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  1. Ridge

    Hello : )

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the community although I've been playing WC3 and Blizzard games since I was a child. Unfortunately, where I was born and where I lived until a few years ago, there was no internet and I couldn't access services like Battlle net and this website, so I'm a little lost in...
  2. FlegmaBRB

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone i welcome you all to my introduction. I am 25 year old interested in map making aspect of community of hive and i will start with the most basic one being melee maps. Maybe one day when i create more complex maps i could use the assets that this website provides. I just wanted to...
  3. DaniloBL

    DaniloBL's introduction

    Hello THW community! My name is Danilo. I'm from Serbia. I'm 15 years old and I love playing video games like WC3 and other RTS games, I play a lot of other games too. I'm a high school student. I study an Banjaluka's ( the city I live in ) Grammar school, which is the hardest and the best High...
  4. Gogetakao


    I joined Hive Workshop when I was 12, back when Warcraft 3 community had its charm, when it was a very populated community. Now I have turned out 17, and learnt some decent English Grammar. I return to Hive, because I see great talents here. It's like a mini Silicon Valley, after I have read the...
  5. cgm


    Name's cgm. I'm a freelance game programmer who mostly engineers back-end for RPG or Hack'n'Slash projects (Currently applying for a full-time job, though). Games makes sense to me apparently. Furthermore, they're probably the most valuable reason why I began career as a game developer. It's...
  6. Da Beast

    Hello HiveWorkShop Users!

    Hello! It is Nice to Stay here. My Name is Jan Dane I Lived in Caloocan,Philippines Occupation - 2nd Year Student Age - I'm Currently 12 Years Old Date of My Birth - Nov 15 2002 I Already Read The Rules in This Site about Map Making,SiteRules, Infractions. Im Currently Working on My Map :)...
  7. TheMagicalDanimal

    Helloooo Everybodeeeeee!

    So, I'm new. I've read all the rules. I'm 11 years old. Of all the Races and Groups and Clans and stuff, I love the Forsaken. Lady Sylvanas, Lady Lilian and Lord Nathanos are my favorite heroes. I've actually been dreaming about W.O.W and 60% of of all of my W.O.W dreams were about the Forsaken...
  8. Miss Fortune

    Hello, Ladies and Gentleman

    I am Here to introduce my self So this is my New Account Just to remove my Errors In My Other Account Miss Fortune,
  9. DozerMan

    Hello, Hive Workshop

    First of all, I'd like to say that it's a joy and tremendous honor to be part of this thriving community. Secondly, I've been a dedicated player of Warcraft 3 since I first got my hands on the game, which is about over ten years ago. I'm also interested in the making of custom maps, but...
  10. YetAnotherYoutuber

    Introducing Flour - the Youtuber

    Hey, if you're looking over this old post, nothing interesting here introduced mself to community here, got some cheers and directions YetAnotherYoutuber
  11. KVenom

    Hello World!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ven K. I am typical gamer, there is nothing special about me. :ogre_hurrhurr: I love Warcraft 3(especially Frozen Throne), and, honestly, I stubled upon the Warcraft universe by the pure accident, at the age of 12, when I have played flash game called Murloc RPG...
  12. Vampiral


    Hello everyone! Making a thread to say hello! P.S. If you'd like to have a conversation with me being "in character", look on my profile page for a sample, and then let me know!
  13. A

    Well, finally decided to join Hive

    Hello, my Name is Ardenian ( at Hive) and i finally decided after over one year of struggle to join the Hive-Community, especially because I am interested in creating maps. I am really new to the creation-topic so am glad about all help and suggestions when posting in Forum. I guess I joined...
  14. behema

    Help Wanted! (+ Introduction)

    Hey, so my name's Ben, most people call me by my username which is Behema. I have just made an account on here because i have recently started playing Warcraft, after remembering the fun i had playing it 4 years ago. All i want to do is have fun and learn how to make fun maps for me and friends...
  15. Svartben

    Introduction of Svartben, aka The Beaver King!

    Hello everyone of The Hive Workshop! My name is Svartben, but you might as well just call me The Beaver King. (this is my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Svartben98/) Anyway, I registred this account a while ago, although I can't say I have been very active. Acctually, I'd rather say...
  16. nanotech

    Me, Myself and I

    Hi everyone, I'm Kevin. I like playing warcraft 3 and downloading maps especially here, i've downloaded many maps here then i decided to register here since i'm getting really healthy with world editor. :goblin_boom: I like making my own spells, and i've learned some basic in making spells...
  17. ZeoRydan


    I'm a somewhat new mapmaker but I am mostly familiar with all the basics. I found this place and decided to join and see if I can step it up a notch; make some maps I've had ideas for but couldn't do, improve former maps that I've made for fun, and just have fun in general. I suppose that's not...
  18. HanBu

    Wild HanBu appears in Hive

    Hello my fellow Hive-people, let me introduce myselfe as "beginner skin changer" (seriously what is it called?!) At the moment I work together with someone at a map, thus I created this account to upload the skins I make. Hopefully you'll like them. Have a nice day, HanBu
  19. lrbarboza

    First Blood!

