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Phosphorus Infernal

Disclaimer: It's understandable that the texture don't look great in night due to lighting itself, but you can still admire your favorite rock boy now can smile.

Anyway, this is an infernal skin that surprisingly rarely surface here due to rock texture and poor... poor wrapping. This is also my first double-size texture but i say both HD and SD version wouldn't look much different. You are fine with SD version, trust me. But this rock boy may have another change from me so I be tidying him up, sharpening the rock, lighting the infernal!

Version 1.0Released
Version 1.0aHotfix: Added Crack on the main "chest" Adjust glowing on some part.

Phosphorus Infernal (HD) (Texture)

Phosphorus Infernal (SD) (Texture)

BTNPhosphorusInfernal (Icon)

Approved. Great with a new skin on this old model. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.

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Deleted member 247165

This really looks awesome, ma god! <3
Got another review for you Shido!

The Good:
A skin for the infernal is always welcome as I am a bit tired of seeing multiple different types of infernals in maps with the only difference being the model's RGB tinting so props for that. For the skin itself, it is in your usual, distinctive style which I like with bold cartoony colours and thick lines which I think works really well with Warcraft 3's SD art style and can be seen in even some of Blizzard's own textures. Kudos must also be given to the fact the texture has three bits which, whilst means you don't have to draw as much also means your limited in how much you can change and how you can make it look so again props for that! Also I love the skull design for the face with the eyes and evil grin, amazing!

Areas for Improvement:
Its quite a small texture in terms of areas you've got the skull, the chest and the shoulder sections that are then just applied all over. The only thing I would say is that while I love the cartoony nature of your style and have always appreciated it as with some of your other skins I think you could maybe add just a bit more texturing detail to the rocks just to make them look a bit more "rocky" whether that's small wee micro-cracks on it or grains of sand or just a bit more noise mixed into the colour I'm not sure but that would be my only recommendation.

This is the peak of simplicity and usefulness combined and is a good example of just how well your art style works, I really like it. The only negative is perhaps a lack of "rocky" detail but that is a minor nitpick at best and could be argued as personal preference. So I'd give it a 4.75/5 which rounds up to a 5. Well done Shido!