Chinese Paladin: Liu Su - The Search

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This campaign was made by Vanspirit. She is the author of this campaign. The campaign is being posted on HiveWorkShop on her behalf with her express permission.

The campaign was originally posted here:

[仙剑战役]仙剑奇侠刘苏传 - 自定义战役系列地图讨论区 - 游久社区 -


Chinese Paladin: Liu Su - The Search
Chinese Paladin: Liu Su - The Search
This campaign is a remake of Vanspirit's Part 1 of the same series, and follows Liu Su/company. It is comprised of 23 maps that you can transition between.

Due to the conversion tool used to convert the campaign to the standard world editor, it is recommended to play the campaign using the most recent patch.

List of Vanspirit's Campaigns
List of Vanspirit's Campaigns

1. Chinese Paladin: Liu Su - The Search


Liu Su: The main character of the series.

Jiang Xiaoxie: Liu Su's childhood friend.

Bingdian Bohe: The daughter of the county magistrate of Zhangzhou.

Zhui Yu: The subordinate of Chonglou and one of the three Demon Generals.



Message from Vanspirit (creator): I want to thank all the people who have helped me, made models and pictures for me, those who love RPG campaigns, and those who have enjoyed my works.

These are the hiveworkshop resources in use, based on the automatic credit generator:
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Chinese Paladin Series.
Channel Workshop.

Special Thanks

Message from Vanspirit (creator): I want to thank all the people who have helped me, made models and pictures for me, those who love RPG campaigns, and those who have enjoyed my works.

These people helped in various ways in bringing the campaign to hiveworkshop.
Ghostwolf- YDWE conversion tool, Quinten- map description title picture, Deepstrasz- various things, Tuwnew- map template.

Change Log

(Removed 0s so name is shorter)
PALRv4.6 Initial Upload

PalR-v5.4 - Updated version of Vanspirit's campaign has been uploaded with all the tooptips for the items/weapons/potions shops in the spinoffs, the starting items for the heroes (including the main game), tooltips for interface like lumber, intelligence etc, item drops now have correct spacing, spells/buffs that did not have tooltips now have them, and other missing tooltips mentioned by Deepstrasz/Cleavinghammer.
PalR-v5.7 - Fixed remaining grammar/spelling, full game interface translated.


Chinese Paladin Liu Su R (Campaign)

Well, it ends somewhat abruptly since your heroes still have a lot to level up. The spinoffs make up for it though. The gameplay isn't quite that good, it's mostly repetitive and boss fights could really use work. The best part, is everything working...
[Press ESC to advance] hint should be displayed until the player hits ESC. (such as at the end of Du Guli's first line). The models don't have idle animations, which looks weird. Are Yuyuan and Dongming Mirror synonyms? The morning sound played...
Last level of the first act: Since the fire should be visible from the characters' POV, the music and cutscene should start right away. Boss: While it's appropriate to the setting, mixing model styles doesn't work very well. Maybe add some more...
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Jul 26, 2008
Just to remind you all: The author of this campaign is Vanspirit. The campaign is posted on hiveworkshop on her behalf with her express permission.
The campaign was originally posted here:

[仙剑战役]仙剑奇侠刘苏传 - 自定义战役系列地图讨论区 - 游久社区 -


This is a campaign from the Chinese warcraft 3 community. Hopefully we can "give back" in the sense that by sharing many campaigns from their community, it will inspire Hiveworkshop creators to make more campaigns, and then the chinese community can play those campaigns when the Chinese translators bring Hive campaigns to their community (so in this way, they can benefit also).


In case there is confusion about what chapters to play first:

The preface (1) gives an introduction from the author (Vanspirit).
(2) is the prologue, and you must watch it in order to unlock the first mission.
You never need to ever click (3) because it will naturally open for you after you complete the first mission after (2).
(4), (5) and (6) are hidden at the start, and will unlock naturally once you beat the main campaign/the preceding Spinoffs.
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Jul 26, 2008
the player dont appear in the chapter which i should kill the bear... a bug ?
A bug only you experience, perhaps.

I can see from your post history that you encounter many bugs with the campaigns you have played.

In particular, there are two recent ones that are related to game cache (which I think is the problem you are having now in Vanspirit's campaign).

Malfurion's Quest


March of the Horde



I think it is guaranteed that those problems in those 2 campaigns do not exist for other players, so it is likely the current problem you are encountering with the hero not appearing is also a problem that does not exist for other players.

Game cache related bugs are normally caused by using an older version of Warcraft 3/ using the PTR instead of the normal version/ using some strange mod that alters Wc3. One of those three reasons might be the answer as for why you come across so many bugs when playing campaigns.

For reference, cleavinghammer has almost finished playing Vanspirit's campaign and has not encountered any issues like the one you described. (And obviously I have played through it from beginning to end without any encountering any bugs.)
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Jul 26, 2008
Well, I normally dislike writing a review, but since @cleavinghammer (who normally is the one to write a review about a campaign so that people feel confident about playing) is currently having internet problems that might last 1 week, I guess I will write something.

I--- The music and environment is really great, and makes the gameplay experience very immersive. Not much else to say about it.

