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Introduction of Svartben, aka The Beaver King!

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Level 2
Oct 31, 2012
Hello everyone of The Hive Workshop!

My name is Svartben, but you might as well just call me The Beaver King. (this is my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Svartben98/)

Anyway, I registred this account a while ago, although I can't say I have been very active. Acctually, I'd rather say the opposite! I've done nothing here for several years!

Well, I've used this site for resources and custom maps only before, and I've done that for quite some time. But because I don't really finish any maps, the resources I've downloaded have in the end been quite useless... so you know what? I'm just going to stop all current projects I have, since I work on them so inconsistently.

But having that said, I think I want to get more involved with this community. Maybe work on some maps just for fun sometimes? But mostly I just found out about those contests, and they seem really fun! I would probably learn things from them too.

About learning things, I've just started going to a school specialized in game design! ^^
So I hope I at least learn something by being somewhat active here :)

We'll see it works out :p
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