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Mag'har Orc, Peon

...and the so long awaited... Peon! ^^

There are no CnP-s on this skin, but there are some parts that are recolored.
I would like to hear some comments and critics, how to improve my skin! ^^

You may edit this skin, but only with my permission! Do not distribute or upload this skin to any other site! Give credits if you're using it in your map/campaign! ^^

Orc, Worker, Laborer, Builder, Peon, Brown, Green, Red, Maghar, Mag'har, Outland, Nagrand, Garadar

Mag'har Orc, Peon (Texture)

17:42, 31st Jan 2009 Dan van Ohllus: Approved. Sufficient quality and useful for the Mag'har race.




17:42, 31st Jan 2009
Dan van Ohllus:
Approved. Sufficient quality and useful for the Mag'har race.
Level 6
Dec 22, 2008
It's a peon. There's not much on it to edit (I think). Personally, I like it.

P.S. I especially like how his bag-of-gold looks tattered, and isn't the traditional yellow color.
Level 16
Dec 29, 2008
WOW 10/5 the best peon skin i've ever seen!! If you will make a kodo rider skin you should change the kodo in a lizzard becouse i haven't seen a kodo in the Outland
Level 8
Sep 28, 2008
Hey guys don't tell him what to do lol

If I may suggest sth:
-change a bit lower part of his chest. It looks strange and in my oppinion doesn't fit well to the rest
-make his tusk darker, they seem too be too bright for this skin
-change a bit the thing which he carries gold in it. It looks like he was carying straw

(I know I'm very critical :p I'm just trying to help authors make their projects even better)

Although very good working unit. Although I don't like workers I'll give u 4.5/5. Continue good job Friky :)
Level 2
Jan 26, 2009
Hey...imglad if i could know how to use skins:
I cant select them in art-model file
Special or costum path?
Such as war3imported.tga or blp?
Please help me
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Yes, but only if to change him into something else(mag'har warlock doesnt exist)
Kodo rider would be interesting, but not very realistic(As I know kodos havent reached mag'har yet. You should change kodo into something whats from Outland, a lizard for example)

Friky I put you 5/5 for every single mag'har you made.
I like your skins)))
Level 34
May 1, 2008
When u make mag'har kodo rider i suggest changing kodo into clefthoof:
Clefthoof - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
It lives in Nagrand and in my oppinion fits better to mag'har :)
Yeah, I know... ^^ I already made Clefthoofs long time ago... but they were renamed into Stegodon because they didn't looked like Clefthoofs... :p (but neither do they look like Stegodons... -_-)
Warcraft III Skins

Maybe I could give it a try this time, and see how will it turn out! ^^
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