II--- As for the battles, there are a few I want to mention:

A) The first map with Liu Su (Wuqiu Mountain I think) could be improved. There is an enemy creature that can cast an undodgeable stun and it can heal itself. It is the creature with the Starcraft zergling model ( I think the name was Spirit Fox or Spirit Cat, but I forget ). This unit should not be included to the starting zone in my opinion. Liu Su at level 1 is a weak range hero, with low mana regeneration. It takes so much time for him to level up in this map. Actually, the smart thing to do is to avoid all monsters and run to Wuqiu Peak (where you can gain Jiang Xiaoxie as your party member). But most people will not know about this, and they will be stuck on the first map for 1-2 hours trying to level up.

B) The boss fight at Bingdian Bohe's "Spin-off" (I think the boss name was Shu Weng). This is an impossible boss fight. Let me explain why:
The only way Bingdian Bohe could win this fight is if her mana shield spell can protect 100% damage. But the maximum it can protect is 90% if I remember correctly. This means the boss cannot be beaten, since Bohe cannot do enough damage before she dies + uses all her lives. At least if it was 100%, then it might be possible since we can buy many mana potions, and along with her mana regeneration, it will be possible to stay alive. I truly do not know how this boss can be beaten.

C) The boss fight at Zhui Yu's "Spin-off" (Chi You). First, I should say this is a very well designed fight, because it can only be won if the player collects all the extra lives in the previous map (in the Yuyuan). But, in reality, the way it is "won" is by doing nothing. The player just lets Zhui Yu auto attack, and the boss fight is won. Why is this a problem? Because I actually lost the boss fight when I used spells. The reason for this is, the reason auto attacking wins the fight for Zhui Yu is she has a passive stun, and the auto attacking allows her to stun the boss many times during the fight. This means she receives less total damage during the fight, and can win. BUT, because of the animation for Warcraft 3 spells, after Zhui Yu uses a spell, she often will not start fighting immediately after the spell's completion (If you know normal Warcraft 3, then imagine the Human Paladin using its Holy Light spell: it will stand there for 1.5 seconds before it starts fighting again.) So because of this time where Zhui Yu does not fight, she actually does not stun the boss enough, and then you will lose the fight, because the total amount of damage you receive during the fight becomes too high (when I say total damage, I mean total of all damage received during the 26 lives you have, assuming players collected the bonus ones in the Yuyuan.)
So basically, I lost the fight when I used spells, but I won the fight when I did nothing but watch Zhui Yu attack normally.

III--- As for the story, I am very worried that it will end up with Liu Su becoming very powerful and then saving the female characters. I am really happy the female characters here are powerful and strong, but I think it is a mistake in storytelling to allow a person who is originally weak/cowardly to eventually become the main hero (and I think this will be the case for the future parts in regards to Liu Su). It is almost like those japanese anime, where the strong female character introduces the weak male character to the magical world, and then in the end the weak male character saves the female character.
One of the best japanese anime I have ever watched (the english name is: "Blue Gender", year: 1999) does exactly this.


It had one of the best stories/character development I have ever seen, but then in the end they made the strong female charatcer be saved by the originally weak male character...

IV--- One of the best parts of this campaign was the NPC dialogue. It was really fun, even though it was only optional. Some of my thoughts on this aspect:

A) Wuqiu Village is an interesting case, since the NPC give different dialogue depending on which hero you use to talk to them. With Liu Su, it is normally something very interesting. With Jiang Xiaoxie unfortunately, all the NPC care about is talking about her beauty/marriage. It seems the only value women have in this campaign is appearance/marriage... With Bingdian Bohe, it seem the NPC are too shy with her to say much, but I think if she was not a stranger, they would also just care about her appearance.

Actually, in Zhangzhou, which is the place Bingdian Bohe is living, the NPC there are familiar with her... So of course, half of all the city is just talking about how beautiful she is.
Interestingly though, the other half all talk about how amazing it is that her Father, the country magistrate (basically an official of the imperial court) is not corrupt. Why is it so special that the county magistrate is not corrupt?

B) Some of the good NPC dialogue was when they forshadowed some of the future parts of the campaign. Like in the ferry crossing region, some of the NPCs mentioned something about the forest to the north east being dangerous (and then later we go there to rescue Liu Li).
Another good example is when the NPC provide us with completely new information. This is sometimes context about the circumstances of people living during that historical period. Other times, it is information about the different factions (like in the map where Jiang Xiaoxie meets her father, the NPC there give interesting information about the Tang Faction (information about the "Book of Poison" as well as the "Wudu Beast"). This kind of NPC dialogue is really great.

V--- In terms of bugs, I did not encounter anything. I did crash 1 time during the fight between Jiang Xiaoxie and her father, but that was because I had warcraft running for many hours I think (not related to the campaign). When I loaded my save file again, it did not crash during that fight.

VI--- There is a problem with spoilers in the "introduction" chapter (in regards to the story). I am guessing that Vanspirit made the other parts, and then came back to do this remake of part 1. This is a big problem for people playing this campaign, because the Introduction is full of spoilers for the later part of the story. Actually, I did not realise immediately when I first read it. But when I was later playing the missions, I remembered 1 of the things that was said in the introduction, and I realized it is full of spoilers. Maybe, for the chinese players, this was ok, because if Vanspirit completed the later parts before she made this remake, then they would already know the story. But for hiveworkshop players, we do not know the later story, so it is not enjoyable if the introduction reveals the endings for many characters in the later parts.

VII--- I had significant difficulty with the first map of each of the Spin-offs, in terms of finding where to go.
Jiang Xiaoxie (Shu Mountain faction map)--- One of the places the player needs to go is only accessible by walking through a room if I remember correctly (the island at the top of the map), and I had trouble realizing that the only way to get there is by walking to the end of the room (there was no marker or circle of power to show it would teleport the hero there).

