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  • Well, there won't be even a RP #3... and all of us left RP #2.

    Goodbye. Sorry if this VM annoys you
    Hllo, Vampire Lord!! I need some ideas for a Vampire race in my campaign.. it will have undead units as well.. ranging from the damage dealing Blood Bride(spellcaster) to the powerful Obisdian Golem(Heavy unit)

    - Slave(worker)
    - Wright(basic ranged unit)
    - Shambler(basic melee unit)
    - Necromancer(summoning spellcaster, has Raise Dead, Dark Biding and Cripple)
    - Blood Bride(damaging spellcaster, has Seduce, Blood Bolt and Hallucination)
    - Bile Golem( tanking unit and seige)
    - Vampire(Elite spellcaster, has Acute Senses, Dark Sight, Vamparism and Life Drain)

    Proper Heroes

    Gorgumas(Vampire Lord)
    Curin the Fallen( Archnecromancer)
    Xelthal (Skeleton Tryant)
    Vedurmu (Vampire Brother)
    Uerguni (Vampire Warlord)
    The major difference between the dark and the light:
    In the light, you see me.
    In the dark, you see the monsters inside me.
    In the light, you see my clothes.
    In the dark, you see my scars.
    In the light, you see a tree.
    In the dark, I see my way out.
    For some reason, the link was broken.
    Anyway, the last link refers to this content of my RP post :

    Daffa the Mage : *telepathy to Nest* "greetings Nest, I would like to make an offer."
    He is the harbinger of your destiny,the shadow in your heart.He laughs when you fail,taunts you when you are enraged,tortures you when you are sad,maddens you when you are lonely,haunts you when you are terrified.You do not know him,you are not even aware of him,yet you fear him.You can sense his presence,even when he is not their.He taints your heart and mind and blackens your soul.He tears at you like a bear at a man stuck in a tree.He traps you,yet forces you believe you are freedom.Your are nothing but a toy to him,and when he is going to get bored,he will bring you salvation through destruction
    Waiting for Dominion's closing ^^
    I really await how thrilling this will be :)
    You will enjoy engaging Romagus. He's quite tough but not as powerful as Razketh, but more powerful than Uranus.
    Vampiral :cgrin:
    Btw, Lord Hades seems to have some interest with your Crimson Blade
    Change of plan on my change of plan
    After thinking it over, and with some encouragement from friends, I have decided not to abandon map making or the maps I have already posted. I am aware that one has been rejected, and while I cannot correct this, I would like to avoid future instances.
    I am sorry for any confusion I have caused. The previous post was the result of me getting a bit overwhelmed. I was warned about mass postings. I now see why. I'll have a new map up sometime in the next week.
    The Abaddon's Fury lives in a remote world,created by me after slaying N'zoth.Nobody knows about it and its completely unreachable
    Ooo,Lady Bloodscale.I like it.Judging by the name i think she is a Vampire Naga,am i correct?
    I'm OK with this,thank you for asking my permission.But i think the crimson color is already used by Edge
    I like the idea. You are called The Crimson Blade and you are my elite bodyguards which i created after the death of N'zoth
    Hey Vampiral, I'm sorry for the wait. Perhaps I won't be as busy tomorrow like I was today. Today I didn't have time to review.
    The skill button : there's and Button X and Button Y or something like that in each ability. The X reference to the X axis of the UI, while the Y reference to the Y axis of the UI. Here's a list of values for abilities (X, Y) :
    Ability 1 (the first ability for the hero) : Normal (0,2), Research (0,0)
    Ability 2 (second ability for the hero) : Normal (1,2), Research (1,0)
    Ability 3 (third ability for hero) : Normal (2,2), Research (2,0)
    Ability 4/Ultimate : Normal (3,2), Research (3,0)

    'For some reason the Prologue doesn't directly load Chapter One after finishing.'
    Well, it's something that has to do with settings of the next chapter loading, I can't remember well, but I'll consider checking.
    Yo Vampiral, your Campaign trio will likely be moderated tomorrow. I and another review will work on it :D

    On a side note, usually people don't submit multiple maps around the same time. It's usually that one map is uploaded and hardly worked on, then it gets moderated. The user either chooses a new map or chooses to improve it. Once the map is stable, the user usually starts a new one.

