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More evil and armored Peon than before.


peone (Texture)

THE_END: Just some bad chainmail done here, no no
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
You only added him a armor, nothing else, and you removed the team color, how is it usable in any map?
the chainmail is decent, but could be better; reduce the black amount betwen each of them, having pure black or dark colors is to avoid.. you have a specially huge one on the shoulders. its a commonly repeated error on a lot of skins.

next time, do more than adding him an armor, give him a teamcolor if it's going to used more than 1 time in a map, and dont recolor again, especially if you're going to darken the skin.
Level 12
Jul 2, 2004
It's fine for me. I kinda have to agree with the head part since it really isn't that impressive. And the chain mail could use a makeover since it's a bit boring.