Bingdian Bohe (Dong Baiyuan map). Because the map uses an alpha tile (I am guessing) (so the terrain appears to be flying/or something), the entire minimap becomes pure white, so there is no way to know the location of your hero in the minimap, so it requires people to form a mental map in their head of where the hero (Bingdian Bohe) is on the map.

Zhui Yu (Capital City map). The map is extremely big, and it is not clear exactly where the hero should go to for the main quest (for talking to the key characters). One of the places (I think it wad the second last talking quest on that map, the one where you are in the right side of the map, directly north of the river) was almost impossible to find.

But I enjoyed this campaign a lot.

Also, why is Liu Su surrounded by so many beautiful women?
This is a picture of my thoughts of Liu Su being surrounded by many beautiful women in this campaign (Bingdian Bohe, Liu Li, Jiang Xiaoxie, Lan Wu, (Zhui Yu?)).


Maybe the reason Liu Su is weak in this part is because there are only 5 beautiful women surrounding him. Maybe more women will be added in the later parts, so he can become stronger?

Actually, I think this aspect of the campaign is curious. Why? Because, this type of fantasy story (1 main male character, multiple female characters) is normally written by men... But if Vanspirit is a women, then it is hard to understand why the story almost seems like one of those Harem Japanese anime where the single male character is the star of the entire show. :D

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Jun 4, 2009
Music in campaigns screens is unnecessary and a bad idea because it plays alongisde the game's.

  1. -the demon lord's animations are frozen
  2. -so, the d-lord wants his lackeys to do the job? How and from where was the thing stolen anyway, and by who, a magician who went up to the sky rim?
  3. -love the portrait differences for each mood, I wonder how you've done it, changing the pictures like that, using custom script?
  4. -however, changing music like that doesn't work well, it's kind of immersion breaking because the scene/background/environment is the same
  5. -Du Guli and other characters don't benefit from the portrait mood swings

  1. -"ask the player to control me" :D what!? Are you sure that's a correct translation?
  2. -there's an issue with messages disappearing after a while if you minimize the game
  3. -gods, did you have to put numbers so big for abilties, damage and stuff from the start? Also, the prices
  4. -"For Women" shouldn't be the same colour as "Explanation"
  5. -what does movement speed level 4 mean? 40? You have to "talk" in Warcraft III numbers/language
  6. -there's an issue with the hero's healthbar appearing below and there's no text in its comment box like level or whatever
  7. -what does Jiumang Lianxing mean?
  8. -I don't see a reason to modifiy icons for Stop, Attack and Hold Position while not changing Patrol and Move
  9. -Sunken Heart. What does removing all pain mean?
  10. -Child's Trick's description is bla bla. What does it actually do? Also, it doesn't have a passive icon. You can make it so with: Button Manager v1.8.2
  11. -Star Magical Combat's icon should be passive looking. Same Weakness Break
  12. -hotkeys for abilities are not intuitive
  13. -it's annoying to calculate spell damage with those huge numbers
  14. -there' a text glitch, it being out of the attributes box
  15. -Qu Shuang has no portrait. Actually, I think all villagers have none
  16. -translation seems a bit forced
  17. -so, now the hero is interested in these people's affairs? I thought they were called meaningless at the start
  18. -the camera rotates and it's hard to navigate using the minimap. Good thing you can reset it each time
  19. -Wife Gu doesn't face the hero when right clicking the NPC
  20. -is Chang You supposed to have hero glow?
  21. -lol, a night elf sentry
  22. -the mounted soldier has a small selection circle
  23. -the hero should have the name over the XP bar. It would be easier to memorize
  24. -the hero icon doesn't have purple hair
  25. -Luo Xingmen Disciple has no hero glow. I assume the unit is a hero. You could add it: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  26. -the terrain is flat even though the scenery is beautiful
  27. -the Wan Jiantang Disciple freezes animation after casting that explosion
  28. -wel, that wasn't much of a battle pressing and clicking two times
  29. -the house scene starts with a pixellated wall for a few lines
  30. -the camera should be a bit upward when the other members are shown because part of their head is cut by the upper screen edge
  31. -you had to write (reject) after close the door on?
  32. -narration or something instead of (null)?
  33. -I think the boss man also doesn't have glow

  1. -there should be a space after each paragraph so that when the next one comes, it won't be right under the previous one
  2. -Lan Wu isn't properly seen; only part of the character's lower body; a camera issue
  3. -OK, phew, the huge numbers were only because of the demoness' prowess but the camera still shifts like the character is drunk
  4. -what's teng?
  5. -"For Men" should be different colour than "Explanation"
  6. -such a small house they have
  7. -how's moving to a place where you have a stash surveyance?
  8. -the soldier near the aunt is called NPC when selected
  9. -Chang Wei is called NPC-4 and has hero glow; ah, also Liu Su doesn't.
  10. -Liu Su's animations freeze when talking to Du Guli; same with Lao Wang and that character is also frozen and afterwards the NPC moves like levitating touching the ground
  11. -gold and whatever that Starfall stuff is instead of lumber, have no description
  12. -many NPCs don't have animations even out of cinematic mode
  13. -the minimap should be pinged with the place you're supposed to go to if no directions/cardinal points are given
  14. -you always start a map with Liu Su, not mattering who you were playing in the previous one
  15. -Lan Wu stays and kicks through the table
  16. -why not tell Liu Su where Lan Wu was going in case anything happened to Liu Su's sister?

