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🎨Texturing Contest #32 - Final Form

Level 25
Dec 30, 2007
I guess I can share it here as well. Just please, party people, don't read too much into it. I was drunk - as per usual - writing it and it's very... "Angry", for some reason. I really don't know why however. Anyway, here you go I guess:

And, the entire conversion process can be replaced in Blender these days, you just need to some open source plugins. Just google "Blender MDX MDL plugin" or something like that.
WiP #2

I know it's been a while since the last WiP as progress has been slow and life has been busy but I've been able to get a bit more work on that I can show off:

I've decided to work with a higher resolution for this texture, this time around and I've got all my base colours down so now it's just a case of sharpening this all up. Colour choice has been a bit tough tho and I might revise some of it based on the reference images.



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Jan 25, 2011
I'm almost done, but I really don't feel going with this. This concept has already been in my mind since the contest started. (Seeing that there's no attempt on texturing the Shade. Well there should be one back then from another texturing contest but didn't finished it. I forgot who had attempted to texture it) Some screenies:

Front and back shots to show how the UV is being recycled in certain parts.


An upclose, detailed shot of the face.


A portrait shot (in war3 model viewer)


I am still arguing with myself if I should change the arm design, I had so many reiterations as that the UV for that part is recycled for the back part (Mountain Giant texture flashbacks, MG is still worse though). Aaaand, I am still thinking if I should do a gradient TC for the spikes, the eye color will remain as it is.

However, I might change models if I get frustrated lol.
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May 25, 2017
My my, an actual elite Shade straight from the icon itself, kinda bummer that a little bit more blu could lead to maw shade territory. Anyway just incase a giant sand playing eredar gotta panik that i forgot this contest:


Just be patient, I still reading tons of books about boats logic and gears with horde boatcrafting technique. It's funny how the entire duration this contest, i make probably 3 skins (technically 2 because my mech is from June), talk about I couldn't take it serious :xxd: .

Here's a thing about 1024 ratio size, I can bet you probably cannot get any folk download your skin at that size, even take filesize out of equal. Unless your unit scaled in 10.00x, it's much rather just get 2 skins or resources instead of 1 fat texture. This is a hard fact that even delusionals gotta agree.

The only time i feel like 1024 make sense is your texture a rectangular (256x516), it's not fair for rec so upscaled them is fine.

Orc nipples...

I just realized that the axe doesn't support alpha channel, so like the original it'll be ugly as hell
And there's a 'thing' right above the nose which shares the same wrap as the 'horns', it doesn't support alpha channel as well...

I prefered to to be able to entirely remove the helmet. Still, we'll see how I manage this.
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WiP #3


Here's another WiP just to keep some interest in the contest going. I've gotten the largest part of the texture now finished and it's just the small finicky bits left to do, going for 512 x 512 was definitely a smart decision. Also I think it is now obvious what I am aiming for with my Final Form. This is High Magus Medivh, Medivh at his peak as the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, greatest mage on Azeroth and most powerful being and protector of the mortal races.
here is my entry, it is a WIP but I wanted to do something that I can actually use later so I wanted to make the Avenging Assassin from the icon (which I use in my map), I'm using the skins from other authors as a reference for the mesh (which I'm still exploring anyways), as you know with me, focus is on making the face look nice, also I just increased the size to 512, so I will have to remake the face, but no problem.



It is going to look something close to this:
Level 32
May 25, 2017
It seem like I got my first finish seat here. Not that I am on hurry or something but it's something I can have some pride that I rode this boat just to give it a journey of growths.




Final Form?

Conclusion and Final Entry

You know the drill about this tabs, this is where I explain my entry for not just the viewer but to the my fellow contestants.

Prior looking over mechanical units, I was considered for something like Pit Lord because you can have the ultimate four legging overlord. But that wrap is not something for me to discover this early. So does for Eredars, Mountain Giants and even Lobstrokks.

