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  • My dear, I've seen you dedicated some of your time to recreating Total War games in Warcraft, I admire such choice.
    Could I perhaps interest you in some of my work? Perhaps we could share some information.
    Dreadful news, good sir.

    I am unable to make a mounted version of any of my wwi models, I've tried with the Bandit Mage, Knight, and Death Knight. Each time, it'd fall apart or somehow break during its test.
    Might make that too one day, though i am not rly eager to upload it, as long as a certain thing concerning moderations doesn't change (i want to avoid being forced to make experimental changes and having it rejected due to style issues, i.e. coz the mod doesn't like the style/wants to have it different). :vw_sad:
    Oh yeah lol, no i just forgot. I cant make it now, i may be able to do it tomorrow :).
    Sorry mate haven´t started on the city yet, i´ll start on it soon.
    I don't think that's hard at all ;)
    Now tell me, what defines a player's city?
    Is it some kind of townhall that the player posesses?
    If so, it should be fairly simple: Create a continious periodic timer event for each 60 seconds.
    Check how many units of a specified type the player has and add the income to the player based on the amount of units of the specified type.
    There is not much more to it then that.

    You can ofcourse use your imagination and expend it to your needs.

    Tell me if you need an example or if the definition of a "city" is not a simple unit being posessed.
    Here's a list of animation I have made for your request so far...
    Available Animations:
    1) Portrait
    2) Portrait 2
    3) Portrait 3
    4) Portrait Talk
    5) Portrait Talk 2
    6) Walk
    7) Stand
    8) Stand 2
    9) Stand Ready
    10) Attack

    Soon to be added animations;
    1) Death
    2) Decay Flesh
    3) Decay Bones
    4) Stand Victory

    Just need to know, does this unit cast a spell...? If it does, I'm going to change 'Stand Victory' into 'Spell' animation (similar to Archmage's Victory Stand but the Footman will shoot the sky)...
    You can increase models scale from like 2/3 to 100 to cover whole map, but then it won't look so good, and water will be super fast.
    Well its based on how you see it, when I say dead I don't that SOMEBODY still use it but way to few to make it worth to make maps. Wc3 will last long but not forever
    Here's a preview of the Reiter (Mounted Footman with Pistol) you requested;
    Image Been Removed.
    Available Animations:
    1) Portrait
    2) Portrait 2
    3) Portrait 3
    4) Portrait Talk
    5) Portrait Talk 2
    6) Walk

    Soon-to-be-added Animations:
    1) Stand
    2) Stand 2
    3) Stand Victory
    4) Stand Ready
    5) Attack
    6) Death
    7) Decay Flesh
    8) Decay Bones
    lol the mamluks were an oriental tribe (or similar), not a sort of soldiers, as far as i know. Dunno, will ask the mods, if it's O.K. to make a haradrim rider with sword too, as the changes would be minimal. Nevertheless, he'd have the same face like the pikeman and archer. :wink:
    Basically.. now :smile: As I am done with semester project and have tomorrow as a free day. Expect an update in around 30 minutes.

    Update: Download it here
    the mod said that there was something a bit wrong in the pelvis area and the building should have a base. The other models will be made soon enough (probably this or next week). :wink:

    EDIT: the pikeman & archer are fixed now, the building will be fixed later :wink:
    When I get the time.... I already wrote that in the thread. It will likely be today late, after I finish all the stuff I have to write - but not before that.
    Well, if it was multiplayer it makes for longer download time, but for single player it will be no problem :smile:
    Muskets are generally too heavy and too long to be stable in one hand, especially because of the bigger recoil, since they are more powerful, so they would be much worse than pistols if fired with one hand. Especially the heavy old ones, where even two hands were not enough and needed a support.

    However russian стрельцы used their bardiches as support for their muskets, so melee weapon and a ranged weapon were used together. However bardiche was mostly two handed weapon.
    Yea, the standard one does make more detailed stuff look rather bad, even if I try to improve upon it. Be aware that high quality takes up around 1 mb at least.

    Is that okay?
    If it says I'm online, its nothing.
    THW can still say your online after 2 hours that you never touched the site.
    Your request for a Polish Hussar model is complete...
    You can retrieve it from this link : Polish Hussar

    Now, which of all your current incomplete requests do you want next...?
    Ok, it's harder than I thought first, as there isn't any event detecting the death of a destructable :/ (The reason why I prefer working with units rather than with destructables). But you could check periodically every wall-type-destructable, if it's health is very low, kill it then (to make sure it dies), have a wait action until it's death anim is over and replace it then with it's destroyed version. So you'd just need one event triggered functions and two functions for returning death anim length and the destroyed version type (if you use more than one wall building type).
    Ok, I made them to use as buildings, so my wall system won't work for you. But you should still be able to use them as destructables. If you'd want them to be destroyable you would of course have to make some simple triggers so the walls get replaced with a destroyed version at the end of their death animation. Or do you have another problem?
    I did said I will TRY to fulfill your requests...
    The question is... of all your current incomplete requests, which do you want next...?
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