  1. -I think the music might be actually replacing the game's because the game's music starts when maps load before it overwrites with the imported material after the maps start
  2. -Shen Liu Ying needs a passive icon
  3. -zergling=spirit cat :S
  4. -2 XP from the spirit cat as well? But it's like fighting a wolf with 3-4 times its HP since that cat heals a lot
  5. -Aardwolf=earthwolf?
  6. -OK, so lumber are lives
  7. -the problem with the current camera during gameplay is that you can shoot farther than you can see which is not good; that means others can shoot you from farther than you can see
  8. -you can attack some enemies from the highground/cliffs
  9. -what does item duplicated mean? It disappeared. What if I want to sell it? Is it stored for the stash?
  10. -strength, agility and then blank; also armour has no title
  11. -what is the Earth attribute?
  12. -Jiang Xiaoxie's animations are also frozen during cinematic mode and why is the character there?
  13. -the Bloodlust item icon has a broken description
  14. -well, if you can only play with one of the heroes and not both, it's meh; that's not how multi hero RPGs work; hopefully you don't have to play with each to level up separately. At least you get the aura bonuses from Jiang. Another good thing is that you can use the other hero when the previous is badly injured
  15. -Liu Su's abilty positions change places after loading the game; Shen Liu Ying switches with Flying Arrow
  16. -frankly, the bear is weaker than a spirit cat
  17. -fortunate Jiang came? Liu killed the bear alone
  18. -Jiang unfreezes when they talk about the tower but Liu doesn't, maybe because of Jiang's beauty?
  19. -what's with the empty shop in the stash zone?
  20. -there's an issue with the bridge camera. You have to click on the minimap to get back so that the camera would change otherwise you can't click on the screen to go further to change the camera because of the fixed angle
  21. -the peak map is too small, you don't even have time to listen to the music before reaching the destination
  22. -Bohe's animations are also frozen during cinematic scene
  23. -after the seal is opened, the camera shows a pixellated wall which covers the whole screen

  1. -I don't think Taoist Master Incantation actually stuns for 1 second but more
  2. -Jiang doesn't have a level 20 spell? Also, I think this hero's spells can be chosen regardless of the level so you can level the same spell up at each level up until you finish
  3. -Jiang has no hero glow by the way
  4. -barren outskirt? It's like filled with flowers, plants ands stuff
  5. -Shang De's real name is NPC-4
  6. -ah... discussions with some NPCs have more to it if you go to them with different heroes
  7. -you can't stack items if your inventory is full and you try to buy
  8. -looks like you can move through people's houses without problems
  9. -it breaks immersion to have Warcraft III units alongside anime-like ones
  10. -another annoying thing is the hero mana and health bars overlapping the enemy's when you want to hover the mouse over them to cast abilities
  11. -it's bad that you have to use inventory slots for healing and mana restoration things and a time waste going to the stash each time to exchange invetory items for it
  12. -some strings aren't properly spaced
  13. -well, at least you have unlimited(?) item pick up range
  14. -now I get it, the shop near the stash is meant for you to sell not buy
  15. -battling on the bridge is a nono as the view is too close
  16. -you can even do combos with the heroes, stunning and shooting a bit with Liu then quickly bringing Jiang in for the final blow or so
  17. -ability tooltips should be better written, there's no information about how many levels one spell offers
  18. -this qingqiu mountain zone is very repetitive having only one creature type
  19. -problematic to fight the green (wyvern) ghoul with that camera so close but at least you don't have to dodge anything because you can't anyway
  20. -so bosses are just more poweful units, nothing special

  1. -I mean, it starts right with the sails
  2. -monk=NPC-4
  3. -what about naming the neutral player Zhangzhou and not npc?
  4. -some items in the weapon store have broken descriptions; Wooden Sword has cffff[number] before some sentences
  5. -Flowing Cloud Cloak. What does it do, give?
  6. -the priest has hero glow
  7. -got a crash during the scene where you're told Bing Xianling is not home because the character left for Jing Cheng 3 days before; actually, weird, it was just an error without the game crashing or exiting but it minimized
  8. -scorpions but no poison?
  9. -burrowers are weak compared to green oxes, not to mention they are attacking very slow too
  10. -by the way, Jiang's attack animation is weird. Also, why does Liu have a sword if the hero only uses the bow?
  11. -what does Damage Absorption level 1 mean on Longquan Sword? I gather that it's life steal from the FX that appears but it's called as if you reduce the damage taken not gain hit points on attack plus it doesn't say how much; actually, it appears on other swords as well
  12. -the problem with space is that the stars are not also below but only to the sides
  13. -Taoist Master Incantation switches places with Thunder Enchantment on load
  14. -because the minimap is all white, it's improbable to pinpoint your location
  15. -some of Bohe's items have an incomplete or broken description, one is a chest armour and the other a Purge looking item
  16. -Fromless Learning doesn't have a disabled icon. When you require a higher level for it, it still looks as if you could click on it to learn it. Use the earlier mentioned program to make a proper DISBTN for it. This spell also doesn't say how much mana regeneration it gives
  17. -spell hotkeys don't make any sense, Bohe almost has totally other hotkeys than the other heroes
  18. -no idea why Bohe almost dies when a Fog Spirit casts the fire spell on the hero when to the other two heroes it deals mere damage; so it's the weakest of the 3 heroes
  19. -Bohe has no hero glow
  20. -you can just spam Liu Su's arrow spell on the ghoul while regenerating your mana from Bohe
  21. -lol, Bohe didn't vanish anything, the weakling
  22. -in the forest there are places where you can go through rocks
  23. -fun fact is that you can heal the heroes and restore their mana with Bohe in the stash region
  24. -so, generally, spells are Warcraft III ones
  25. -even all the guards sleep at night?

