18 Beachy Peon

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It's summer time and the peon decide to have a vacation after getting s**t-mixed over Melee.
Due to large amount of skins on the same model, just pick one to get your peon a new clothing. Each one of them get their own sacks and lumbers so you can harvest things in style.
Update: This bundle will only work for original Peon, highly not recommended work for Ujimasa Hojo optimized version.

Version 1.0Released
Dear Archie and presumely you (viewer), use my pastebin for better view instead.

Speedo Peon (Texture)

Dad Peon (Texture)

Thick Peon (Texture)

Tiki Chief Peon (Texture)

Sunset (Vaporwave) Peon (Texture)

Scuba Peon (Texture)

Violet Peon (Texture)

Le (Old) Peon (Texture)

Sunburnt Peon (Texture)

Wet Prince Peon (Texture)

Lifeguard Peon (Texture)

Chill Peon (Texture)

Chrome Peon (Texture)

Zombie Surfer Peon (Texture)

Tribal Peon (Texture)

Athlete Peon (Texture)

Party (Vulgar) Peon (Texture)

Natural Peon (Texture)

Interesting XD Approved!
Level 20
May 25, 2017
I thought you might upload these xD
Will come with model pack for potential peon party :xxd:
Updated: It's here now. All you have to do is simply put all those model plus textures will be: Textures\ <that texture>.blp
Icon will come later.


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