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Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2017
Jan 12, 2015
Redgate, Vampiren


Vampire Lord, Male, from Redgate, Vampiren

Lurking. Sep 7, 2017

Vampiral was last seen:
Sep 8, 2017
    1. Vampiral
    2. Directive255
      Well, there won't be even a RP #3... and all of us left RP #2.

      Goodbye. Sorry if this VM annoys you
    3. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Hllo, Vampire Lord!! I need some ideas for a Vampire race in my campaign.. it will have undead units as well.. ranging from the damage dealing Blood Bride(spellcaster) to the powerful Obisdian Golem(Heavy unit)

      - Slave(worker)
      - Wright(basic ranged unit)
      - Shambler(basic melee unit)
      - Necromancer(summoning spellcaster, has Raise Dead, Dark Biding and Cripple)
      - Blood Bride(damaging spellcaster, has Seduce, Blood Bolt and Hallucination)
      - Bile Golem( tanking unit and seige)
      - Vampire(Elite spellcaster, has Acute Senses, Dark Sight, Vamparism and Life Drain)

      Proper Heroes

      Gorgumas(Vampire Lord)
      Curin the Fallen( Archnecromancer)
      Xelthal (Skeleton Tryant)
      Vedurmu (Vampire Brother)
      Uerguni (Vampire Warlord)
    4. Chaosy
      Sorry for the bible, but your reply is in there somewhere!
    5. WhiteFang
      Overfiend Leader will be aiding you.
    6. WhiteFang
      Not so good but thanks for asking
    7. WhiteFang
      Hi!How are you?
    8. WhiteFang
      The major difference between the dark and the light:
      In the light, you see me.
      In the dark, you see the monsters inside me.
      In the light, you see my clothes.
      In the dark, you see my scars.
      In the light, you see a tree.
      In the dark, I see my way out.
    9. Daffa
      For some reason, the link was broken.
      Anyway, the last link refers to this content of my RP post :

      Daffa the Mage : *telepathy to Nest* "greetings Nest, I would like to make an offer."
    10. Daffa
    11. WhiteFang
      Can you come to RACC?
    12. Verb8im
      Hi! Where did you get your James model from Vampire Kingdom?
    13. WhiteFang
      He is the harbinger of your destiny,the shadow in your heart.He laughs when you fail,taunts you when you are enraged,tortures you when you are sad,maddens you when you are lonely,haunts you when you are terrified.You do not know him,you are not even aware of him,yet you fear him.You can sense his presence,even when he is not their.He taints your heart and mind and blackens your soul.He tears at you like a bear at a man stuck in a tree.He traps you,yet forces you believe you are freedom.Your are nothing but a toy to him,and when he is going to get bored,he will bring you salvation through destruction
    14. Directive255
      Greetings, how are you, homie?

      P.S. "Nest!"
    15. Dreadwing
      Greetings, Vampire Lord.

      Do you have any idea, where did Lord WhiteFang goes?
    16. Daffa
      Waiting for Dominion's closing ^^
      I really await how thrilling this will be :)
    17. Daffa
      You will enjoy engaging Romagus. He's quite tough but not as powerful as Razketh, but more powerful than Uranus.
    18. Daffa
      Vampiral :cgrin:
      Btw, Lord Hades seems to have some interest with your Crimson Blade
    19. Vampiral
      Change of plan on my change of plan
      After thinking it over, and with some encouragement from friends, I have decided not to abandon map making or the maps I have already posted. I am aware that one has been rejected, and while I cannot correct this, I would like to avoid future instances.
      I am sorry for any confusion I have caused. The previous post was the result of me getting a bit overwhelmed. I was warned about mass postings. I now see why. I'll have a new map up sometime in the next week.
    20. WhiteFang
      He ran off to plan,i edited the post a few times
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  • About

    Redgate, Vampiren
    Current Project:
    Playing with the idea of a new campaign, better designed than my previous two, with a rather interesting plot.
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Blood Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Silver Hand
    I just a guy who likes to make maps, and to do a little RP for fun here and there. The maps will come, but I take my time with them. Also, I make maps to tell a story. They WILL be plainer than most out there. Sorry, but I play to my strengths. Map making isn't one. Stories and characters are.

    Map making, cutom campaign playing, RP, RGPS


    I am the Vampire Prince of blood and darkness, First Captain of the Crimson Legion, and Bringer of Death. Fear me, or bleed dry.
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