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Greetings from Belurges

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Level 2
Oct 10, 2009
I am not dead sure what the go is with this...
There's a thing that says introduce yourself... so I clicked... and I'm here..
Is not a red pill... but I hope it has some kind of result. lol
I made an account so that I could put a map on that I play with my bro's and mates called 'Dungeon Wars'... I hope that it doesn't sit there neglected.... I am actually hoping to get some feedback on how to make it better, perhaps by some obscure chance some help....
We are/were kind of waiting for Starcraft II to come out so we could LAN it... we all bought our own copies of Starcraft when it came out, bought shirts and everything... but I recently heard that they're removing LAN play! I hope not... I hope they don't do the currently trendy thing and screw over their supporters like that... we'll stick with them until they do anyhow.
So Warcraft III it is.....
Go check out my map... its not crap, and its not locked or anything so you can always edit it.... who knows... you might like it as is or even learn something pulling it apart...
...If I'm real lucky you might know something cool to help me make it better....
That's it.... hope someone actually reads this... lol
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