  1. -there are places where the camera is eaten by high doodads and you can't see a thing unless you roll the camera
  2. -many long and empty corridors; decorations needed
  3. -at this point in the game, you're moving so fast, the enemy can't catch you
  4. -you can't see much of the enemy on the platform over the red water to the map's center
  5. -all creatures melee here?
  6. -chests should not be units because they disappear after being destroyed
  7. -an Anti-Magic Shell(?) item has an incomplete/broken description
  8. -not sure why Pan Dragon Pendant can be sold for 3k gold when giving +1 to Earth while the above mentioned gives +1 and +10 to unmentioned but is sold for 900 gold
  9. -you can spam arrow and winwalk on Yan Ling and not get hit; you can also leave the battle to go to the stash and heal and get back; ah well, the boss regenerates too with a spell but it happened once; I guess the cooldown is big?
  10. -wind leopard but it's a flying snake?
  11. -Bingdian also loses mana when hit although not using the mana shield spell at that moment
  12. -Ultimate Ice Strike switches positions with the healing spell Shiu something
  13. -lucky for the panda that it can regenerate so oftenl I really want to win without losing lives
  14. -Bingdian is useless in combat, the hero dies after taking one not able to be dodged spell from the panda
  15. -managed to trick the fat bear with windwalk and arrow until regeneration wasn't an option anymore due to quick last shots
  16. -I mean you beat the bear and then it suddenly disappears...

  1. -Shu Mountain Pupil is named NPC
  2. -all swords in the store have no proper DISBTN
  3. -what's a Jinglou and Jianlou?
  4. -they're talking to each other addressing male and femal apprentice?
  5. -no more stash?
  6. -boar genocide
  7. -Multidirectional Convergence also increase movement speed; the description doesn'nt say it
  8. -so boars are also ghouls? That's how Jiang defends against boar holocaust
  9. -this map needs more than boars, it's way too repetitive
  10. -everybody is named Tang Zhilda
  11. -Equipment NPC in the castle map has most items with broken/incomplete tooltips
  12. -basically boss fights are either based on huge amounts of healing items or lives, there's no actual skill in defeating the bosses
  13. -the windwalk part is the most annoying of them all and lasts too much and if you don't have the AoE spell... got luck the dude went to the southeast corner and I could shoot from the distance since the old man didn't come to the middle where Jiang was after getting out of windwalk

  1. -most of the hero's items don't have a tooltip
  2. -again, that white minimap where you can't see the hero dot and neither the camera square because they are both white
  3. -what seems to be a cloud tile is too low quality
  4. -revival charge item's descriptio, broken
  5. -Bohe is behind a yellow crystal that occupies half of the screen so you can only see master douchebag
  6. -in the manor map, free chests everywhere
  7. -as I was writing before, this hero is totally useless, dies in one spell, unless, you put the mana shield on and have the mana regeneration spell at a high level
  8. -sometimes the tileset and doodad arrangement is too Warcraft III
  9. -first time I see a transmission during gameplay like in Warcraft III. It lasts too little though
  10. -the green hued zombies are a terrible choice
  11. -there are parts where you can see the no cross boundaries. It's not nice
  12. -no AoE spell?
  13. -the zombie zone is too long and monotonous
  14. -the zombie AoE buff doesn't have a tooltip
  15. -there's a trapped between doodads zombie to the northwest; can get the reward from it due to high item pick range
  16. -most boring level until now
  17. -it takes a million years to kill Shu Weng the second time. It's just lame; as if the zombies weren't enough
  18. -Bohe's mana shield spell has a tooltip glitch

  1. -there's an issue with the tiles or flat doodad (platofrms) flickering
  2. -what's qiqi?
  3. -going south might make the wall cover the screen and to get out of this situation it's needed to click the minimap. Good that you can
  4. -another issue, is models of doodads(?) appearing and disappearing depending how close to them are you; some don't appear at all, maybe because the camera is too close
  5. -Sunken Heart doesn't have a proper DISBTN; it looks active/available
  6. -Equipment (which is the name of an NPC/person by the way) has items with little to no tooltips; same with Weapons
  7. -what's Shuoshu Shuoshu?
  8. -can't see the big Buddha statue fully because of the camera and the doodad is awfully pixellated
  9. -I really like non-violence games but this map needs something to do other than move around; there's a chance you might miss on the "secret" scenes because the spots for them are not signalled
  10. -the better/proper camera appears after you cross the bridge back; afterwards it remains for crossing the bridge to the main part of the city and you can see the statue
  11. -why do the armour and attack have the same icon, doesn't that logogram mean the same thing?
  12. -doesn't just suddenly disappearing from his face raise even more suspicion?
  13. -no descriptions for Zhui's items, not even the spells in the spellbook type item
  14. -is it me or the player is now red?
  15. -an item from the ches which could be a healing/restoration one has a broken description; the string for it has to be written/fixed too
  16. -this Outland map is immersion breaking
  17. -V spell rules even less mana and greater damage than Radiant Linked Star
  18. -you got to check all items in this map for descriptions
  19. -a darn, another white minimap level
  20. -same with this map, check tooltips for items, spells
  21. -epilepsy warning and horrible camera fighting the haters gonna hate boss
  22. -basically, you have to run around for 2 hours, cast three-4 spells and wait for that turtle to die; the snail doesn't do anything than follow you trying to get some booty and when tired goes to the middle to rest
  23. -the stupidest boss ever
  24. -alone cannot mach the lemur's power? Really...

