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Level 2
Dec 7, 2012
To be honest, this introduction thing was supposed to be done quite a while ago... but i was advised that if i posted too early that it wouldn't show anyway or something so here i go.

Something about myself... i guess i can say that i'm pretty old since i'm about to finish with college, can't really tell since I've no idea how old everybody else might be. Hoping to get into med school to get a free-er sched upon graduation so that I may do other things such as hobbies, maybe learn actual modding(hoping warcraft 3 would still be alive by then). I joined the hive since I've seen loads of maps here with lots of potential, considering that its quite limited; then they either just die out or updates come in slow or fresh ideas don't quite make it. I want to at least contribute to the giant coffee pot of ideas to keep such maps alive or to make them more interesting. Right now my help is limited to just that, but in the future I'm bound to learn SOMETHING more useful to people around here. well, i think the intro is long enough, hope my presence here is helpful at the least.
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