While all options upthere are good, the theme itself suffer a flaw that Final Form/Elite is telling me to took that unit in their strongest form. Why yes, mind if I turn MG into a block of diamond? Lobstrokk become King Lobstrokk? Honestly, I make like 25 skins by now and I want all category here. So that's where mechanical units came in.

Yes, I am dippin with barefeet because I am not good at metalwork so picking them is a risk. But then again, I literally make a mech made out of ObsidianStatue so by default, I kinda forced to learn new stuffs.

This is where I dip even further, I was thinking of ships because they can have so much freedom on how would you make them in their strongest form. Obviously, Human Battleship and UD Battleship were the first ships came in mind but I literally got ALPHA (UD), Tongueless (NE) and tons of human like skins so yeah... Orc Ships was the way to go because cycling them help me feel fresh.

Which is tragic for Orc because their Destroyer/Frigate is the only unique boat but hey, I can turn their sad upside down so move on to Ideas.

In the Skin Section, Ship is literally ancient. Like the last approved one was 2016, 7 years my friend, no one would ever dip their feet in the ocean with a floating vehicle. Now... you got me. So the first thing is searching around Orc Ships which lead me to Horde Navy, after doing some research on material, I grab the Destroyer and the UV wrap to work.

The wrap isn't that bad but probably stressed when work with this because there is a lot of component and I couldn't start on scratch easily. So I detach each components and work step by step by fulfilling the 100% freehand rules. After rebuilding the ship with my style on it, I have to craft some metal that recently experienced from Alpha. Yes, I gotta point out that Horde Navy is unofficial on how Horde ship work because most the image I see maybe from the AU with the Iron Horde, I would just take it with a pinch of salt and logic.

After that, I armored this ship up with details, clean up arsenals and more woodcrafts which later replace with metal because duh, resist getting sunk and meeting the nagas. This is where the wrap screw me up because the lower part of the ship was quite a rollercoaster to do, I did my best with my skills because I have another goal for this ship.

You see, I don't want to make a texture look way too unfamilar to the original for this theme. I was sincerely give anything worth being familar to the lower counterpart. I could turn that MG into diamond but that won't make me recognize "Mountain Giant" and it's an entirely different unit that I didn't start with it. Hell this is like Goku final form would turn something that make him look like Vegeta which is no longer a final form but just outright replacement.

If you wish to continue treat them as a different unit, that's fine. But keep them at least familar to each other, You can talk crap about swordman is just footman but wings helmet but it's still related in appearance wise and role wise.

So I didn't fully replace every parts of the ship because I retain some familar because we start here and end there. That's intentional even if this lead me not to win this contest (which i doubt I care this time after I have my own drama). I would care to see this ship sail to as much map makers who have care in naval because trust me, you haven't seen ship skins for a while.

With that, I have concluded with my work and called this:

Ever heard of a melee ship? I think this one will fit to ram even the largest cruiser in Azeroth. As long you can make Jaina shiver me timber for my sake.



Level 49
Jan 25, 2011
Great WIPs gents!

We can grant an extension as per usual, for those who have shown a WIP before the deadline, but can't quite make it :)
I am aiming for the 23rd and have planned to be done by then so hopefully I wont need one :p but I appreciate the willingness to have one if others need it.
I am aiming for the 23rd and have planned to be done by then so hopefully I wont need one :p but I appreciate the willingness to have one if others need it.

update, making the umbrella thing look like an actual umbrella is kinda a success, currently finishing exploring the arms mesh (it is a mess) before going with the rest of the body, at least I was able to make her hands look like well, hands, and have a fist on it when you look closely, now it needs a little bit more detail


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May 25, 2017
In the spirits of competition, as much we have agreed this deadline. I want the ship sailed with the most quality crew as possible so perhap a week extension is required. I haven't raise the anchor yet so by now if they can, they would provide with their best arsenal.

