miseracord, Explobomb, Forgotten_Warlord, Vinz, Hate Zanekok, Nudl9, mogulkhan1Axe, Anachron, PeeKay, deth_lord, Darkfang

Map 13:
Hayate, Explobomb, Gluma, Exyte, johnwar, chr2, Lord_T, tillinghast, Trikodius, Sunchips, Blood Raven, Solu9, NFWar, ~Nightmare, Vinz, stan0033, PrinceYaser, HappyTauren, supertoinkz, imforfun, Mike, Revilo, Grey Knight, terrio, Manoo, HammerFist132, HappyCockroach, The_Silent, olofmoleman, The Panda, FhelZone, Xetanth87, bakr

Map 14:
Ceterai, Direfury, Norinrad, -Grendel, Hayate, PrMosquito, Mc !, General Frank, HappyTauren, Mister_Haudrauf, JetFangInferno, Daelin, The_Spellweaver, Fingolfin, Blood Raven, IX-ArTuR-XI, Tranquil, xw1995327www, Chaosy, Kitabatake, Deolrin, Red, HerrDave, Sansui

Map 15:
Gluma, Anvil, Direfury, Galadgod, HappyCockroach, Paultaker, Stefan.K, A.R., HappyTauren, Tarrasque, -Grendel, PeeKay, JesusHipster, Power, NewbieMapper, JetFangInferno, Heinvers, JollyD, Blood Raven, SuNdee, tonic, Yours Truly, Boogles, The_Silent, HerrDave, hellblazer-14, darkdeathknight, Sellenisko, Deolrin, Grey Knight, Kenathorn

Map 16:
Jaccouille, PeeKay, Tarasque, Freddyk, MiniMage, Sellenisko, Mister_Haudrauf, Explobomb, Direfury, Blood Raven, kangyun, Vinz, Grey Knight, Callahan, kellym0, Kitabatake, JetFangInferno, Illidan(Evil)X, Stanakin, The_Silent, bigapple90, Tails96, Ilya Alaric, Rondo, Horn, Talavaj, Zwiebelchen, Tirlititi, Tranquil, Fingolfin, Sellenisko, HerrDave, Geries, Mr. Bob, TheKaldorei,

Map 17:
Heinvers, PeeKay, Stanakin, Ujimasa Hojo, NatDis, AndrewOverload519, Dmitry Rommel, Tranquil, Callahan, Direfury, Alpain, Abigail, Deolrin, HammerFist132, Vinz, Yours Truly, Kino, JesusHipster, takakenji, EdwardSwolenToe, -Grendel, BLazeKraze, Thrikodius, HerrDave, Tamplier, Solu9, Sin'dorei300, Hexus, hortaxman, Red XIII, eubz, Fingolfin, RavenBlackbird, General Frank, BlazeKraze, Hellx-Magnus

Map 18:
Truth Troll UA, CRAZYRUSSIAN, PrinceYaser, Sellenisko, Rubellu Sidus, Kuhneghetz, Mr.Goblin, Thrikodius, Mc !, Mr. Bob, HerrDave, Fingolfin, Shardeth, Mephestrial, Direfury, HappyCockroach, Sin'dorei300
Don't play this chapter if you haven't played pack 1 or 2 yet. Here is the link to do so:
God's Remnants Pack 1
God's Remnants Pack 2

The story inspired by various books that always missed the 'epic journey' factor for me. Hope you enjoy playing it. Great time killer for playing with friends.
Feel free to DM for suggestions and comments or if you would like to discuss the storyline.

13 Dwarven Kingdom (Map)

14 Dragon's Remains (Map)

15 Hidden Grave (Map)

16 Cursed City (Map)

17 With All It's Might (Map)

18 The Turning Point (Map)

Harthor can't decide whether his throne is a chair or bear. When you meet the exiled knights, one of them might remain south and one north not getting into the fight anymore. So, the quest is to get to the southern captain, whoever that is, and after...


Map Reviewer
Level 59
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Harthor can't decide whether his throne is a chair or bear.
  2. When you meet the exiled knights, one of them might remain south and one north not getting into the fight anymore.
  3. So, the quest is to get to the southern captain, whoever that is, and after aiding the knights, you get a message to talk to the king while the quest is still what I wrote earlier.
  4. You can draw one of the two bosses out and fight them separately. Did so with the giant imp.
  5. Fighting 3 Magnataurs is much harder than fighting one Wendigo.
  6. Ugh, too bad you lose the belt item on the dwarf, that gave instant AoE HP regeneration.
  7. Do they have watches to tell how much time has passed underground?
  8. Victor has red hero glow instead of white/gray.
  9. You can fight the three undead nobles separately.
  10. Adhelion did not enter the king's grave passage.
  11. Why were the Wintergarde troops attacking without question and the general did not? Were all of them dimwitted?
  12. Some lizards remain enemy regardless if you place eggs near them.
  13. The giant lizard can devour the heroes with no way out fast enough before dying. You can however spam spells on it and do hit and run tactics which is boring and lame rather.
  14. Waited a lot for the quest to finish after killing that lizard and it might have been triggered by going on an egg nest region again saying 2 eggs remained.
  15. Heroes remained selected during the scene after killing the swamp lord.
  16. Why would they want to part ways when they still had to find the risen king?
  17. When going towards the mammoths, the neutral allied heroes might stop on the way.
  18. The barbarian heroes can be killed one by one. Weak for last chapter boss fight.
  19. The ship in the end scene circled around before going on its way.
  20. godsRemnants01.pnggodsRemnants02.pnggodsRemnants03.pnggodsRemnants04.pnggodsRemnants05.pnggodsRemnants06.pnggodsRemnants07.pnggodsRemnants08.png
Lovely as the previous ones. Would be nicer if some maps wouldn't be linear but more open world oriented.


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