    Hello guys from The Hive Workshop, my name is Lucas and i'm a programmer who also likes mapping for counter-strike and warcraft. I'm developing a multiplayer map similar to DotA. Someday i'll publish it and i hope you guys like it. Greetings from Brazil! :thumbs_up:
  20. River_Song

    Guess this is me

    Hi! I'm River_Song, (if you are a fan of the BBC TV show "Doctor Who", than you should recognize the name:as:) and I have tried a lot of Harry Potter rpg's and I'm really hoping this one will be more fun than the others. Just to know a bit more about me, I'm from America (MI), I am currently a...
  21. GriffonDefender

    Intro from GriffonDefender

    Hi! I'm GriffonDefender, I figured I might as well introduce myself here. I'm a map developer, and I'll submit the maps I make here. My initial maps (The Defender War) aren't that great, but I'm getting better, so look out for my later maps too! I mostly make maps similar to DotA (Hero Defense...
  22. Imadori

    New here!

    Hey! I'm Kyousuke Imadori, the Hummingbird, from class-C. I am here to present the SUPER COOL Hatenkou Robo Dojibiron! Watch this!
  23. deathbanana


    Hello, I'm new here. You can call me Deathbanana. (Or Banana if you wish) I have been checking hive workshop for sometime and have decided to create an account. I wish to improve my knowledge in map making (currently : None) and I'm pretty sure there is no better place to learn than here...
  24. fodorgyuri666


    Hi, the system told me to introduce, usually I skip these kind of things, but whatever... So, I'm the mapper predator8bit I haven't done "big deals" yet just some local fun for my friends, but maybe I can do something useful, we'll see.
  25. JohnnyBoy

    John Högström

    Hello there HIVE!! Im john and im a 17 year old boy living on Gotland in Sweden. Im a tall, atlethic computer g33k. Im kind of a retired wc3 hardcore gamer from back in the RoC days. Nowadays im quite pleased to just be a part of the community and trying to keep the game alive as long as...
  26. Chukareth

    Chukareth G. LoSoPhY

    I think this is the right place to post this. I'm Chukareth, Warcraft III TFT - Azeroth player. I've used this website for a long time and I never bothered to make an account until now. D: On WC3, I play many SotDRP's and XRP's, along with the occasional Tower Defense/Hero Defense and other...
  27. Pyro

    Introduction / Map Developement

    Hello Hive Workshop Community! A notice on the page reminded me several times to introduce myself here... Well, as i don't know really what to write to do this, i just decided to link the reason why i am currently here: :fp...
  28. buddajr

    Introducing Myself

    Hello everyone, I'm buddajr and I'm new to the hiveworkshop community. Actually I've been on the site for years, mostly using others resources, but I've finally made my own account so I can post my own content. I've been making my own Warcraft maps for years now, but mostly just for myself or...
  29. Karassu


    I'm a new member here, and I'm introducing myself. {EDIT} I'm a new member here, and I'm introducing myself.
  30. Vithroil

    Hi! I'm ready to Mod! (Not Really)

    Hello Hivers. (^ u ^)/ I'm new here, please call me Vith or Vithy-chan either is fine. (o v o) I love drawing (Anime style) and playing Video-Games! (^ - ^)b I have a bit of (nothing) knowledge about Wc3MapMaker nor modelling. (T v T) I can try terraining tought. (< u <) So I would like to...
  31. Lelling


    The instructions say "introduce yourself" so pew pew! This is an introduction! My online name on most places is Lelling (Lethys), my real name is Rok, and I hail from a small country called Slovenia. I am a 17-year old IB student, hoping to either become a linguist or some day be a part of...
  32. AlexandreAS

    Introduction of AlexandreAS

    Ok so like my name say it, My name is Alexandre. I'm 14 years old. Thing I like : / Thing I hate -Music / -School -Warcarft 3 / -mapping -smile :P / -scripting (with ruby and else) -help other /...
  33. k01

    Hey, Hive!