So I have a slight thumb up for extension, Hey Prince @PrinceYaser , I know you are winning in monopoly :xxd: but can you give them a shot to beat your 8k Ultra HD grunt.
Crotch mesh is geting weirder every time, I had to change the shape a lot so that it looks nice on the skin, I guess I can finish it today
I also changed the fist a bit, and took some guidelines from the OG base skin to make the fists look better
The hand looks like, well, a hand, that's a lot in WC3


The deadline has been extended by two weeks.
Oh thank god, I've been out with the flu since I got back from my holiday at the weekend which had destroyed the two days I'd set aside to work on this, I was literally forcing myself to get it finished right as you posted this lol.
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Mar 10, 2013
Oh thank god, I've been out with the flu since I got back from my holiday at the weekend which had destroyed the two days I'd set aside to work on this, I was literally forcing myself to get it finished right as you posted this lol.
Same man... totally forgot I had an appointment with a dentist with my family and wasted hours there. Not to mention we are working on changing him for another, what a scammer that one.

Anyway... here are some WIPs


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Same man... totally forgot I had an appointment with a dentist with my family and wasted hours there. Not to mention we are working on changing him for another, what a scammer that one.

Anyway... here are some WIPs
3DCoat? I'd suggest removing the 3D Grid from the View section. It's better that way.
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That is one fat deadline, like you have a whopping 7 weeks. I could have a vacation and then still finish my work under the final week.

I have a slight problem, like for an elite unit would you stay consistent to their artstyle or not? Because you want to convince this is real deal. This is a real elite squad and they are consistent.

For example: Let's say you decide to make an elite version of Peon. Of course, anyone would think more armor and much fancier looking pickaxe. That's idea is lovely and i'm giving you away for free because well duh. But do you have to re-draw a new face of peon?

Lemme know in the reply. I can fetch you a couple of unit would work for classic only theme.
Edit: I think most of them will be fine but I will leave a special spoiler what unit i think should not try to make elite version. I will explain each one because i wish not to drag anyone same scenario like i am. They are not impossible but will be hell to make.
Dragons - No matter how many armors nor fancier scale you can put. They won't ever be more standing out than just dragon and welps.

BansheeGhost - They still ghosts and changing their clothing doesn't make them stand out enough with their white nature.

Ents - Their appearance technically based on what tree they were sentient from. An ancient is also technically their elite counterpart.

ForgottenOne - Forgotten for obvious reason and will never be existed in much more elite. Also that model is hell to work with.

Rock Golem - Fancier Rock doesn't existed. You can't solved it by turning them into diamond.

SludgeMonster - Doesn't help that it also confict with Acolyte model but you can use sludge for better elite concepts.

TempArt - You can't turn them into minecraft block and then call it elite.

Infernal - They are still flaming rock and unless you change model, not a million year you can elitify an infernal.

WaterElemental - No, we already know why you will never skin it. Changing shoulder caps doesn't help for the sea counterpart.

Wisp - Same reason above.

AncestialGuardian - You have to be this crazy to make a fancier snake in the pot.

SentryWard - Sorry to break you the news but this isn't league.

Shade - It still a walking fart from acolyte, you can sacrifice an elite one and you still get the same shade. Sorry slim shady fan.

VoidWalker - Same as above but you still a walking void no matter how shiny you are.

Phoenix - Fancier chicken doesn't make fancier KFC, also that model is not worth it.

Nether Dragon - Once a void chicken, always a void chicken.
I will elitify Inernals and Ents, just watch.
With your modeling skill boi? :xxd: Nah, you be dipping them in new coating, son.

But god bless you would do Ents over Infernal because.... I already been there.

With a few exterior changes you can make them look like an intermediary between a Treeant and their prime form of Ancients.
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Jan 1, 2006
@Darkfang @Draktar @Vinz @Villagerino @Wildfire What's the status? :D

@Shido I will create a new TC #33 theme discussion thread ASAP :)

@PROXY thanks for wanting to help judging! Do we have another? We need at least two judges.

@TheZodiarch You need to post some WIP (work in progress) images in order to enter the contest. Like I stated in our other conversation. Are you able to do this?