  1. -Du Guli cannot be seen as the camera shows some close-up plants
  2. -what's Luoming and Din Jiange?

Well, it ends somewhat abruptly since your heroes still have a lot to level up. The spinoffs make up for it though.
The gameplay isn't quite that good, it's mostly repetitive and boss fights could really use work. The best part, is everything working for a grand atmosphere: dialogues, music (which is supposed to be from the original game or series), environment.

Not sure why it's called paladins since there's nothing about a knight order.

chinesePaladins01.png chinesePaladins02.png chinesePaladins03.png chinesePaladins04.png chinesePaladins05.png chinesePaladins06.png chinesePaladins07.png chinesePaladins08.png chinesePaladins09.png chinesePaladins10.png chinesePaladins11.png chinesePaladins12.png chinesePaladins13.png


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Daffa the Mage
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008

A number of the camera issues shown on the screenshots you posted at the bottom are noted in other campaigns to be caused by patch 1.3.1+. Hopefully Blizzard will fix those issues.

The items/weapons/spells/other stuff in Vanspirit's campaign that you and Cleavinghammer mentioned are missing the translations will be fixed.
Last edited:
Level 21
Apr 6, 2010
[Press ESC to advance] hint should be displayed until the player hits ESC. (such as at the end of Du Guli's first line).

The models don't have idle animations, which looks weird.

Are Yuyuan and Dongming Mirror synonyms?

The morning sound played during the cutscene.

If possible, all important people should have different expressions to their portraits.

The camera is seriously a problem due to the fact that there's no way to control the zoom or stop it from turning. There should at least be an option to go back to normal view. Right now it works well enough for the town sections (even if sometimes a tree gets in the way) but during combat sections enemies are only visible when in range to attack you.

North of the Liang Dynasty: Meaning where exactly?

"Ask the Player to" No. This completely breaks immersion.

The hint for interacting with people should be displayed as a message.

Floating names wreak havoc with health bars.

Quest log has Skipping the story (should be Advancing the text) twice. Skipping is what you usually hit ESC for.

Some NPCs are just called NPC when others have generic names.

Shop has a sword and shield floating in midair.

Wan Jiantang Disciple has no portrait.

No ping for the next location after the disciples meet.

NPC-6 has a Warcraft model, but no portrait.

Several NPCs don't show portraits when talking.

Fortune Teller <> Mister Divination (the former is better).

Elderly Person <> Young Man Zhuang

Wan Jiantang thugs are called Enemy.

Units do have portraits when clicked on, but they don't show up during cutscenes.

Maybe another term for magic-empowered humans than fairies, since in English it either means the actual magical tiny people who live in flowers and so on, or very campy male homosexuals.

A Fu Di gets mentioned, but without saying who or what he is.

Lan Wu's portrait doesn't quite correspond with her model.

Du Guli scene: maybe use weiqi or go instead of chess.

Insane Rabbit? Really?

Heroes have no Intelligence stat, armor tooltip only shows reduction percentage.

Hero's lifebar keeps jumping above enemy units. I keep thinking the enemy's almost dead and I'm healthy and it turns out to be the other way around.

Not enough healing items/regen is far too slow. Also, life heal gives 300 but mana only gives 50.

Same icon for damage and armor.

It's hard enough doing damage to the enemies, why do they also have undodgeable stuns and full heals?

Big trees (and other doodads) have a problem when they pop into existence all of a sudden and prevent you from seeing what's underneath (especially enemies).

One of the items found (a necklace) does nothing. While there are others that increase armor (as seen in the changing armor tooltip) this one doesn't change anything (so maybe an Int boost).

Liu's arrow supposedly deals more than 600 damage, it can't one-shot a 350 HP wolf.

Teleport to item box doesn't work on the peak submap. Or any of the maps for that matter. And it wouldn't work with XiaoXie because she has an ability with an X hotkey.

On the peak, replace the foggy terrain with snow so the minimap looks more appropriate.

Camera goes far out at the temple: see, now that should be a camera setting, the terrain looks far better from this angle.

Jiang's Anti-Ghoul Manual ability has no tooltip except BOSS3, I just know some creeps are too powerful for it. [sometimes the tooltip works]

Bridge camera change: when returning from the tower, the camera doesn't switch back when getting off the bridge (you need to move via minimap to do that).

Whenever I buy an item, it just says item duplicated and it doesn't show up in my inventory.

When near borders, it'd be nice to have a message saying where it leads to.

Could use a ping to tell where the next objective is.

Borders and house entrances should show up on the minimap.

"Item duplicated" should be replaced with "You can't equip more than on helmet/weapon/accessory", and tell you the item in in storage (and should be put in the box rather than the ground).

... Remilia Scarlet? Really? Koakuma would have been far more appropriate.