    Hey Hive, I keep forgetting to introduce myself... but now that I've got time, here it is! I'm Kris. I joined this community mostly because I trust this site for resources that I've played with in the past (thanks, guys!). I find myself good with the editor in many ways, but crappy in others...
  34. Ogr3Blood


    Hello fellow fans! This is a really awesome community, very useful for creators! I have enjoyed all the customz and unique maps, so much that I've been working alot on one lately that I hope some of you may try out. Thanks! :wgrin:
  35. Xthreo


    Music I am looking for a cool final boss music, any idea??
  36. gufide

    My introduction to the hive workshop

    Hi! I'm a new map developer and I searched for some icons and models and I see that we can upload map so, I decided to introduce myself in the hive workshop :cool:
  37. xanthus0121

    I am xanthus0121, and this is my intro.

    Hello all! My name is Dorian. My user name is xanthus0121. I am 15 years old, but that's never stopped me from exceeding expectations. I've been playing Warcraft 3 since I was little and never stopped. I'm just average at everything. Average terrainer, average triggerer, average story maker...
  38. Sparqz

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, My name is Sparqz, and I...am a Troll Addict. Its sad but true, I'm new here and love it already, and i can't wait to use the skills i develop here to join the modding and map making community. Atali'ai may the Juju be with ya mon.
  39. GodSince1994

    Why, hello there fellow wc3 community members ^^

    Wassup, imma huge lover of wc3, and I simply love spending my sparetime on various wc3 maps in the world editor, due to the easy systems. Right now, I have no finished maps, but I'm working on quite a few, I just need to apply a few needy things to them. The models which I have found around the...
  40. OrcishAirlines

    introducing myself

    Hello THW Community, here is my short introduction: I play tft since its out there. I was born and live in Austria. I like Hiveworkshop and I'm using this site around a year as my map source. So I thought it was time to register. I'm a fun map player who likes RPG and who has no experience in...
  41. ED_Reborn


    Hello I'm ED_Reborn (or more precise EpicDragon_Reborn). You can also find me on Wowhead (EpicDragon). I started playing Warcraft 3 maybe... 2.5 years ago, but not very actively since I started playing Wow some months later. Now, I have quit Wow and just stuck with wc3. I have always been...
  42. Kagedviper

    Help, I'm Trapped in this Cage!

    Hello, I'm Kagedviper. I'm a optimistic pessimist. My interests include: Things, Objects, Stuff, Doodads, Events, Actions, Places, Times, and other various vague things... My interests also include: Video Games (duh), Drawing, Animated Icons, Interwebs, Arguing (not trolling), Web...
  43. wec

    Im wec

    Hello, im WEC (the leet ninja watching you from ur window, yeah, that ninja) I make mostly maps and no nothing on modeling and will request probrably, if you can help me and create a model, credits for the model(s) will be given and i'd greatly apprecicate it. -Wec (that ninja in ur bushes...
  44. Engsynorg


    :thumbs_down::thumbs_down::xxd:Hello My Name is ENGSYNORG!:wink::thumbs_up::fp::eek:
  45. Belurges

    Greetings from Belurges

    I am not dead sure what the go is with this... There's a thing that says introduce yourself... so I clicked... and I'm here.. Is not a red pill... but I hope it has some kind of result. lol I made an account so that I could put a map on that I play with my bro's and mates called 'Dungeon...
  46. 3PYg


    Hi. My name's 3PYg. Nothing more I could say by now, updates will follow when I'm in a better mood for thinking. Kind Regards 3PYg:hohum:
  47. psipenge

    Hello World

    i actually don't know what could I say in this introduction so... Hello everyone, it was good to find this webpage and forum and it's good to see a lot of good person, so keep on working on your projects hope my first project will be started soon coz i have the ideas. So hello again :wink:
  48. Strygwyr


    Hey im Strygwyr i just joined today. :nemor: Guess what my favorite map is^^ (DotA) I joined because i like playing maps and i like making maps, and thw is a awesome site for that stuff. Im making a map rigth now :thumbs_up:
  49. Zion007

    Hey, im Zion007

    Hey everyone, i'm Zion007, i'm quite new to this site. I have been hanging around for 1-2 years without an account tought, mostly for model and skin download. :smile: But now lately, i have been looking into milkshape and photoshop, so i may be uploading some myself later. :thumbs_up:Im...
  50. Alkarion


    Hello! I am Alkarion, I am new to the hiveworkshop community, and therefore, I am here introducing myself. (That and the website told me to :razz:) I have never actually made a full resource or mod (Rather released one anyway) within Warcraft 3, nor any other game I have attempted to modify so...