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  • Happy birthday!
    Oh yeah... Last Year I was really busy, graduating from University, writing final thesis. Thank you very much! Sorry for late reply.
    Wow I can imagine! University takes so much of my time too, it gets difficult to do my job sometimes with how little free time I have.
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    (Post) If you enjoy the 2p series, can i suggest you try my coop series? Its the first custom 2p campaign series on hive, if you have a friend you will enjoy it!
    Hey, Welcome back!

    Been forever since I heard from you. That's fine with your university and all that. Guessing it's your summer there? Sounds great. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest mate. =)

    By the way, that subject you say sounds cool. Perfect for a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Fan like you. ;)

    Alright see ya around mate.

    ~ Sincerely, Hail Storm.
    Hey, i hope u enjoy your summer, but for me is winter :x
    hey, i really like this map, when i have time i will test it :D
    My friend, what happened to you? You have not replied since then. I need you, there is something urgent at hand, and I need to speak to you. Please, come back. I can't do this alone. =(
    Hey Horselord12! I'm back!! and I'm really glad to be back mate. =)

    See ya around and take care, my friend. ;)

    Hail Storm
    Correction: *It's Hail Storm not Hail Strom. =) Lol you make it sound like "Maelstrom". =b

    I see. Well I hope you do good in your univeristy and stuff there. And of course that university and stuff of yours are very important. =)
    Just make sure you don't forget about me and the hive! ;)

    And Wow, Lol. Nice website. Where did you find and know about this? The pictures of food kinda made me hungry. ;D I see that it's all about the hobbit huh?

    Anyways, take care and see you later mate. =)
    Hey your online mate! =)

    First time I'm able to talk to you when your online. ;D
    How are you? You didn't reply to the PM's yet. Are you alright there?
    Hehehe... Just one more post for you and you'll unlock the grunt icon. =b You need 100+ posts to do so. Congrats. =)
    Hey horselord, I'm sorry i replied so late. I'm fine thanks. been busy lately and i am recovering from a mess. But i'll be partly active again in the hive so, see you around. :)
    Wow, thank you!
    I really appreciate it, there are some rare models like that that are very hard to get.
    I see. But now - this date its a footman??

    Anyway its a nice avatar. Maybe you should look for a Rohan Rider Avatar so it will match your custom user name. Your choice. =)
    Wow! You really do love LOTR. You even use it as your own language. Nice one mate. I never even knew Mellon stood for such a definition. =b

    Well thanks for your concern mate. Really appreciate it. At the moment i am kind of busy right now dealing with studies and such as well as our project and other Hive Workshop related work along with some problems that i am facing right now. Thats the reason why I haven't been online lately. I'm sorry for not being active and doing stuff with ya and updating you with the status of our project. Forgive me for that. But i'll tell you when I am finished with all these and get back to being active again. But in my situation, if there is any way you can help me I will gladly appreciate it. Thanks.

    You take care too mate. =)
    Ah no wonder you haven't been online for the past days now. You got The Lord of the Rings books. =b

    Well have fun and same greetings to you to my friend. As for me, i'm still in a mess. But i'll message you when i'm good to go. =)
    Damn! Hey Horselord12, do you have another copy of the Hobbit map you made? I deleted mine by accident. =(

    It's a good thing i didn't do much progress with it yet or it would have been a pain. =)
    Oh yeah. I'm sorry i forgot to put in the PM something. I got somethin' planned for you. You're a LOTR fan so yeah just makin' sure i was not mistaken. But i'll have to make up my mind first then we can discuss about it in chat maybe. =)

    See you. Hail Storm
    Yes, It's made by hungarian Warcraft fans, descriptions are hungarian, but voices are still english.
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