A recurring one: "X dropped Y item" messages come out without spaces, "Green OxdroppedHealing Herb", "BurrowerDroppedShuer Fruit", etc. [this one might have been fixed]

Bohe's Turn Off Mana Shield has no tooltip.

During the climb up the mountain, parts of the minimap are white. That's a good effect, shame it wasn't used in the demon bear map.

Suyao tower has several enemies waiting on bridges who can't be seen. Bad enough in a regular game, but worse with the camera.

In the enchantment map, the minimap should not be white, you can't tell where your characters are. Also the skybox should show stars all around.

Got a game crash after the return to the village, trying to transition to the mountain with Bohe (the map between the village and the tower with the bear).

City minimaps should better show boundaries (with actual boundaries or at least sharper contrasting terrain).

Minimaps don't show water.
Level 21
Apr 6, 2010
Last level of the first act:

Since the fire should be visible from the characters' POV, the music and cutscene should start right away.
Boss: While it's appropriate to the setting, mixing model styles doesn't work very well.
Maybe add some more interactive objects on the map, because it's obvious the big blue/green icon is where you need to go next.
Building entry points should be removed if they aren't used.
When the first part is finished, it goes back to the main menu instead of the campaign.

Xiaoxie's part:

Shu Mountain loading screen text is bugged.
What? No reunion scene?
Untranslated terms in dialogue: dui, jinglou, jianlou
We don't keep the revival counter?
Two people address each other as male and female apprentice. Especially jarring since other people refer to Xiaoxie as female apprentice.
Du Guli constantly makes a sword-swinging sound even when holding perfectly still.
The pillars of the entrance arch are floating on nothing.
Aw come on, not even a training montage?
Neighboring mountain should have a name.
No storage area here.
Bridges and doodad terrain should show up on the minimap instead of all water.
When going to cutscene (or talking to NPCs), the clock taijitu briefly reverts to the standard sun or moon.
Towards the end, all Nanyi does is cast Windwalk without trying to do extra damage.

Bohe's part:

The staff in the chest NE of Shu Weng's manor appears to be the same as the one Bohe starts with.

Dong Wanqi's part:

... Okay, the mixed models look absolutely horrible here.
House doodad appears to be missing (just to the NW of the bridge, right after the pickpocket cutscene).
Large doodads sometimes blink into existence.
Most house doodads prevent you from climbing their stairs, the path blockers should be at the walls instead.
Bug where at some point the camera finally went high enough to let you see the scenery (might have to do with the bridge cam switch). Although if it's beneficial it's not really a bug.
The people you need to talk to should appear in a different color on the minimap (like the previous maps).
White minimap again.


Excellent music.
NPC dialogue is good.
The terrain is overall very high quality, but sometimes doesn't match the minimap. And of course, the wonky camera doesn't let you appreciate it.
Plot is... kind of confusing sometimes, but that might be because I can't tell places and factions from people's names.
Some models clash horribly with each other. The demons, for instance, don't even look like their portraits (notably Wanqi's assistant and the demon king). And Wanqi's model doesn't look like her portrait which doesn't look like her icon.
Combat is repetitive and always against the same type of enemy, who all seem to have the same spells.
Boss battles aren't well-thought-out, only bashing against bosses who seem to mostly auto-attack, firing stun spells and hoping you have enough revival runes. Having all three heroes would be vastly preferable to having to switch them out.

The major gripe I have is the camera which can't be adjusted in any way and prevents you from attacking properly or admiring the terrain.
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
Not sure if anyone is interested, someone posted a playthrough of Vanspirit's original part 1 of the Chinese Paladin Liu Su series on youtube 1-2 years ago. If you are interested, you can watch the 4 videos and see how much she changed with her remake.

Last edited:
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
Updated version of Vanspirit's campaign has been uploaded with all the tooltips for the items/weapons/potions shops in the spinoffs, the starting items for the heroes (including the main game), tooltips for interface like lumber, intelligence etc, item drops now have correct spacing, spells/buffs that did not have tooltips now have them, and other missing tooltips mentioned by Deepstrasz/Cleavinghammer.
Last edited:
Level 3
Jan 27, 2019
Going to try these out! its been long time for me to play other custom campaigns

Edit: Ugh I dont understand this campaign very confusing.... But I have to agree that the loading screen has good music
Last edited:
Level 3
Aug 30, 2017
The music was the highlight of this campaign --- I wish I knew what instruments could make such lovely music. The cinematics were very enjoyable--- for this kind of campaign, the story is the key component, while the gameplay itself is secondary.

Lots of unanswered questions though--- maybe there will be more campaigns by Vanspirit in the future that will explain more of the story'?
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Alright, I will finnaly start giving my review for this campaign. Sorry for only starting now, but it has been difficult to have enough time to start this.

-I find a bit weird that Zhui Yu is perhaps the only character whose portrait actually displays her facial expressions
" commissioner of the three demon generals..."

First Chapter
-Wow, Zhui Yu broke the 4th wall by adressing the player (us)
Jiumang Lianxing item: " illusion and is intangible..."
-The Wan Jiantang Disciple has no portrait
"Do not upset me, girl." What does this mean?
"I learned my martial arts..."
"Your martial arts are..."
-How old is Zhui Yu physically? Because she seems to be in her early teens and at least two men called her beautiful when meeting her.