    But it's fine that you're doing it that way ^^. I just find it hard to reach higher quality when working on multiple projects at once, I've tried it :p
    You remind me of myself.I also uploaded 3 maps shortly after each other.The results where bad.
    I successfully defeated a old god

    *Jumps up and stabs Yogg Saron in the eyes*
    *deals a powerfull swing attack with TBoTBK*
    *jumps on Yogg Saron's head*
    *stabs TBoTBK into his head*
    *runs all along Yogg Saron's body slicing him*
    *shoots a powerfull red bolt to Yogg Saron with TBoTBK*
    *cuts out one of Yogg Saron's teeth*
    *cast a spell causing a barrage of poison and acid bolts to hit Archimonde Supreme*
    *bites Archimonde Supreme and throws him into the wall*
    *stomps Archimonde Supreme causing a severe injury*
    Yogg Saron:Just give up.your efforts are useless
    Archimonde Supreme:Go to hell!
    *charges Yogg Saron*
    *after a half hour of intense battle*
    *Archimonde Supreme is severely injured and Yogg Saron is badly injured*
    Archimonde SUpreme:This is where you end
    *coughs up a lot of blood*
    *casts Neburza on Yogg Saron*
    *Yogg Saron is severely injured*
    Yogg you..
    *slices him through the face with TBoTBK*
    Archimonde Supreme:Life's a game but it's not fair.I break the rules so I don't care.So I keep doin' my own thing.Walkin' tall against the rain.Victory's within the mile.Almost there, wont give up now.I will destroy you all.
    *Does a extremely powerfull strike slicing Yogg Saron's face in half*
    Archimonde Supreme:Farewell,Lucid Dream
    *a powerfull presence is blasted in all directions from Yogg Saron's body*
    *Everybody on Vestroya can feel it,even if they are in buildings or underground*
    Archimonde Supreme:1 down,3 to go.
    *starts moving to the treasure room*
    Archimonde Supreme:Damn i'm messed up
    *coughs up blood*
    *falls over*
    *crawls to the treasure room*

    Draug Un'shulac:He..did it!!
    *dodges a Naga War Master*
    *decaps the Naga War Master*
    Mannaroth:He truly is supreme!
    *laughs loud and sadisticly*
    Gul'dan:I..can't believe it.Never before has a old god been slain..ever
    *Abaddon's Fury morale increases extremely*
    *Pushes back Azshara's forces*
    *starts healing the wounded and repairing structures*
    High-Summoner:Our master was sucessfull!
    *A festival and celebration is started*

    General Vezax:Impossible...
    *teleports to N'zoth*
    Y'saarj:It can't be..
    C'thun:How did he do that...
    N'zoth:The kiddy gloves are off now demon lord.
    Azshara:He's far more powerfull than i expected
    *starts swimming away*
    *calls her surviving troops*
    *85 % of her troops are dead and the rest are severely injured*
    Azshara:We must be better prepared next time

    Strange creature:Impressive
    Strange Little Girl:Indeed
    *steps through the portal*
    *the strange creature follows*
    *Starts heading to Abaddon's Fury base*

    Dat Weird Guy:So,the Lucid Dream has fallen!
    *regains part of his sanity*
    *his and voice body starts changing back to normal*
    *drops to his knees*
    Dat Weird Guy:What have i done...
    Neburza:A powerfull spell from The Spellbook of Castle Xyr.It causes a dark ball with a strange aura that does alot of damage overtime,slows the victim,sucks the rest of his body to its location and after 5 seconds causes all nearby entrails and organs near the ball to implode.This obviously causes extreme pain and in most cases death.This spell cannot be dispelled or removed and bypasses immunities.This spell can only be learned through The Spelltome Of Castle Xyr witch Archimonde Supreme has hidden away along with the rest of God's Bane,except The Blade Of The Blood King (TBoTBK)
    Naga War Master:A much more powrfull and better equipped version of the Naga Royal Guard
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