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Betrayal 5.0

Submitted by Mixmaster
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This single player map is a two part story. In the first part, you play the king as he travels through various wilderness areas, fighting creeps and gaining allies along the way. In addition to the many treasures and power-ups found, you will uncover many powerful King relics on your travels towards Castle hope. Once there, the keep's gates are magically tuned to the King's presence and will open (and be repaired) whenever he is near.

Once you have reclaimed Castle Hope and slain the betrayer Arthas, the undead of the Mountains of Despair and humans of the Northern Barbarians will both begin sending waves of attackers to destroy the inhabitants of Castle Hope. As part two of the story line begins, a timer will appear providing a countdown for these waves.

You will need to both defend Castle Hope and launch an assault against one of these two foes located in the far Northeast and Northwest. If you succeed in defeating either one, they will surrender to your rule and begin diverting their attack waves towards your new common enemy. When this final enemy is defeated you will be victorious.

* Many Easter eggs and random drops makes map very replay worthy. Enjoy!

Betrayal 5.0 (Map)

This is certainly not a Mini-Game. It lasts more than 1h. [spoiler] This needs custom units, abilities, heroes, techtree, something to spice up the game. As of now, it's monotonous and contains exceedingly overused material. Please have a look at...
  1. KingLich


    Nov 14, 2005
    This map is old but gold! Nice update.
  2. Mixmaster


    May 11, 2010
    Many thanks!
  3. Mixmaster


    May 11, 2010
    Important Hint #1:

    There are two ways to force the final enemies to surrender and join your side.
    -The first way is killing two specific heroes (one of which is always guarding outside their front gate).
    -The second way (and simplest) is the destruction their main base.

    Good Hunting.
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    This is certainly not a Mini-Game. It lasts more than 1h.

    1. Credit all external material in the map description.
    2. Why force players to have Divine Shield from the start?
    3. Overused normal Warcraft III spells, units, items and other material.
    4. Too many stops. Let the game flow. If you really intend to have those useless monologues (as if no Warcraft player would know what there is in front), try adding them as transmissions or game text without interrupting the gameplay.
    5. Excess of Wands of Illusion.
    6. For real? He'd remember that one lizard and that creature would remember the hero?
    7. Creatures sleep at night in the middle of the road.
    8. Satyrs have goblin mines?
    9. Not sure if intended for the Scepter of Kings to have 5 charges and disappear.
    10. You can trigger stuff with the Owl Scout.
    11. No idea what vault the doom guard was talking about as I was still in a forest.
    12. There are some visual glitches with the ramps/water/cliff tiles (example: harpy hills).
    13. Scepter of Mastery's icon=that of Scepter of Kings.
    14. You can rescue the peasants from below the cliff.
    15. Play music using the other trigger as now it plays through the sound channel.
    16. Makes no sense that you've used names like Arthas and Jaina or Uther etc.
    17. Using random unit quotes is a bad idea.
    18. No use of the Quest Log. No information about the enemy ETA unless you realize there's a board there... No idea why you're fighting anybody.
    19. Northern part of the map contains an awful lot of empty terrain.
    20. "My Knights are useless against these beasts." You don't say... also it doesn't have to appear for all dragons...
    21. Normally, when rescuing a main building, all units belonging to that player or zone should be rescued. You can't rescue towers up there with air units and ground ones can't reach.
    22. You can train heroes at the Tavern...
    23. Uther's icon=the main hero's.
    24. Your units are moved back to your base when the barbarians yield... they give up quickly. You don't even need to fight their other heroes, only Muradin and the black dragon.
    25. Dragon Roosts aren't the best idea for patient people.
    26. Computer players don't have an AI, they just spawn units through triggers... they don't revive their heroes, repair/rebuild, train troops.
    27. You don't need to destroy too much from an enemy base to get them on your side.

    This needs custom units, abilities, heroes, techtree, something to spice up the game. As of now, it's monotonous and contains exceedingly overused material.
    Please have a look at our maps on the site and get inspired.

    Some things to go through beside what's below:
    AI Editor
    JASS/AI Scripts Tutorials
    Simple Loading Screen
    How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race
    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics

    Awaiting Update.

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