Second Chapter:
-Why do some of the characters have no portrait when we talk with them?
-Lao Wan's walking has to be fixed

I had to save the campaign, otherwise all the missions that I have already completed won't show up in the campaign screen.
Last edited:
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
The continuation for my review

Wuqiu Mountain Chapter
-The Spirit Cats are way too strong if you ask me. Their healing ability truly is a nuisance

Wuqiu Peak
"A little bit further and..."
"...a harm that threatens..."
-The camera angles in this map are vexing, especially the camera next to the bridge
-The Bear ghoul was far easier to defeat than the Spirit Cats that I faced on the previous chapter

Quingqiu Mountain
-The Green Ox creep is way too powerful. Beating one is somewhat easy, but more than one is nearly suicide. If I hadn't bought some ressurection items in the city, I would have lost.
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Third part of my review

-Those guards suck! "Oh sorry the person you seek is not here and will take around a week to return, but don't worry, his daughter is here... oh you want to speak with her? Sorry but she has left to the mountains and won't return for at least 3 days."

Zhangzhou Outskirts:
-Why there is only one type of creep in most of these maps?
-So Miss Bing entered the enchantment and left only one servant to guard it?

Inside the Enchantment
"...never thought this could be possible."
"...would have been able to crack this matrix."
"Does that mean that Miss Bing is eally powerful?"
-The minimap being white makes it very difficult for us to see where we are and where we need to go.
-Well, Bao Xiong isn't exactly wrong. Humans do kill each other for pretty much any reason they can come up with.

Back to Zhangzhou Outskirts:
-Hmm, aren't they forgetting something, or rather someone? Or did the Servant girl left while they were inside the matrix?

Back to Zhangzhou
-I am calling it right now. Lady Bohe is either a ghoul or some sort of evil enchantress
-Liu Su is going for a walk at night.
I know where this is going... XD XD

Suoyao Tower
-The constant camera rotation makes it very difficult for us to see what stands next to our heroes, whether it is items or enemies

And I finished the campaign, with my heroes around level 16. So, yeah, I never managed to get Liu Su's ultimate ability.

So we now have to wait for Part 2 of this campaign...

Okay, for my final review...
In aesthetical terms, the campaign is very well-made and the heroes' abilities are cool, but the gameplay is somewhat too simplistic for my taste. The missions are so straightforward that it is kind of boring "Reach a place", "Find this person", etc... Plus, facing the exact same type of creep in the same map gets dull very quickly
I hope the campaign maker doesn't feel offended by this.
But what really annoys me is the constant camera rotation. It is so frustrating. Most of the time I had to click on the minimap in order to reach the places where I wanted to go. Sometimes I couldn't see my heroes and the enemies they were facing because the camera was in a very bad angle. Plus, in some maps, the camera was left positioned in an angle that was ruined the gameplay!

So I give a 3.5 to this campaign.

I hope that the second part of this story improves the parts that I mentioned...
Last edited:
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
I forgot to review the side chapters, because I was playing the campaign based on the saved files I had been saving.
So here it is

Jiang Xiaoxie's Side Story

First Chapter
-Wait, does this happen after the main story? Because if so this kind of spoils it. We now know that the three main heroes survive, Liu Su joins a faction, etc...
-Lol, we didn't get to see Jiang's training with Flying Swords

Neighboring Mountain
-Well this is kind of a displaced name since the terrain is more river-like than mountain-like

Tang Castle
-WHAT?! Why do I lose if Jiang loses to her father? I thought this was a friendly sparring!
-And now I have to start from the beginning, because after restarting the mission Jiang doesn't appear on the map, most likely due to the game cache

By the way, sometimes due to using abilities or adding items, the data of the heroes gets fuzzy. The numbers regarding the Heroes' Damage, Armor, Strength, Agility and Spirit stop being in the place where they should be
Last edited:
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
The continuation of my review

Bingdian Bohe's Tale

First Map
"Has something happened?" --» "Did something happened?"
"Is there anything that can actually make that old guy angry?"
-The minimap being white and the constant camera rotating makes it very hard for us to know where we are and where to go
-So the Master decided to: imprison the supposed thief, even though he clearly knew that he didn't, let the rumor about him stealing the mirror spread and do absoluletly nothing to either prove his innocence and find the real culprit until Bohe came to talk with him?

Second Map
-The map is somewhat straightforward, it is impossible to get lost (unless you are Zoro of course XD )
-The villain's logic makes no sense. He could have let Bohe check his mansion, since his prisoner wasn't on it, Bohe would have left with no clues and he could have had more time to complete his plan.

Dong Wanqi's Tale

First Map - Capital City
"...great job at assassinating..."
-Oh poor Yu Fei, if only knew that the girl you are berating is literally worlds above you
-Dear god, I love Dong Wanqi. She acts all nice and all, but her inner thoughts during the intro were mostly 'I might be forced to kill them all'.. Out of context, she could come off as some sort of sociopath
-The tileset used for the street is not very good. It is constantly twitching and blurring
-The model of the palace located in the North-Western part of the city isn't fixed. Sometimes it doesn't appear
-I find it hilarious that this might be the map with the most merchants, but Dong's items are way better than any item they have for sale, so there is no point in spending money
-Wait, wait just a second! There is Budhism in this world? I have so many questions :vw_wtf:

Second Map
-Nothing much to say, except the map being straightforward.

Third Map
-In this specific map, the minimap being white isn't that much of an issue...
-Finnaly an item avaiable that can be used to improve Dong's fighting skills.
-Thankfully I don't have epilepsy, because the cinematic where Dong finds the fallen Demon is very flashy
Last edited: