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  • Ooh...I remember that cartoon. It was also on my TV when I was a little kid. I had luck to live in that generation where were a lot of 'eastern' cartoons on tv, like Lolek Bolek or A je to. But miś push upek often makes sense, like those episone with only burping.

    This Bartosz Walaszek is really a sick fuck lol. But what is the deal with granate wrapped around the cock?
    I thought that owners of that tv are really jews, what wouldn't be totally impossible, seeing how many jews there were pre-war.

    Could you explain what is the meaning of this episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejXCTQaPWEE I got the text, but it makes no sense to me 'jak we wiadro guz jak w hiphopie' :S Although can be without any sense, like miś push upek
    On youtube I see often the phrase jebac zydow z TVP! What it does mean, I can translate it of course, but what jews are they talking about and why?
    When I looked at the producer and I saw Bartosz, I already almost shit my pants from the fear the second word being Walaszek. Fortunately, it was Kędzierski (I don't know him, but surely he isn't so gay as Walaszek). Well, at least this cartoon isn't so gay and crap like Kapitan Bomba (actually only really watchable), Piesek Leszek, Miś Push Upek and other from GIT.

    There is really also an adventure game of Włatcy móch?
    Lol, I heard that some episode of Kapitan Bomba is aimed towards some youtube user who didn't like their cartoons. Damn, Bartosz Walaszek is so gay that made Poland the gayest country in the world, even if there would be not gays.
    I was for Iceland anyway :p

    Oh, so those songs aren't original? From which song was made Pedalska dupa? :D

    So Dr. Albonista is equivalent to our Porno king?
    Bah, after that defeat I wanted to write something, but they put me is so bad mood that I didn't have even a motivation to write.
    Dobra tępe chuje, teraz wielka pedalska zabawa. Pedalska Polska i Chujewna Chorwacja. Jeżeli nie upierdoliście tych gównianych chorwatów, w dupe wam zmusiam cały karabin, a nie lufą, tylko kolbą, cioty
    WOw, what else can you say? Blood elves say that huamns let their forest be destroeyd and join the Horde, forogetting that it were huamns who were protecting the forests and that they themselves have done more damage to the forests themselves, and they forgoet that the orcs were the ones destroying the forests. They would team up with Forsaken and Naga and form the Avengers.
    Still, in my opinion comapred to high elves, blood elves are bunch of "Vengeaful"(no one of them actually wants vengeance)idiots who feed upon the powers of those who they swore to unleash their vengeance on. How much stupider can you get? Even oger are smarter then blood elves! Fel and flame totally burned their branes. Plus I dislike their golden-red clothes. However as i said they were cool in TFT... not now.
    Yeah, blood elves had a great potential in WCIII without demons and fel, but WoW made them lame.
    Yeah, draenei need a hero. Velen is the leader, he isnt a hero.
    Personally I hate the blood elves and love the draenei.
    High elves are the best, and blood elvesn ideas and hatred of high elves and even thoughts of becoming high elves again when Sunwell was restored bugs me.
    Yeah, litterally the title means cock in ass, which it's a bit gay. :p

    But I meant those singers are moving a little gay, especially in those tight pink suits. Does in the song tell if Tadek it's actually like a mafia guy or he's rich legally and how he bankrupted?

    I went to www.rafta.net, but this song wasn't on their site, thats why I asked. But this it's some random group or it's known in Poland or at least in some part of Poland?
    Yes, it seems that it's truly Rafta.Most people say that's it's great song it comments, but someone asked about the band and another guy answered that it is Rafta. When they say "teleimpact - chuj, chuj Ci w dupe" they mean a user, whose oppinion they don't like.

    But this song isn't gay at all :p "Chuj Ci w dupe" is something like "Fuck you". Lyrics is about a man who had a friend Tadek, Tadek had a good car, lots of girls and when his friend asked him for help he said somethinf like "fuck off". Then Tadek is in trouble and wants singer to help him, but singers says "chuj Ci w dupe"
    I found this song somehow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e6mgygHbKo which it's actually pretty good (apart being very gay). I just want to know (maybe through comments), if that song it's really from Rafta, since I can't find more and even I try to learn some little polish (thanks to very educative cartoon Kapitan Bomba XD), but still I barely understand anything, so I wonder if you could tell me more what they say in comments anything relevant.
    As I said, REMOVE THE CnP
    It looks bad, as well as whatever you did to get the armor on that front half of the horse, it looks horrendous
    don't tell me you did a big split..... a litle one is nicer. and i've tried 8)
    also you could do the beard detailing with alpha... like.. add some loose hairs Via alpha channel ^.^ (on the edge of beard)
    hehe.. lemme give you a personal one since i don't want to double-post ^^

    the hooves seem nice but.... they look a bit odd oO
    tail should be in same color as horse.. frill? oO (if the neck hair is called like that ^^;; sorry bad english)
    you still hadn't split his beard.... try a test piece with split beard and some white patches on it =3
    a good input? =3
    Wow thanks...
    It is nice to know that someone likes it.
    (you have seen the critics....)
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